Vick interview quotes emerge

John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal has posted on his Twitter page a few of the quotes from Mike Vick’s upcoming interview with James Brown on 60 Minutes.

Said Vick on dogfighting:  “It’s wrong, man. . . .  I feel, you know, some tremendous hurt behind what happened.”

As to his decision to continue to be involved with it:  “I should have took the initiative to stop it alI. . . .  I didn’t — I didn’t step up.   I wasn’t a leader.”

Asked whether he’s more concerned that his career was hurt than that dogs were hurt, Vick said, “I mean, football don’t even matter.”

Finally, here’s a brief excerpt of the interview.  As far as we can tell, it looks like Brown comes after Vick aggressively, but professionally.

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  1. He wasn’t feeling tremendous hurt while he was electrocuting or hanging the dogs, why would it hurt him now? Oh yeah, he’s broke and just spent nearly 2 years in prison. I guess that would hurt quite a bit.

  2. Wow, just a few quotes and they’re nothing but BS. Then again, as long as he’s not stupid enough to do it again, I guess it doesn’t matter.

  3. Dallas’s world famous Randy Galloway of “Galloway and Company” espn radio show just said, “Adam Schefter is reporting that the Cowboys are now officially in the mix for Michael Vick.
    More to come.

  4. I had a brief flashback to when Tyson was about to get out of jail, and claimed he had been studying Voltaire, become a real renaissance man.
    Can’t imagine why….

  5. Wouldn’t it make sense for a team to wait to sign Vick after this interview? I would bet that would be the hold up, and he gets signed Monday/Tuesday, after all other news organizations throw around the clips of a teary eyed Vick.

  6. “I should have taken the initiative to stop it.” Dude, you BANKROLLED it. Without your money, there would have been no dogfighting ring. All you had to do was NOT buy the property and NOT supply the money. In other words, do nothing and there is no ring. But, no, you took actual, positive action. The ring happened because of YOU.

  7. anyone who believes that vick is actually remorseful is full of it and lying to themselves. Yes he did his time and he deserves a second chance in society. Enjoy your construction job like the rest of us. He pissed away millions upon millions just to be a “gangsta”. He has gotten away with flippin off fans, “water” bottles at the airport and who knows what else. I can’t believe tony dungy is actually defending him.

  8. Asked whether he’s more concerned that his career was hurt than that dogs were hurt, Vick said, “I mean, football don’t even matter. My dogfighting career is shot to hell.”

  9. First few questions are pretty much softballs so far. I hope Jame Brown asks some tough questions, thenI’ll be more inclined to believe him if he shows some real emotion. I just might have to give the interview a little glance.

  10. CooperManning, perhaps you should read a little closer. I said, “Randy Galloway said that ADAM SCHEFTER is reporting.”
    Read closer, and speak less. It’s good for you.

  11. He looks like he’s on the verge of busting into laughter as JB lists what he did. Are you kidding me? And then that cheesy line, “I wasn’t a leader.” What is this? A postgame press conference? Wow, Mike. You can’t feign emotion better than that? I mean, REALLY, he looks like he is about to bust out laughing while Brown talks about what HE did. Literally about to LAUGH. I know I am being repetitive here, but he was about to LAUGH FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  12. I come to this site everyday to get good football information about nfl teams and players. But i think i am going to find somewhere else to get football info, because all you guys do is talk about mike vick like none of you has ever made a mistake in your damn lives. Mike was wrong as hell for what he did, but none of you idiots can sit here and say that you never did anything wron g in your life.Your mistakes are probably not as bad as mike vicks, but you too are not perfect. He deserves a second chance at whatever he decides to do. Who are we to judge? You mike vick haters need to just move on and enjoy the football season for its great entertainment and let vick live his life. Because as soon as he makes a touchdown for your team, your idiot stupid ass will be screaming and jumping for joy because he just helped your team out!! This goes for you too FLORIO!!

