Source: Donovan McNabb isn't happy with Vick acquisition

As folks in Philly begin to process the reality — which conveniently was slipped through the five hole during a preseason home game — that Mike Vick is the newest member of the Eagles, most people are assuming that current starting quarterback Donovan McNabb has given the deal his personal seal of approval.

According to a league source with intimate knowledge of the dynamics within the organization, McNabb isn’t pleased with the development.

But McNabb can’t say anything about it for now, due in part to the fact that the Eagles gave him a money-for-nothing contract adjustment and otherwise spent a lot of cash and first-day picks to improve the offense, at McNabb’s urging.

So things will get very interesting if the Eagles struggle in 2009, since the option for the second year of Vick’s contract will prompt speculation and/or popular opinion that the Eagles should dump Donovan and promote Vick.

While there’s no chance that Vick will supplant McNabb during the coming season absent injury, with each passing game Vick’s shadow over the next season will possibly grow.

Though there’s a chance the Eagles wanted an option for year two so that they could trade Vick in 2010 to a team that’s inclined to let him compete for the starting job, the franchise had to realize that the presence of the option year could make things very tricky, if the Eagles encounter adversity in 2009.

Think of it this way.  If McNabb allowed his nose to get out of joint because the team thrived a couple of years ago under Jeff Garcia after McNabb tore an ACL, the possibility that Vick will become the most popular guy in town likely has already eaten a crater in McNabb’s colon the size of a cutlet.

There’s another big reason for McNabb to internalize any concern he might have regarding Vick’s presence.  McNabb has, on multiple occasions, spoken out in support of Vick.

In May, as Vick’s term at Leavenworth neared completion, McNabb had this to say:  “I am happy that Michael Vick
has served his time and will now be afforded the opportunity to move on
with his life.  I’m sure he will continue to be remorseful and will
learn from his experiences.  Hopefully he will have the opportunity to
continue his dream of playing professional football.”

In August 2007, after Vick was indicted but before he pleaded guilty, McNabb went out on a limb for Vick, implying that he was innocent.  “I’m a supporter of Vick,” McNabb said at the time.  “That’s because I’m a good friend of his and also we’re guys that
obviously compete to win the Super Bowl.  We push each other.  Now, I
don’t know exactly what happened in that situation, and I think for all
of us that have read over the stuff that was over the Internet, the
report, you look at it as kind of like, ‘Wow, you’ve got your so-called
friends and family members turning their back on you now to make their
situation better
.’  They’re throwing you under the bus so that they can
clean their name.  That’s unfortunate.”

Today, the reality is that, no matter how unfortunate McNabb views Vick’s presence on the depth chart, McNabb can’t really say or do anything about it.

For now.

UPDATE:  Per Sheil Kapadia of, Dave Spadaro of the Eagles’ official web site interviewed McNabb during tonight’s game and asked not a single question about Vick.  Yeah, this is gonna get good.

SECOND UPDATE:  Coach Andy Reid said after Thursday night’s game that the move wasn’t a secret to McNabb — which confirms to us that he knew about it before the game, and had an opportunity to become pissed off about it, regardless of what he might have said to Reid on the subject.

71 responses to “Source: Donovan McNabb isn't happy with Vick acquisition

  1. Heeerrree we go!
    LOL the only thing better than this would have been Tom Brady getting injured tonight.
    The Eagles are in shambles right now.
    Fans. PETA. Tons of Media Attention.
    That locker room is going to be a madhouse.
    Get your dog biscuits ready its gonna be a long ride! LOL!

  2. This is one of those times where “Source” = “Florio”
    If McNabb signed off on the signing, why wouldn’t he say no behind closed doors and then it never happens and no one thinks the Eagles were interested.

  3. Reid just said in his press conf that Donavan was part of the decision, doesn’t mean that he was happy about it, but he was apart of it. You really like diggin up some problems though, thats been very evident to me lately.
    On a another note, must apologize for my comment on your last post. Reid just said he followed Vicks situation closely b/c his sons were going through the same things and it happened around the same time. So maybe you weren’t to off.
    But I still disagree w/ this article.

  4. oh hahahahaha the Eagirls are completely clueless! Every time they get a little bit of good chemistry going they do some stupid crap like this! It’s the Bad Newz Eagirls! hahaha

  5. Reid just contradicted this. He just said Donovan was involved in this. What’s the deal?

  6. Yeah, maybe this isn’t so bad….this could get phuckin ugly…..
    Honeymoon lasted shorter than Obama’s – didn’t think it possible.

  7. Oh please, this is conjecture merely to create a story. Vick doesn’t come close to challenge McNabb and won’t. If mcnabb has aby concern it is because he will have to answer question about it all year. However I still don’t believe he is concerned. It is a copout to say mcnabb is not happy and at the same time say he won’t say anything.

  8. I’m calling BS. Reid just said that he talked with Donovan and Lurie extensively, and that they were both cool with it. Reid wouldn’t piss off the guy he draft and who he’s supported his entire career by trying to bring in a guy to steal his job or create a distraction for him.

