For Jeffrey Lurie, "never" was Thursday

In August 2007, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said that he’d “never” allow someone who was involved in dogfighting to play for the Eagles.

“Never” came Thursday.

“We’re very disciplined in what we stand for,” Lurie told reporters just over two years ago (via MDS of FanHouse, via an e-mail from a reader reminding us of the item).  “Let me give you an example — a few years ago we had a couple players who were . . . to put this nicely, not very respectful of their dogs. . . .  Well, we don’t respect that.  We don’t do that.  And they were gone from the team almost immediately if not immediately.  That sets a tone, that these kinds of attitudes are unacceptable.”

Lurie reportedly was referring to former Eagles players Damon Moore and Thomas Hamner, who were charged with animal cruelty in 2001.

So what has caused Lurie to change his mind, and to embrace Vick without knowing whether the can still play like he did before his 30-month absence from the game?

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess.  But we’ve got a feeling that Commissioner Roger Goodell was a lot more involved in encouraging team(s) to take a chance on Vick.  Thus, regardless of how this thing works out in Philly, the league office now owes Lurie and the Eagles, big time.

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  1. “So what has caused Lurie to change his mind, and to embrace Vick without knowing whether the can still play like he did before his 30-month absence from the game?”
    just a wild guess

  2. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said that he’d “never” allow someone who was involved in dogfighting to play for the Eagles.
    /unless I can find a way to make money off it.
    One more d-bag owner in the NFC East.

  3. Florio, you must you scour the achives eveytime someone involved in the NFL says anything.
    I especially love “we’ve got a feeling….”. This is the part where you start a rumor… again…

  4. The Eagles are now the most hated Team in the NFL. If Goodel would have banned Vick he wouldn’t be making the rounds apologizing for his crimes. Instead he would of went back to his thug life with his thug friends. Once an A$$Hole, always an A$$hole.
    Fk Vick…I hope he breaks his leg on the first day.

  5. Because just like Vick can never reform himself, ever, because of his past sins, Lurie can never change his mind.
    Just because you can’t change your mind Florio (Florio: Donovan hates this move! Donovan: I lobbied for it Florio: Donovan is lying about lobbying for this as secretly hates this move!”) doesn’t mean other people can’t.
    For the record, to beat the haters, I do NOT support Vick.
    And maybe the league can give the Eagles the Steelers/Patriots “Tuck Rule” treatment and Referee us all the way to a SB championship!

  6. On one hand, it’s good because I have always seen something wrong with Goodell meting out punishment without trying to help reform the players he is punishing. He says that he expects his players to conduct themselves in a certain way, but, while they are adults, if you’re going to take the stance of being concerned for the character of players, there has to be some effort on his end to help them in their “reformation.”
    These guys are grown men and should be held responsible for their own actions, but there is a reason why rookie symposiums, and other things exist. So, when a player is suspended, and returns from suspension, I see no problem with him advocating…..well, more like vouching for a player if a team is interested in the commissioner’s opinion of said player (especially since he is judge, jury, and executioner).
    And, no, just because Goodell was instrumental in the Eagles acquisition of Vick, does not mean he was standing over Lurie’s shoulder whispering in his ear. It was, probably, more in the sense of vouching for him, not pushing Vick down their throats like Florio would like you to believe. I’m really sure that Roger Goodell, Mr. Goodie-Twoshoes, is going to compromise his position as commissioner and sell teams on players. They probably just asked him his opinion of Vick, and held his opinion in high regard, just like they did Tony Dungy’s.
    I know it’s more sexy to say that Goodell and Dungy essentially sold Vick to the Eagles, but Jeff Lurie is a businessman. I’m sure he could recognize a sale when he saw it. Considering how forthright Lurie was, he said the emphasis was on character, so, given that evidence, it’s more likely to infer that he sought extreme affirmation that Mike Vick was remorseful, etc. from Goodell and Dungy.
    Of course, that doesn’t attract interest like saying Vick pushed upon the Eagles. Considering other teams were interested, would you hold that same argument for every team? Given that you just wrote a post saying how you realize now that the whole anti-Vick list was garbage (who woulda thunk it) because you can’t trust what any team says?
    What Lurie has done by showing his disgust is more likely trying to reach out to those people who felt like he did. He is a businessman after all. If he shows how he came to the rationalization that he should give Vick a second chance, won’t some fans see that and also have a change of heart? People are sheep. You should know that considering some of the stuff you write that some people hold as gospel, even when it turns out to be frivolous speculation lacking anything other than one of your terrible “hunches.” What’s more likely happening is that Lurie has a whole new PR team dedicated to scheduling appearances and such for Vick.
    Lurie knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s, somewhat, toying with us.

