Stallworth suspended for a year

A league source tells us that Browns receiver Donte’ Stallworth has been suspended for the entire 2009 season.

The suspension comes in the wake of Stallworth’s guilty plea to felony DUI manslaughter in Florida.

Stallworth previously had been suspended indefinitely by Commissioner Roger Goodell, pending a full review of the case.

UPDATE:  The league has confirmed the suspension, via a press release.  Stallworth will be reinstated after the Super Bowl.  Excerpts of Goodell’s letter to Stallworth can be read right here.

36 responses to “Stallworth suspended for a year

  1. “Well…I’ve got some time on my hands. I think I’ll fly to SoBe, rent a car and “relax”.”

  2. Then Vick should be suspended for at least two years, while I absolutely DO NOT condone the leniency given to Donte, I’m confident that the majority of rational adults would agree that financing & participating in the repeated torture & murder of domesticated animals over a period of years, is far worse than making a horrible decision, even one that is fatal.

  3. Not condoning drinking and driving, but the deceased was jay walking. And if Stallworth didn’t have anything to drink and was coming back from say, an early morning breakfast, it would have been just a tragic, but avoidable accident.
    A lesson to you idiots out there that don’t use crosswalks and look both ways before and while you cross.

  4. I think it was inevitable that he was going to receive a loooong suspension, based on the Mike Vick precedent.

  5. I’ve been critical of some of Goodell’s decisions since he became commissioner (specifically, the slap on the wrist he gave the no-good cheating Pats for Cheatgate), but this seems like a reasonable decision.
    Obviously, there are many who are critical of the fact that Stallworth only spent 30 days in jail. To me, that is a separate issue. That is a matter for the criminal justice system, not the NFL.

  6. So how can there not be a lengthy suspension for Vick still to follow then? And what the hell is taking so long?

  7. Feel bad for the Brownies, pretty unfortunate situation all around. Fair punishment in my mind.

  8. Seriously, this is a joke. He should be suspended for 10 years of hard labor. Drunk and high and killed someone, 30 days in jail and a year off work. Now tell me, does this happen to an average person???

  9. ARE YOU F’ing KIDDING ME! Under house arrest for 3 years, killed someone via drunk driving & he is allowed to play in the NFL?! GOODELL IS A MAJOR DOUCHE!

  10. Wow. He got a very good deal in my opinion. Even considering that the victim bore some responsibility.
    This should be proof (but it won’t be) to all of the people who love to play the race card for Michael Vick.
    Stallworth has been completely cooperative and forthright during the entire process. I don’t think anyone can question that he got a good deal. He got a good deal with his sentencing. He got a good deal from Goodell. PFT has never questioned whether or not he felt true remorse.
    Vick was much less than forthright. He lied to everyone around him until he had no choice to tell the truth. So what happens when PFT questions whether or not he’s truly remorseful? Accusations of racism.

  11. Wow. I figured a big suspension was coming but I didn’t expect this. Good for Goodell, I applaud him.

  12. How does Stallworth get suspended for a year and Vick gets 4 or 5 games (most likely)?
    He was convicted of multiple felonies, went to prison for just under 2 years and won’t face nearly the same discipline. Don’t give me that “he’s done his time” crap either. Any job application you fill out asks if you’ve been convicted of a felony, they don’t have to hire you if they don’t want to. Ask any normal person who’s gone to prision if they were rewarded with everything they had before they went in when they got released. Just because you go to jail doesn’t mean you get everything back when you get out.
    I agree with the year suspension of Stallworth. I think its hypocritical to give a much lesser punishment to the “Backwoods Butcher”

  13. Someone please help me!!! I never post to blogs, but I just read this & feel OUTRAGED. Two totally separate issues, but how in the HECK can you willfully (that’s the word at issue right now in the courts, especially in L.I. New York, the AG is really attacking drunk drivers…she’s charging them w/Murder 1 & 2, saying they know that their is a strong chance they can kill someone) kill a HUMAN BEING because you had too much to drink & only get suspended from the NFL for 1 year w/out pay & do 30 days in jail….BUT Michael Vick goes to jail for what almost 2 years…for dog fighting. Please do not misunderstand my rant…dog fighting is inhumane & deserves repercussions including jail. But, what kind of judicial systems allows a human life to be worth less jail time than dogs?

  14. This jackass kills a person and all he gets is suspended while Vick get jail time for dog fighting. Im not condoning either mans actions but something is not right here

  15. This guy kills a human being while driving drunk and gets 24 days in jail and a one year suspension. There was a guy in Minneapolis that killed a woman while driving drunk in a WalMart parking lot and he got 15 years. What’s wrong with this picture? Stallwoth is a no better than MV7. All these shitheads should be banned from the league not just suspended!
    It’s tiresome to see and hear these millionare athletes breaking the laws that we all have to live by and getting a slap on the wrist. I believe the greed and misbehaving of the players will ultimately lead to the downfall of the most popular sport in America.

  16. Man the price of one’s life just dropped another dollar. He kills a man and gets less than 30 days in jail, then only gets suspended for a year!!!! All you Vick hates need to take heed. Looks like a dog’s life really is the way to go. Hate he had dog killed but this happens everyday all over the USA. Mydaughtr lives in Miami I will have to make sure she stays off the streets after football season is over. he doesn’t have enough money to buy me off. Might as well allow him to suit up this year. A year’s suspension will not bring that man back from the dead.

