Vick will practice Saturday, meet the media Friday

The newest member of the Philadelphia Eagles will practice with the team on Saturday.

The info came from coach Andy Reid, during a press conference following Thursday night’s preseason game against the Patriots.

Reid said he’d ease Vick in slowly, to avoid any hamstring pulls or quadriceps strains.

Also, Vick will meet the Philly media on Friday at 11:00 a.m. ET.

Meanwhile, quarterback Donovan McNabb is expected to talk to the press soon.  Check out, which streamed Reid’s press conference.

10 responses to “Vick will practice Saturday, meet the media Friday

  1. McNabb just contradicted pretty much every feeling I had and you stated. He had a BIG part according to this presser. He mentioned lobbying for him at LEAST twice. And he’s going on and on about second chances and the opp to be a mentor.
    He’s ok with taking 65/70 snaps a game, with sitting for 5. That’s big.
    He got heated with Les Bowen, saying basically it’s only a sideshow b/c the media will make it out to be so.

  2. So Reid is confident his sphincter muscles are ready to go. (Either his or Vick’s) It’s nice to see Ebony and Ivory have enough in common that they find it necessary to give this jackass a “second chance”.
    Is Young Jezzy going to be there?
    I wonder how GODdell is going to handle suspensions from now on. He really needs to stop playing both sides of the fence. But of course, that’s just my opionion. Of course opinions are just like assholes, everyones got one. Now the Eagles have a plethora.

  3. I see what you did there MasterShake.
    He acts like he’s a god, and his name is Goodell. Wow! I am blown away by your razor-sharp wit.

  4. It’s no wonder that franchises like this haven’t won an NFL title in 50 years! The vast majority of NFL teams wouldn’t give this FELON a tender at the veteran minimum, but the Iggles gave this thug a $7mil contract??? Couldn’t have been jammed down the throats of a more deserving fan base…Iggle fans

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