  7. “So what has caused Lurie to change his mind, and to embrace Vick without knowing whether the can still play like he did before his 30-month absence from the game?”

  8. That’s Class, is this the same guy that said the eagles had the best group of players in the NFL “barring injury”, then they drop like flies. BIG MOUTH FLIP FLOPPER… he sounds like a typical Eagles fan wow

  9. So much for that integrity thing………
    I am so grateful it wasn’t Mr. Kraft signing this guy.

  10. I can’t remember if I posted it, and it’s easy to just jump in at this point and conjure up an “I told ya so”, but I either posted or thought of posting but was too lazy to actually do so, something along the lines of: “If Vick signs with a team, it will be a team on the so-called “Anti-Vick List””.
    Basically, the denials had zero value. Philly isn’t the only team that “denied” it and then later gave serious thought to pulling the trigger.

  11. If you read what Lurie actually said, he clearly didn’t want to add Vick, but Andy Reid, Tony Dungy, the commish, McNabb, and Vick himself convinced him to give it a shot.
    “When you are asked to approve something that you completely find despicable and anathema, it takes a lot of soul searching.”
    “There’s really never been an instance where [Andy Reid] wanted to acquire a player and I said, ‘I don’t want to.’ This is one where I had to discover it for myself.”
    “I needed to see a lot of self hatred in order to approve this.”
    “This is not a slam dunk. He’s going to have to be absolutely committed to be proactive. If we don’t have an extremely proactive player here off the field, then this is a terrible decision.”
    “If the thoughts hadn’t come from Donovan originally on how he felt we should proceed here, there’s no way I would have […] gone in that direction.”
    Read the entire transcript here:

  12. What a great day for investigative reporters. First it was Palin, Gingrich, Beck and Grassley, and now it’s Lurie. Rock on, liars!

  13. This whole thing was orchestrated by the NFL and Goodell because Vick has always been a league meal ticket. Were it an ordinary player:
    1. No Pimp Daddy/image alterer Tony Dungy;
    2. No constant, kit-glove refrain on ESPN that Vick was convicted for “bankrolling a dog fighting operation” (Really? Is that all he did?);
    3. No Jesse Jackson outcry;
    4. No Humane Society renditions of “Kumbaya”;
    5. Likely additional league suspension.
    I’ve lost a lot of respect for the NFL. When it comes to Mike Vick, NFL fans have been played like an accordion. Saps.

  14. “And maybe the league can give the Eagles the Steelers/Patriots “Tuck Rule” treatment and Referee us all the way to a SB championship!”
    It’s going to take something to break the loser culture that you guys have going up there. Yeah, I know, “44-6” and you’re gonna bash my teeth in with the butt of a rifle. Loser fat boy.

  15. Just like most NFL teams, what they say and what they do are two different things. What you should always read in those kinds of comments is:
    “We will take the moral high road always… unless it becomes inconvenient… or we can see some advantage to not taking the high road… or if we can make money… or if we think we can win games by abandoning our morality.”
    It is unfortunate, but I can’t think of a team in the league that won’t abandon the moral high ground in a moment if the opportunity strikes.