  17. This is going to get me into hot water with a lot of you, but the difference between Mike Vick and Stallworth is simple. This is not saying animals lives are more important than people or anything like that.
    I am simply saying, Stallworth made 1 bad decision (driving while under the influence, I am not naive to think it was the only time he did this…), and the result was an accident with the loss of life (had he been sober, the outcome would have been the same,).
    Compare that to Mike Vick. Vick made the decisions to run an illegal gambling ring, an illegal dog fighting ring, killed and tortured dozens of animals, lied to his coaches, lied to his owner, lied to the Commissioner, lied to his lawyers, lied to the judge, until he finally had no way out. That was years of planning and decision making, not a 1 time thing.
    Stallworth’s decision to drive was poor, and he is paying the price (and so is the family of the victim), we can debate all day if the price was fitting, but ultimately, it was one poor choice (and as was stated, even a sober Stallworth would have struck Mr Reyes). Those facts make him far less deplorable than the countless poor decisions of Mike Vick.
    Again, I am not saying either of them deserves to be allowed to play. I am not saying that either of them got off lightly, or got punished too severely, because I dont make those decisions. I am simply saying that you really cant compare the two cases. A human life is more important in my mind than that of the animal, but Stallworth “accidentally” killed a pedestrian, that was jaywalking, and Mike Vick strategically, and purposely did what he did. He didnt accidentally strangle a dog. He didnt accidentally electrocute a dog. He didnt accidentally lie to everyone about it…. That is the difference, Stallworth was involved in a tragic accident, and Vick was living a deplorable lifestyle.

  18. guy was drunk….yes
    but, he was driving in control and doing the speed limit. mario dumbass reyes ran out in front of the car, stallworth was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 1 year seems perfectly reasonable to me, 6 games wouldve been better.

  19. Stallworth lost a big chunk of the season anyway due to all this – so this gives him some time to get his head together. And as a bonus, he doesn’t have to listen to Mangina for the whole year.
    If he got a year for a simple (albeit fatal) lapse of judgement, then it’s really slanted that Vick gets only 4 games for multiple pre-meditated ongoing felonies. Oh. Right. Vick will sell tickets.
    Just Monetize The Product, Baby.

  20. Vick did not go to jail for the dogfighting, alone!! The fact that he funded and gambled on this is why he went to jail for two years whereas Stallworth only went for 30 days. And seriously, the dude who got pancaked by Stallworth was jaywalking and obviously this was recognized by the legal system. Plaxico will be going to jail for a longer period and he didn’t kill anyone except his dignity. And this makes Eli cry.

  21. @8Man
    Not condoning drinking and driving, but the deceased was jay walking. And if Stallworth didn’t have anything to drink and was coming back from say, an early morning breakfast, it would have been just a tragic, but avoidable accident.
    A lesson to you idiots out there that don’t use crosswalks and look both ways before and while you cross.
    Thank you for making it clear that anyone who jaywalks deserves to be killed as punishment. It is good to know drunks only kill those who are not innocent. You are one cold dude.
    @ nikki
    I can help you. Please, know your facts before you post or people like 8man will say you deserve to be killed. Vick did not get 2 years for killing dogs. Bankrolling and running an interstate gambling ring were the primary charges against him. His sentence was within the guidelines. Sadly, drunk driving laws in this country too often fail the victim and their loved ones. Mr. Stallworth has murdered with little punishment in return. He will not be the last.

  22. Samuel L. Bronkowitz says: August 13, 2009 10:10 AM
    Will Dungy mentor him next year?
    It depends; will he accept Jesus’ holy penis in his butt, as Vick did?

    The theory for him was Vick served his time in jail and only gets four games!
    Well the justice system only gave stallworth 30 days in jail so has he not served his time?
    I call BS on the commish for acting like a church pastor and being a major HYPOCRITE!

  24. @baseball first
    Thank you for making it clear that anyone who jaywalks deserves to be killed as punishment. It is good to know drunks only kill those who are not innocent. You are one cold dude.
    you’re an idiot. not that people deserve to die that jay walk. the fact is that stallworth being drunk had absolutely nothing to due with this guy dying. they were both in the wrong place at the wrong time, and honestly, i feel bad for stallworth because this couldve happened to anybody. differnce is, this cost the man a fortune and public humilation.
    guess you never drove the morning after drinking?

  25. Stallworth deserved a lot more punishment than he received from both the justice system and the NFL.
    I started watching the Stallworth interview on ESPN and had to turn the channel because I couldn’t stand listening to that piece of sh!t explain his way out of things. He had time to flash his lights and then honk his horn while traveling at 40 mph and still couldn’t avoid killing someone. Sounded to me like he was just another big shot thinking that people should get out of his way because he’s a famous pro athlete.
    I would have changed the channel anyway because ESPN blows…

  26. Why was the pot mentioned in Stallworth’s suspension and it was failed to be addressed in Vick’s suspension?

  27. It is my understanding that in the case of Stallworth/Reyes there were significant mitigating circumstances (the jaywalking) that could have made the case very difficult to prove to a jury. The prosecution knew this. But Stallworth wasn’t looking forward to putting his fate into the hands of 12 people either. So a plea bargain and pre-emptive settlement with the family was arranged.
    There have been several times in my life where pedestrians have darted in front of my car, scaring the crap out of me and severely jeopardizing their lives. I won’t even mention the kids that bicycle at night, wearing black, riding on the wrong side of the road. WTF?
    Anyhow, any us who drive could end up taking the life of a jaywalking pedestrian while we are momentarily distracted by fatigue, bugs, kids, idiot lights, whatever. If you have kids, you have had to take your eyes of the road at least once to tell them to settle down. Bad, yes. But it happens. The point is, in all of those situations the honus would clearly be on the pedestrian. But Stallworth, a little woozy from the night before gets hammered for the whole deal when the outcome was probably unavoidable, based on the prosecution’s willingness to deal.
    With Vick, it’s simple. A long, ugly criminal enterprise and he lied.
    That’s the difference. And I guess Goodell is figuring he already missed two seasons, so that’s enough.

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