Eagles avoided workout to ensure secrecy

Plenty of eyebrows raised today when Tony Dungy told Dan Patrick that the Eagles signed quarterback Mike Vick “sight unseen.”

Surprisingly, Eagles coach Andy Reid wasn’t asked during Friday’s press conference whether he indeed took a chance on a guy who hasn’t played football in 30 months, without eyeballing whether he still has his skills.

We’ve confirmed that, indeed, there was no workout.  Per a league source, the Eagles opted not to kick Vick’s tires in order to preserve the secrecy of their pursuit.

But what’s worse?  Allowing word of the workout to leak or taking a chance on the guy without knowing whether he still can bring it?

Meanwhile, we’re confused by the team’s decision to do the deal with Vick without first floating the news in order to get a feel for public reaction, or without waiting to see how his upcoming interview on 60 Minutes is received.

We respect folks who are resolute and decisive, but we sense a possible discrepancy here. 
On one hand, the Eagles didn’t want people to know they were pursuing Vick, presumably so that the Eagles wouldn’t face criticism prematurely.  On the other hand, they dropped the news out of the blue sky, ignoring opportunities to get a feel for whether and to what extent they would be criticized.

Maybe the truth is that they don’t really care about the criticism, but that they didn’t want to face criticism unnecessarily or prematurely.

And we think it’ll take time to determine the extent of the fallout.  Plenty of locals are complaining, but we’re far more likely to hear from the naysayers in the short term.  As time passes, though, it remains to be seen whether a groundswell of real opposition emerges, after the folks who might be inclined to attack this move get a chance to mobilize.

Perhaps in the end that was one of the reasons for keeping it secret.  Since the animal-rights groups didn’t know that the Eagles might be the destination, there was no opportunity to get organized by Friday morning.

While there’s still plenty of time for pickets and protests, the fact that the PETA crowd already missed the boat might cause them to choose not to jump off the pier and start swimming.

23 responses to “Eagles avoided workout to ensure secrecy

  1. “Plenty of eyebrows raised today when Tony Dungy told Dan Patrick that the Eagles signed quarterback Donovan McNabb “sight unseen.”
    Patrick went on to slap his forhead after realizing that McNabb has been an Eagle for the last decade…

  2. Oh that’s nice, so people who object to a sadistic animal-torturing sociopath joining their team are just “naysayers.”
    I guess they should open their hearts and see things from the sadistic animal-torturing sociopath’s point of view, and maybe they’ll realize he’s actually a really great guy.
    Because everything is equal to everything else, all the time. Some people get speeding tickets; other people torture animals & run multi-state gambling operations. It’s all good.
    Michael Vick will bring us all together. That was Father Dungy’s plan all along. Amen.

  3. great move for the following 2 reasons:
    #1. F*@K PETA.
    #2. Since when do Philly fans approve of anything

  4. Although Vick may still be able to “bring it”, can he really make that much of an impact on a team with a established starter to justify the criticism?

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of the money is guaranteed, right? Not much of a financial risk at all.
    I don’t think they care about the philly fan base who will criticize anything and everything. McNabb can throw for 400 yards, but you’ll still have knuckleheads who focus on the one or two passes he short-hopped to a receiver.

  6. PETA got pissed off because Obama swatted a fly on a TV interview. Those people have admirable goals, but they are insane and have little credibility.
    Although tonight the head of the Humane Society will be standing behind Vick. Doesn’t excuse his actions, but speaks a lot to his commitment not to repeat it. Not that this means anything to the self-righteous Eagles haters out there.

  7. Or maybe they avoided a workout because they bought into the rumors of other teams seriously considering Vick. Why kick the tires and take the initial heat when someone else can swoop in and get a signed contract?

  8. This is despicable. If I were an Eagle fan, I’d be outraged. Clearly, the agenda was to get Vick employed, via St. Dungy, which took precedence over what might or might not eventually be good for the team.
    Make me wanna puke!

  9. While I will never watch the Eagles play again, I do hope to see Vick permanently crippled by some dog-owning lineman on YouTube.
    Hell, if I had the same kind of cash as the douchebag who signed him, I’d offer $1 million to any player who takes him out permanently. Maybe PETA should take that angle!

  10. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of the money is guaranteed, right?”
    NFL Network talking head said the first year is guaranteed.

  11. “Not that this means anything to the self-righteous Eagles haters out there.”
    Eh, just bash heir teeth in with the butt of your rifle, libby.

  12. Who gives a damn about dogs that are breeded to be rough? Who gives a damn about animals period? Lets move on folks.

  13. “Isnt their more productive things PETA could be doing besides protesting anyway??”
    I think they’ve run out of dogs to kidnap and kill on thier own this year, so no, they don’t have anything more productive to do.

  14. Who gives a damn about dogs that are breeded to be rough? Who gives a damn about animals period? Lets move on folks.
    Who gives a shit about you and your family and kids? How would you like somebody abusing you and your family?
    Your kids never had a domestic pet? Or lovedd ones?
    Maybe will you get a taste of your own medicine.
    Stop blaming PETA, most football fans are not PETA members, I am not a member of the group.
    The people that are angry are average Americans. Douchebag.
    What a sick human being, no wonder this country is dying.
    If you lived in neighborhood I would move. You are vermin.

  15. Congrads to Vick, I am extremely happy for him.. Whoever thinks Vick should never play again should go kill themselves… I love dogs, but people have to know when to draw the line. Besides, its not like he killed your dogs…

  16. Two things:
    1) Maybe they floated the idea of waiting until after the interview with the agent, and because Vick’s camp didn’t want to take the chance the Eagles would renig the deal if the interview was not widely accepted they stated they would take lesser money from Cinnci or another team.
    2) Maybe the Eagles were aware of the interview and what was said and knew that it would be well received and wanted to beat the interview’s airing so they would receive the goodwill of appearing to do something good before the public believes so.

  17. Joe Mays can hit you so hard that he can actually alter your DNA. Decades from now your descendants will occasionally clutch their heads and yell “What The Hell was That?”
    Bring it Vox!

  18. He’s not making squat the first year (so the Eagles got him cheap) and the second year isn’t garanteed. So not “kicking the tires” vs. “kicking the tires” isn’t even a story. It was a good signing no matter how you look at it.

  19. You really zinged me there, Voxie. Tough talk from the original internet tough guy.
    Go shave your neckbeard and say hi to your mom for me. Since you’re in her basement, she’s just upstairs. If she’s not there, she must be on her way over to my place.

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