  16. “This whole thing was orchestrated by the NFL and Goodell because Vick has always been a league meal ticket.”
    The thing is, he’s not a meal ticket unless he plays. A lot. We can’t see how far he’s come while he’s on the bench. I see Vick getting maybe 10 snaps a game, and that will definitely create a problem in a chemical cocktail locker room that always verges on implosion, which has curiously gotten rid of the best leader it had in Brian Dawkins. Made even more curious because of the signing of a guy that has not played in almost three years sight unseen, and without even the benefit of a training camp. Oh yeah, I’m sure that Leavenworth’s workout facilities rival those at the Novacare Complex. Even though Vick likely had only an hour’s access to them each day, if that. Not to mention the prison food. You can be sure that Vick was eating for purpose, rather than pleasure… but that purpose was survival, not playing in the NFL.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the plan is to bench McNabb on third down in favor of Ookie, a la Cunningham/Jaws.

  17. im a dog lover and i think everyone should back off of vick. god will judge you by your actions in the afterlife and we mortals have no basis to judge anyone else. we’re all not perfect, we all make mistakes, we all want a chance to redeem ourselves when we make mistakes so who are we to say another person shouldnt get that chance as well…especially after they paid their society.

  18. i wish everyone on here would get a life damn
    i’m a eagles fan and a dog lover what he did was wrong but i know i did something that wrong i would want a second chance it’s between him and the Lord now! you just better hope your DC can come up with one hell of a game plan hahaha whoooo!!!!!!

  19. stevie mo,this has been an enormous public relations play from the get go.the nfl will feel an economic impact from this down the line.everything is going to be rosey for the near future,but the economy is not going to recover as fast as everyone is saying.i live on long island new york,the foreclosure rate jumped 61%this last month.people are hurting and are going to re-evaluate their priorities,maybe football tickets are not the luxury they can afford any more?
    look at nascar,they are really feeling the pinch,big time racers can’t get sponsorship.won’t be long until this happens in football.
    there are people out there that hate the idea that michael vick got a pass.these people are going to cause problems for football sponsors.i haven’t any idea if they will be effective but in these times no company wants bad press.

  20. orakpo is gonna snap his leg in half, vick is an overated pos, him and his sorry ass brother can go pull guns on 15 year olds in a mcdonalds parking lot in blacksburg and blow each other he will be out of the league before the 2011 season

  21. Vick will turn out to be a bad investment. Look at the facts:
    1) He was signed sight-unseen.
    2) He was signed for emotional reasons, and under pressure–seemingly with little consideration for the rest of the team.
    3) He’s nearing 30, and will age more like a running back than a QB due to his style of play.
    4) He was never a very good passer to begin with.
    5) He’s been out of the league for over a year and is far out of ‘football shape’.
    How this looks like a formula for success is beyond me. Add to this the disdain and disgust the Eagles have just earned from thousands of fans, the ongoing PR issues they and their sponsors will face, and the seemingly completely unrepentant Vick, and you’ve got a mistake for the ages in the making.

  22. This will not turn out so great for the NFL. Fans in opposing stadiums are going to bark at Vick. It will be funny and embarrassing (for the league) at the same time.

  23. Anyone else think Tony Dungy has been a gigantic douche bag throughout all of this? Looks like a black elf. Using his status to get a piece of shit signed back into the NFL. What a turd.

  24. As an Eagles fan, let me say i’am disgusted, appalled and more than incredulous at this signing. I don’t see how signing a QB who’s best completion percentage for a season, is lower than McNabb’s worst.It doesn’t add up from a personnel standpoint, or the character BS they have hammered on for over a decade. All of a sudden, they think Kolb isn’t a backup?..Andy Reid admit a mistake? Pay attention….. But thats’s not the real point. If you watched Lurie’s 14 minute opening diatribe, it almost seemed he was trying to convince himself this was the right thing to do. Lurie and Banner are the tweedle dee and tweedle dum when it comes to public relations, no way they have enough foresight to somehow become savant’s for doing what is perceived as the right thing. This was a move orchestrated by the NFL, Dungy and GODdell. As much as i have criticized McNabb for killing worms, choking under pressure, and being a whiny little bitch… He is a decent man, he isn’t some thug type criminal who is blessed with talent, he works hard, does the right thing and is as politically correct,(besides the whining thing) as a corporation could ask for. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Vick stated during the presser getting together with McNabb, studying film and trying to improve. This is the NFL’s way of getting Vick back in the league, and they stuck him under McNabb’s PR tuteledge, in a way to soften his re -entrance into the league. McNabb’s father is president of the NFL’s father association, of which Vick was void, or his father would have been next to him at the presser and not a mentor. From all angles, this is the NFL’s way of getting Vick, who no matter what you say, made the NFL alot of money back into the league. He won’t be an eagle next year, he just has to keep his nose clean, and somebody will offer him a starting job….It still doesn’t make the fact easier then i have to see this scum in an Eagles jersey, but no way, no way was this anything more than a cash influenced league decision. …….This will shut Jesse Jackson up, keep the humane society happy, (although if they think they are going to change the dog-fighting culture in North Philly, they’re freakin delusional). Over the last few years, the Eagles could have drafted many a fast QB to run the wildcat gadget for a play or two, but it’s not Reid’s offensive, hell he throws the ball 60% of the time….Anf Vick is no pocket passer… This decision was made from a PR standoint, by the league…..Who knows, maybe it will result in a few influential referee decisions during a game, you know like the Steelers get……….