  13. He is only sorry because he got caught. He would still be dog fighting if had not been caught.

  14. NinerNation says:
    August 13, 2009 7:28 PM
    Wow, just a few quotes and they’re nothing but BS. Then again, as long as he’s not stupid enough to do it again, I guess it doesn’t matter.
    My sentiments exactly. I think he’s more sorry about being caught, but as long as he doesn’t do anything bad again, what does the remorse matter? If he doesn’t do anything bad, all the harping on the past actions will get old. The funny thing is that even if he is truly remorseful, a lot of people, I kinda fall into this boat, will not believe him. They’ll think it’s all for show or he’s just saying the right things, even if he truly feels it. So, remorse doesn’t really matter because no one is ever going to believe he is remorseful. It shouldn’t even be brought up anymore.

  15. Mike Vick Haters all over this post. Please let the man live his life.He did his time let it go people

  16. What exactly could Brown ask that wouldn’t make all of the Vick Haters believe the interview is a “puff piece”?

  17. Hey, JaggedMark, looks like Vick signed with the Eagles. Turns out Galloway and ADAM SCHEFTER are full of shit.

  18. jmoney when u get out of the can enjoy yer 2nd chance… on garbage detail.
    haters is another bogus joker/obama term.

  19. A great question would be: If you weren’t caught 2 years ago would you still be fighting dogs?
    How could be possible answer that?
    “Naw man, right before you caught me something in me was telling me to get out”.
    Sure thing.
    All lies…

  20. After reading those quotes, I believe the bigger crime is the job Virgina Tech did in educating him.

  21. Chickenshit. If you want to be a man, get in the ring yourself- don’t be suckass poser who lives through being cruel to animals. This goes for anybody who fights animals.

  22. Chickenshit poser. If you want to be a real man climb into the ring yourself instead of pretending to be one by fighting animals. This goes for anyone who fights animals.

  23. By the way, that stink I smell must be the Eagles’ desperation. Guess whose games I’m not watching.

  24. JMoney,
    You hit it right on the goal line, who hasn’t made dumb mistakes in his/her life. Judging, one of America’s favorite past times to build a man or woman up to iconic status, then when they make a human mistake or totally screw up you can’t wait to tear them down. He’s paid his required debts to society what else must he do? He shouldn’t have to pay for the rest of his life.
    To all you Mike Vick haters keep hating and watch that brotha’ score touch downs!!!!!
    Its life get over yourself. Only God can judge me or you! Also to the haters when’s the last time you ran an entire football field? Oh that’s right yo’ ass is hating from the couch!!!!

  25. thank you eagles owners for contributing to dipshit vick’s so-called return to society & tons of $$; cannot wait for the protesters and riots when vick shows up; eagles owners think we have short memories, but most people don’t forget an animal torturer & killer; hope the eagles have a lousy season ~

  26. GDog1951 says:
    August 13, 2009 10:33 PM
    By the way, that stink I smell must be the Eagles’ desperation. Guess whose games I’m not watching.
    By the way, nobody cares what you watch or don’t. I respect it if you’re actually an Eagles fan committed to boycotitng the team, but you aren’t.
    You’re a sissy fan of another team that wasn’t gonna watch the Birds anyway but wants to ride off on his high horse. So piss off.

  27. 7 years of running a dogfighting ring isn’t making a mistake. That’s making about 2000 plus mistakes. Everyday. And waking up and continuing the mistake. That’s not a mistake. People who make mistakes get second chances.
    This was not a mistake. It was a deliberate choice. A lifestyle.
    Florio, save us some trouble. Start every article like this “(Insert link to interview or story you are stealing from here), for the real story go here. Or just read my version of someone else’s work…”

  28. Below is what Michael Vick said Tuesday to 250 kids at a basketball camp. If he thinks this bull@!$%# will “revamp his image”, he is so, so wrong.
    ***The free agent NFL quarterback, who last month finished a 23-month federal prison sentence for dogfighting, told a crowd of about 250 to “use me as an example for your dreams.” Vick also told them that after accomplishing his goals he “allowed someone who didn’t have my best interests at heart to take all that away from me,” according to a release from the school.***
    He doesn’t have any intention of taking responsibility for the torture and abuse that he visited upon innocent dogs.And I am furious that The American Humane Society is using him as a role model for kids. That **** ended at the first check that he wrote for the dog fights, the first dog he killed and the lies that he has repeatedly told.

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