  9. Big Red is now saying that he spoke to donovan and the team beforehand and donny has endorsed the decision… of course it could be BS, like how he lost 75 pounds bc he doesn’t show it one bit

  10. Why is everyone assuming that Vick is going to play QB? This signing never would’ve happened if Stew Bradley and/or Cornelius Ingram hadn’t gone down!

  11. UPDATE: Per Sheil Kapadia of, Dave Spadaro of the Eagles’ official web site interviewed McNabb during tonight’s game and asked not a single question about Vick. Yeah, this is gonna get good.
    When this happened it was after a kickoff, so they started the interview and had to go to commercial Florio. They didn’t even have a chance to ask him about Vick. The person interviewing Mcnabb had to actually cut him off to go to commercial.

  12. During his press conference, Reid said: “Donovan was involved in this too. I was able to share that with Donovan. This was not a secret to Donovan.”
    So if McNabb had a problem with it, he should’ve said something.

  13. So where’s the line from the source about McNabb not being happy.
    And Spad’s is last to know about anything. He works for the team and can not leave the boundaries of the Media Relations department. Andy speaks first on personnel decisions you fool. 10 years he’s been there and you don’t understand that yet?

  14. McNabb was worried that Vick might take some of his endorsement opportunities, especially after the Proctor & Gamble deal. They’ve already worked out an arrangement, and should be able to coexist. McNabb will do the Huggies commercials, while Vick will handle the Iams and Eukanuba ad campaigns.

  15. What did you idiots want him to say? “Donovan had nothing to do with this situation, he’s pissed.”
    Of course he was going to say he was involved in it.
    The most telling thing about this is that he wasn’t asked 1 question about the acquisition.

  16. McNabb just started his press conference by saying he lobbied to get Vick on the team. Please stop with these garbage pot stirring articles.

  17. Donovan now contradicted you.
    “I pretty much lobbied to get him here”
    “He is no there to me, he is no threat to Kolb”
    And on and on…was your source a drunk man on South St?


  19. “Vick will never be more popular than McNabb.”
    I forget, was Vick booed when he was drafted, too?

  20. Who knows if this is spin or not, but McNabb just said at his press conference that he lobbied for Vick to come to Philadelphia.

  21. McNabb just said in his press conference that he is happy about Vick being Eagle, Vick is a good friend, and he lobbied to bring Michael to Philly because he believes the Eagles are the right team for him due to their stability and structure. He also said he believes Vick deserves a second chance.

  22. “Sources” said Vick was going to Buffalo earlier today. So this is foolishness. Why would McNabb not want Vick on the team? Vick isn’t going to start. McNabb and Vick go way back to their college days.

  23. Top defense with Jim Johnson as def coordinator. They kinda had to improve offense to compete. McNabb looks lost when Westbrook is injured, which has be often of late.
    Imagine McNabb was supportive because he thought the Eagles were not stupid enough to actually sign him.
    Let the games begin. Check out this Michael Vick site.

  24. McNabb just said during his press conference that he was the one that lobbied for Vick to come to Philly.
    Florio must be his own source.
    What a douchebag.

  25. florio just got outwed cause mcnabb said he lobbied for vick’s signing
    ouch……an already bad credibility taking a massive hit there when caught in a lie, PFT

  26. McNabb was interviewed and he said he “pretty much lobbied to get him here.”
    OOPS. SWING… and a miss.
    Well done again, Florio.

  27. Poor baby.
    I remember when T.O. teamed up with McNabb and took turns making fun of white reporters.
    Yeah they thought the whole thing was really funny.
    Now you have a new jag off to shuck and jive with Donovan.

  28. mcnabb has nothing to worry about. vick can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a throw. they will use him in the “wilddog” formation and on reverses. the only time he may throw is off of a reverse or something.

  29. McNabbs words… “I lobbied for him to be here,” “there’s no threat for me, there’s no threat for kolb,” “i’ve been a mentor for him.” check those sources florio b/c all of mcnabb comments seemed genuine and encouraging… i hate vick as a person and as a franchise qb, but as a trick/gimmick guy he will be a factor. i would never have asked for this, but i’m fine accepting it as an upgrade. how could he not be a better option than aj feeley as a 3rd qb??
    question “being characterized as an insecure qb being worried about someone taking your job, how does this effect you?”
    dmac “hopefully with me lobbying to get him here it answers that”

  30. Now that there’s no Favre talk, this allows McNabb to puke all over the Metrodome next year. He wants out, the Vikes want a QB, and Favre wants to drive a tractor. Some may find it odd that McNabb doesn’t play up to standard in the beginning of the season but maybe it’s just a ploy to get the hell out of Philly.
    Philly, the United States asshole. Congrats!

  31. And this is what I was afraid of. PETA doesn’t scare me as much as McNabb pulling a Cutler and demanding his way out of Philly

  32. You guys at PFT are such TOOLS. NBC bought a bunch of mouthpieces.
    Why post something like this until you hear it from the horses mouth.
    Did you bother to watch the post game show? McNabb says he Lobbied to get Vick there. i believe him. he did the same with TO.
    are you guys that moronic? trying to start rumors and controversy? isn’t there enough football news going on now NOT to post something like this?