  25. A few questions on the Vick drama:
    A. Did he go to Philly with his tail between his legs?
    B. Is in he shape for the dog days of summer?
    C. I don’t want to even think of C (Thank you Mr. Mom).
    D. Will he be dog tired after two a days?
    E. When he’s under center will he be able to sniff out the defense?
    F. Will the eagle fans be “ruff” on him?
    G. Will he be able to handle the mad dog blitz?
    H. Will the Eagles install the run and shoot?
    I. If the play in Cleveland will the Dog Pound welcome him?
    J. Does he realize the competition for quarterback is dog eat dog?
    K. Will the eagles run the wildcat?
    And finally;
    L. Will he be the tail that wags the Eagles?

  26. Below is what Michael Vick said Tuesday to 250 kids at a basketball camp. If he thinks this bullshit will “revamp his image”, he is so, so wrong.
    ***The free agent NFL quarterback, who last month finished a 23-month federal prison sentence for dogfighting, told a crowd of about 250 to “use me as an example for your dreams.” Vick also told them that after accomplishing his goals he “allowed someone who didn’t have my best interests at heart to take all that away from me,” according to a release from the school.***
    He doesn’t have any intention of taking responsibility for the torture and abuse that he visited upon innocent dogs.
    The remorse that Vick felt, is feeling and will feel is due to the fact that he got caught and lost his entertainment..which was torturing and killing dogs. I believe from the bottom of my heart that he got his jollies more from the torture than he did from the fighting. I think he is a sociopath. Look at his eyes in the videos…..I see blank.

  27. “Anyone else think Tony Dungy has been a gigantic douche bag throughout all of this?”
    Yeah. If he’d have given his son the time he gives Mike Vick maybe his kid wouldn’t have blown his brains out.

  28. “god will judge you by your actions in the afterlife”
    Vick won’t even be considered. He’s going straight to hell.

  29. The fans need to boycott the team sponsors and
    then maybe it will hit Lurie in the wallet.
    The fact that he and Reid would sign this jerk
    is ridiculous. The only reason Reid signed him was to take the heat off his druggie sons. If he
    couldn’t see what was going on in his own house
    how will he see what Vick will be doing wrong?
    Hopefully, the fans will revolt against this
    horrible decision.

  30. Vick lied to the legal system and he lied to Goodell. What makes Lurie think he has stopped lying? Vick said “I paid my debt to society. I spent two years in prison. … That was a humbling experience. I can’t explain how deeply hurt and how sorry I was.” Why was and not am? MV was sorry he got caught, sorry he lost money and playing time and sorry he was embarrassed. He needs to show some actual behavior opposed to animal cruelty; this would show remorse and should have been a condition for being allowed to return.

