Three teams chased Vick

As the dust settles on quarterback Mike Vick’s arrival in Philadelphia, a league source tells us that two other teams were in hot pursuit of Vick.

Per the source, one other team had made an offer, and another team was poised to do so.

And there could have been more.  Per Jay Glazer of, “several” head coaches have said that would have pursued Vick but were unable to do so due to trepidation by their owners.

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  1. Mmm. I wonder who? I would like to believe that the Vikings would be a team that could have interest in someone like him, but what about the Steelers? They seem not against the idea of having him around.

  2. Wonder if the Packers were one of the teams….they don’t have an owner, so Ted Thompson is pretty much Judge Judy & Executioner.

  3. The fun part comes when he tries to play.
    I’m not too certain he will be capable of taking a hit. No way he’s in football shape and won’t be for half the season. I would like to see a wild-ass rookie take him out in one the pre-season games.
    Maybe body slam him a couple times.
    Where’s Haynesworthless? He can stomp on Vick’s face.

  4. joe banner isn’t the owner of the eagles, jeffrey lurie is. know what ur talking about before u respond

  5. Sooo happy the Eagles signed him. As a Giants fan, this is great. Instant distraction and media frenzy for the Eagles. Couldn’t be better. Another pathetic desperate move by a desperate pathetic franchise.

  6. Oozy13 says:
    August 13, 2009 9:37 PM
    those owners have class…joe banner doesnt
    Go to bed, little boy, and come back when you learn about the team you’re trying to trash.

  7. MkePackFan: have you seen any reports of the results of Tory’s surgery? (I know he’s on IR, but wondering what the docs’ report is.)

  8. Imagine if he does well more teams will say they talked to him or pursued him. If he does poor teams will backtrack and say they made the right decision.
    Let the PR games begin.
    Let the games begin. Check out this Michael Vick site.

  9. AT RANDOM –
    It can’t be assumed that MV will just soar here. His last game was 12-31-2006. He won’t play in his next game till August 27, 2009. That’s a looonnnngg time away. While his career includes explosive, exciting, even sparkling plays, it’s not without disappointments. Has a lot more unmet expectations than some are currently recalling.
    Who knows how long it will take him to be equal to the task of even playing again, let alone presenting significant competition to one of the most competitive players on the planet?
    Donovan has a temper, and issues he periodically pouts about, but his performances over the years indicate that when he is overtly challenged, he rises to the occasion and he doesn’t quit. If McNabb had two broken legs, & saw Vick on the sidelines looking eager, they’d have to drag him off that field with a log trolley.
    Nobody can presume that if Vick rises, McNabb will fall. Philly might just end up with 2 good, different style QBs, at least for a while.
    As far as Eagles fans are concerned, they will cheer whoever brings about a winning situation for the team – old guy, damaged goods, rookie, felon – won’t matter as long as the ball finds its way into the right end zone.
    Any way you look at it, both of these men are going to be in difficult situations this season and next, and I hope Andy Reid’s decision doesn’t bring him more heavy stress than he is anticipating and is capable of handling. I’d have thought that the situation with his sons would have made him shy away from, rather than gravitate toward, taking on Michael Vick. I wish Donovan, Andy, and the Eagles, the best.

  10. “Browns, Cowboys, and Eagles…”
    The Cowboys have plenty of guys that can throw behind a WR or at his feet. The Eagirls seemingly can’t get enough of those.

  11. way to go Vick. a lot of people could tuck there tail, but you admitted you were wrong, did your time, and now it’s just time to look forward. people like me believe in the system and that not everyone make the right decisions, but should be given a second chance.

  12. “The Cowboys have plenty of guys that can throw behind a WR or at his feet. The Eagirls seemingly can’t get enough of those.”
    Yeah, one specifically – and after he does it a bunch of times, he goes into the shower to cry and collapse, coddling his widdle bwoken pinky.

  13. Andy Reid must be taking the drugs his sons took. I hope everything bad (short of a plane crash) happens to the “eagles”!

  14. mike vick paid the price for his actions,as a season ticket holder for 24 years people need to move on i look forward to seeing vick and mcnabb on the field at the same time…..try defending that opponents!

  15. What is it with all these people thinking the Vikings could have been pursuing Vick. Just because they have a good team that is weak at the QB position doesn’t mean they’d consider it. Zygi and Chilldress have too much class and integrity to be the first team to sign on the likes of Vick. Plus, they already have plenty in the running game. Vick sucks at passing and his offenses typically haven’t been very high scoring. He gives the running game a boost but he is a weaker passer than both Jackson and Rosenfels. Plus he’s a couple years removed from the game, which everyone seems to just dismiss.
    This guy is a wildcat formation option and nothing more. If McNabb was hurt week 3 it would probably be Kolb replacing him.

  16. “Yeah, one specifically”
    Romo – 63.6 completion percentage, throws mostly to WRs
    McNabb – 58.9 completion percentage, throws mostly to Westbrook. Closer to a Vick or a Kitna than a Romo.
    Maybe Westy’s just got bad hands though.

  17. Hey, Vox.
    44-6, Romo cries and faints in the shower, nursing his pinky finger and blaming it all on TO. Decades of playoff irrelevance continue.

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