  33. What is the legality of citing a “league source” or an “unnamed source” or a “source who requested anonymity”? Just wondering, because I don’t see any logical reason for McNabb to fret Vick’s arrival.
    Vick hasn’t played football in two years. McNabb is a border-line Hall of Famer. Vick wasn’t a very good “quarterback” when he was playing. There is obviously ZERO threat of Vick challenging McNabb’s position. Hell, Vick couldn’t even shine Randall Cunningham’s shoes.
    I’m not going to bite on this article until said “source” identifies him/herself with specific information. I mean, really, we all knew this angle was going to be played up the minute the “Vick to the Eagles” news was made official. It was just a matter of which news site capitalized on the “story” first. Good job, Florio!
    The real story here involves Kevin Kolb. “Reports” says he’s looked like sh*t during camp. The Eagles aren’t going to keep four QBs. A.J. Feely has at least proven to be serviceable in the Eagles system. Vick is going to take one of their roster spots since the Eagles will only carry three quarterbacks.
    I can’t honestly say that I know where Vick fits into Philly’s plan, but I can definitively state that he wasn’t brought in to challenge #5. Vick is just another piece to the “Super Bowl puzzle” for a very, very desperate organization.


  35. what is there to misconstrue McNabb said he pushed for the team to sign Vick. End of F’ing story.

  36. mafleish said-This is one of those times where “Source” = “Florio”
    Bingo. That crazy Florio’s just stirring the proverbial pot. Aren’t you, Florio?
    If you weren’t, then by all means, tell us poor saps who this “source” was.

  37. McNabb has something of a history with Vick. He advised Vick and spoke with him several times while Vick was still at Va. Tech. McNabb was a couple years ahead of him and had stayed at SU instead of leaving early for the draft. When Vick considered going out early, he sought McNabb’s advice (which, sadly, he did not take). Also, Vick’s QB coach was hired away from SU by Va. Tech, so they both did college work under the same coach (who is now at Minnesota, I believe. Ha.).

  38. well mcnabb may be happy now, but lets see what happens after he has a stinker of a game.
    then he will be unhappy. cause the crap will start.

  39. Sources have told me that Florio is seriously considering a sex change operation.
    Dude, you’ve lost your “man-card!”
    Until further notice, I shall refer to you as Perez Florio.
    A direct quote from the author formerly known as Mike Florio, “with our move to NBC, nothing will change.”
    Well, except for Perez Florio putting on a skirt!

  40. LOL the only thing better than this would have been Tom Brady getting injured tonight….
    Why would Tom Brady getting injured again be a good thing? Do you really believe that the league is full of cowards that want to avoid testing themselves in competition against the best players? I am far more optimistic about the non-cowardly competitive nature of professionals, and suspect that the Coaches and players on even the teams not named the Patriots will be very happy if Tom Brady comes back at 100% of pre-injury form.

  41. You need new sources Florio. It was just reported that McNabb said he personally lobbied to bring Vick in.

  42. Wow, a lot of Eagle things giving Mc-CryBaby the benefit of the doubt. Don’t you guys remember when McNabb was pissed off the Eagles used a 2nd round pick on Kolb? Fact is McNabb doesn’t like pressure. He doesn’t play well under it. Sure he has had a game here or a game there, but when it matters most, he chokes. Vick is no way ready to take over for McNabb at any point this season, but he is still better than any 3rd string QB they would have and can play some other positions. So he is a good pick up who will be surrounded by a mostly positive environment. And for the people who keep saying that Donovan is on board with this, Jesus people haven’t you ever heard of the phrase “Politically Correct”?? What was Andy Reid or McNabb suppose to say? “Donovan is too sensitive and does not like having a former starting QB on his team who can maybe help them in specific roles as he acclimates to the NFL again”.

  43. The commentary on wip 610 is mostly negative. trust me, when these guys turn up the heat it can get ugly for a player. Ask pat Burrell or JD drew.

  44. “According to a league source with intimate knowledge of the dynamics within the organization, McNabb isn’t pleased with the development.”
    This incredibly thoughtfully worded sentence indicates that the person in question, while familiar with “team dynamics” is not actually privy to McNabb and what his thoughts are. How many axe-grinders does Florio give a forum to? These sources do nothing for your creditability Florio.

  45. Another Florio wet dream.
    Ejaculating on this webpage.
    The name of the baby: “Rumor”… Self-fabricated-“Rumor”…
    … what a surprise…

  46. “You need new sources Florio. It was just reported that McNabb said he personally lobbied to bring Vick in.”
    He personally lobbied to bring TO in, too.

  47. It’s no wonder that franchises like this haven’t won an NFL title in 50 years! The vast majority of NFL teams wouldn’t give this FELON a tender at the veteran minimum, but the Iggles gave this thug a $7mil contract??? Couldn’t have been jammed down the throats of a more deserving fan base…Iggle fans

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