  31. yes the media templateers and vick’s creditors wanted him back in the nfl.
    i dont really see vick coming in on 3rd down unless it is 4 yards or less to go.
    unless mcnabb is hurt, the real worst case scenario for him would be a 1970-dallas-style every play rotation with vick.
    (like they did with morton / staubach for a while)

  32. People, thin about what you are saying. This was NOT a financial decision for the Eagles/Lurie. The league yes, but that is irrelevant since Lurie/Eagles made the decision.
    As much as I hate to say it, Vox’s desperation answer is a lot closer to the truth and probably Florio’s assertion about the Reid boys.
    Think about it. THe Eagles slowed down in the Red Zone and just lost their new red zone weapon. I see Vick as a red zon weapon and a special weapon.
    Also, did you see the comments from the real competition in the East? The Giants are scared! Read what Osi, Tuck, and Coughlin said. Thank god we do not play them until weeks 8 & 14!

  33. slapme7silly says:
    August 14, 2009 6:18 PM
    That’s Class, is this the same guy that said the eagles had the best group of players in the NFL “barring injury”, then they drop like flies. BIG MOUTH FLIP FLOPPER… he sounds like a typical Eagles fan wow
    Once again another non-eagle NFC EAST fan not knowing what the hell hes talking about. Ill try to type real sllllloooowww for you so you can keep up.
    Its not the same guy Jeffery Lurie is the owner. Joe Banner is the president and he said
    “I feel this year we have the best roster in the league,” Banner said. “That’s assuming everyone is healthy and standing at the end. You can only make a statement like that on the first day of training camp. After that, anything can happen.
    “You get humbled over the years, but since I’ve been working in the league I don’t think the best team has won the Super Bowl any year,”
    See thats whats wrong with fans like you you hear things second hand and take it as fact. Ill break it down for you. He said he thinks the team has the best roster in the league but followed it by saying its the 1st day of camp thats why he’s saying that and also he’s not saying they are going to win it all just that they have a good team on paper. he goes on to say ….
    To some up the rest of the qoute Basically he was saying its the beggining of training and everyone feels like they have the best team or they wouldnt be doing there job and that its a long season and anything can happen.
    Do some fact checking before you make idiotioc statements like that your embarrassing yourself.

  34. VoxVeritas says:
    I see Vick getting maybe 10 snaps a game, and that will definitely create a problem in a chemical cocktail locker room that always verges on implosion, which has curiously gotten rid of the best leader it had in Brian Dawkins
    Vox, your ignorance to your own team astounds me. Chemical cocktail. This is Philly not Dallas where the WR is crying that the QB, TE, and OC are conspiring against me. And then cut said WR so that the QB can be OK…. what a pussy.
    The Eagles locker room is stable. Pay attention, the loss of Dawkins may actually be a good thing for the Eagles. There is more than one leader on a team and McNabb has always been the teams leader. Takes responsibilty for EVERY loss. EVERY ONE. Goes about his business with class and dignity and is a flat out winner. I know the knuckleheads on this site (and a lot in Philly) do not see that but 90% of NFL people do.

  35. They did what they had to do to keep Vick out of the UFL.
    I’m sure Lurie isn’t happy about it from the dog angle, but fell on the sword after his football people told him Vick would be a good fit.

  36. @ Eskin
    Don’t hate on the Steelers. You good for nothing Eagle fans are so fickle. You booed Donovan on his draft day now you love him. You even booed Santa Claus. If Vick produces, you idiots will be worshipping the ground he walks on…requesting the City to put a statue next to Rocky Balboa’s. You guys worship a fictional character that is how twisted you are. Philadelphia doesn’t deserve Vick. You hypocritical, self-righteous, mummers.

  37. Everyone that has a problem with Vick playing for the Eagles or any other NFL team is a bunch of P-Brains! You act as if dogs are more important than people! He has served a RIDICULOUS sentence for something he should have only paid a fine for if even that ! You NUT JOBS need SERIOUS THERAPY !!! You dont have one word to say about Child molesters or Rapist after they have served their time , you dont show up at their jobs or feel that they should give money from their pay checks to charity , Do You ? No YOU DONT , because you are Sick Minded individuals who dont no that animals, no matter what kind are NOT More IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE !!! This man has to make money just like you and everyone else. Find something better to do with your time NUT JOBS !!! VICK we Love YOU – and you will see your supporters in the stands !!!

  38. You should start making better arguments about Vick’s signing with the Eagles, other than Laurie “money” hunger.
    Wake up!: money is all over the NFL.
    What, did you think the players do charity work for the league and their teams?
    The Eagles went for Vick because he is – was – a premier player that now sales as a bargain, and that can complement the team.
    The Eagles signed a lot a really good new players.
    The Eagles want a Superbowl this,,, next year.
    A Superbowl means money.
    That is the truth.

  39. Steelers 4 life:
    The dirty thirty booed McNabb, freaking idiots that they are.
    we didn’t boo Santa, we showered him with snowballs. And threw batteries at JD drew.
    And fired a flare gun on MNF.
    Where’s my Permanti Bro’s sandwich?
    Eskinsux, i couldn’t agree more. When this asshole is warming up, and they do it near my endzone. i’ll be screaming for his head.

  40. “Vox, your ignorance to your own team astounds me. Chemical cocktail. This is Philly not Dallas where the WR is crying that the QB, TE, and OC are conspiring against me.”
    You may not have heard… TO is gone. I’m not sure what the Cowboys have to do with the Eagirls’ obviously volatile locker room anyway. We’re talking about the Eagirls, the team that’s thin on leadership of any kind now that Dawk is gone. Same team that’s been known for toying with it’s starting QB’s emotions. Same team that just signed a lightning rod that hasn’t played in almost three years, sight unseen, that also happens to play the same position as the guy that they have been toying with so much. You can say a lot of things about the Cowboys, but they’re smarter than to combine all that. The Eagirls are coming across as the most self-hating team ever. To be honest it looked like they might be coming together, but then they do something like this? I’m loving it. Super Bowl win or colossal bust. I hope they enjoy the pressure.

  41. “There is more than one leader on a team and McNabb has always been the teams leader.”
    Not according to Hugh Douglas, but what does he know? He just shared a locker room with the guy for years. McNabb’s been a company man. Everybody knows it. This is a guy that doesn’t even work out with the team in the off-season. He stays in Arizona. You know it’s true, don’t try to make him out to be something he’s not.

  42. “You dont have one word to say about Child molesters or Rapist after they have served their time”
    Of course we do, you idiot. We make them register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Go soak your idiot head, idiot. Are we supposed to assume that you’re out there crusading for rapists and child molesters like you are for Vick? Fool. STFU.

  43. You know what a “collosal bust” is, don’t you Vox? And I’m not talking about your mom’s chest.
    Dallas Cowboys, pencil them in for the Superbowl… wait, what? Romo’s hurt his pinky? Oh, crap… uh, okay, we just gotta beat the Eagles and then onto the playoffs and the Superbowl!
    We all know how that ends. With Romo crying in the shower and you disappearing for weeks.

  44. Vox: I was all set to blast you, but then you go and make an absolute perfect point in your last post! Damn you for that.
    1) Vox: did you really make mention of Dungy spending more time w/his son so he didn’t “blow his head off?” I know I can’t get Perez Florio to apologize, but surely you can? Not even I would touch that.
    2) I was going to bring up the red-zone thing, but was beaten to it. He would be a weapon in that situation.
    3) As the only Eagles fan that, apparently, everyone in my damn phone book knows, I have had 24 hours of non-stop in coming missles. I hate the move…….hate it!
    4) Perez Florio needs to make amends for the stupid drama driven “rumors” that he keeps getting the feeling regardless of what is actually happening. I “feel” like I’m talking to my wife. Deal w/facts Ms. Perez Florio.
    5) No one has said it yet and Ms. Florio might actually run with this as his own:
    McNabb is getting A LOT of credit for influencing the signing of Vick. Think about it for just a second……… Why would they give him that much credit, NOW, for having that much influence on personnel matters when for the last 10 years he didn’t have any?!? Smells like a bit of a set up.
    Now, on to greener pastures. A big “if,” but if the O-Line comes together, this team is going to be nasty, just nasty. Need a description of how nasty? So nasty that it’ll keep ice on its crotch to keep the crabs fresh……..

  45. “WE make them register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.”
    You wouldn’t know a registered sex offender from any other person or even one of your fellow NUT JOBS for that matter, so your comment has NO MERIT what so ever !!! When you Assume, you make a complete ASS of yourself , which YOU clearly have. NUT JOBS like YOU aren’t out protesting at sex offenders jobs like you and your fellow NUT JOBS are doing VICK- because you don’t know who they are, you are not out there trying to control REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS money by making psychotic comments about those who are willing to employ them, you know why you are not? -because you would be ARRESTED for harassment, which is EXACTLY what should be done to all the NUT JOBS that interferes with Vicks job you NUT JOBS have serious displacement problems, your sense of perception is some what altered – you focus your tiny P-BRAINS on the WRONG things!!! Maybe if you NUT JOBS take your Head out of your dogs ASS long enough you will see that VICK is an Awesome player and Awesome players command money- no matter how bad NUT JOBS hate it. Sane people know this, thats why the Eagles signed Vick, they get the best of both worlds – the NUT JOBS who’s barking and holding up dog pictures – who should be in straight jackets paying to $ee him, and the TRUE NFL FAN$ , those that are truely about the GAME – not about Tony Dungys personal life.Vick will continue to play for the NFL as long as HE has the desire to do so and get paid Well in the process whether NUT JOB$ like it or not!! It’s good to know you’ve acknowledged yourself as being a NUT JOB – Vox Veritas , you have now completed Step 1 in your MUCH needed THERAPY !!!!! VICK Fan for life Dog!!! Lol .

  46. C’mon – did any of you REALLY believe Mike Vick WASN’T going to be signed this year?
    Whichever way it works out – either the guy comes back and can play, in which case the Eagles look like (evil) geniuses for having signed him, or he comes back and he looks like crap, and all you soothsayers can say you told them so. But either way, Mike Vick was going to play in the NFL this year once he was reinstated.
    We have to see how it works out – both the Haters and the Second Chancers.

  47. Not surprising at all…Lurie is a native of New England & we have all been witness as to the extent a Masshole will go, in order to achieve success, no matter how TAINTED, if & when it does happen…case in point; Cheatriots & JuiceSawx!!!

  48. “We all know how that ends.”
    We all know how every Eagirls season has ended since before you were born, don’t we? Out of the playoffs or with a playoff loss. I can’t blame you for being bitter. Maybe one day Jeff Lurie will sell the team and the Eagirls will have management that’s not so self-destructive. But what are the chances of THAT happening? The Eagirls have always been a franchise that has settled for being good for short stretches, but never great. That’s the only advantage they’ve had over teams like the Bengals and Lions. Other than that, no difference at all. The Cowboys are on the verge of equaling the best the Eagirls have done since Norm van Brocklin was QB… put together 5 winning seasons in a row. Every year that the Cowboys don’t win the Super Bowl is a colossal bust as far as I’m concerned, but Super Bowl wins are what I’ve come to expect. A year from now, you’ll still be shouting “44-6!” because it’s the best thing the Eagirls have accomplished in your lifetime.

  49. @ EskinSux,
    Nailed it dude, the reason for the Steelers being 6x Super Bowl Champs & the bEagles having NEVER won a Super Bowl, is because of the influence of the refs…what aTOOL!
    btw…nice username sport, mancrush I’m assuming???

  50. “1) Vox: did you really make mention of Dungy spending more time w/his son so he didn’t “blow his head off?” I know I can’t get Perez Florio to apologize, but surely you can? Not even I would touch that.”
    Nope, sorry. What’s Dungy’s relevance in the NFL? He’s out of it. He wasn’t even that good of a coach, he has an overall losing record. I’m supposed to think that he’s some kind of mentor because why?
    Because he’s an evangelical Christian? Because he wrote self-trumpeting books that are supposed to help people be more like him? Sorry, preach to someone else. He should have used his “Quiet Strength” and his “Path to Significance” to save the only lost soul that should have mattered to him. His son. Excuse me for forgetting that he actually hanged himself and did not blow his brains out. The picture that was painted is very different, but fact is James Dungy was a wannabe thug that couldn’t deal with life in no small part because his father didn’t prepare him for it. The NFL isn’t life, not everyone’s a millionaire with a new Benz and a 10 figure bank account. The reality is that people struggle and life is HARD, even for sons of Super Bowl-winning millionaire coaches. Tony Dungy was utterly oblivious to it, but it was laid out all over James’ myspace page. Any trouble that Mike Vick gets into, any more embarrassment that he brings to the NFL should be placed squarely on Dungy’s narrow shoulders as far as I’m concerned.
    “McNabb is getting A LOT of credit for influencing the signing of Vick.”
    Yeah I think that’s how they’ve got to play it right now. Don’t be surprised if it blows up at the first sign of adversity. You know that McNabb’s better than Vick and so do I, but fact is that McNabb never has been nor will he ever be an exceptional passer by NFL standards and he really doesn’t have the weapons to be a better one. You’d know better than to want to replace him with a Kolb or a Vick if he hits a bad stretch, but I wouldn’t count on 65,000 fanbois in the stadium to feel the same way, and I wouldn’t expect Reid to feel the same way, as quick as he was to pull McNabb last season. That’s a slap in the face to an NFL QB, and I don’t believe for a second that McNabb just blew it off. He was waaaay to happy to stick it to Eagirls management AND fans after he turned it around. The relationship has a crack in it, and Vick is a potential wedge that can really serve no other purpose. He’s not putting any team over the hump, not as a QB, not as anything. I think McNabb will be the company man he’s always been because his boss threw millions more dollars at him (but no time extension), but I think the pressure is probably going to be too great for the situation to remain tenable.

  51. “You wouldn’t know a registered sex offender from any other person”
    On the contrary, I know where each and every one of them lives in my community.
    When rapists and sex offenders get jobs in the NFL, I’ll have something to say about it HERE. In fact I have done so HERE plenty of times. I’m not against rapists, child molesters and dog killers working, I’m against them working in the NFL. I’m against anyone that thinks that they’re deserving of ANYTHING as it pertains to the NFL.
    You seem really upset about that, are you a registered sex offender?
    “VICK is an Awesome player”
    Whatever, fanboi. Vick’s not really evena player anymore. He hasn’t played in almost three years. Get off his sack.
    “Vick will continue to play for the NFL as long as HE has the desire to do so”
    haha, right… I’m pretty sure he had the desire to do so for the last couple of years… how did that work out for him? Too bad that doing time in the federal pen is not conducive to playing in the NFL, no matter how bad one might want it. Lots of guys that were better than Mike Vick ever dreamed of being would like to still be playing but are out of the NFL, and most of them are NOT ex-cons like Michael Vick. You need to put more thought into your posts before you hit that “Submit” button.

  52. “C’mon – did any of you REALLY believe Mike Vick WASN’T going to be signed this year? ”
    I knew he’d sign somewhere. Cincy, SF, maybe even Washington. Never in my wildest wet dreams did I think he’s sign with the Eagirls. It’s like Christmas in August! Made all the merrier by knowing that they signed him without even taking a look at him first even though he’s been eating prison food, getting prison workouts and hasn’t played in almost three years. One thing’s for sure: He’s not going to be any better coming out of prison than he was going in, and signing him without even looking at him first is a bush league move no matter how it turns out. I’m beginning to think that this is a do-or-die year for Banner and Reid. There are just too many desperation moves going on. Trade a #1 (and a 4th and a conditional 6th) for a guy with motivation problems, bring a guy in to babysit his depressed brother, give McNabb tons of extra money but no time extension on his contract which smacks of short-term appeasement, now Vick.

  53. “Cowboys are on the verge of equaling the best the Eagirls have done since Norm van Brocklin was QB… put together 5 winning seasons in a row. ”
    The best the Eagles have put together was 5 NFC Championship appearances in 8 years.
    How do the Cowboys match up? What’s your playoff win percentage in the past 12 years? What!? Not ONE win? Wow!
    SB wins that happened in the last millenium count the same way as the Eagles championships before the merger count, since they’re both ancient history.
    Keep it up, Vox. Your futile anger amuses me. And with the way the Boys looked dropping to the Raiders (hahahaha) it looks like that futility will continue another season.

  54. Repo-boy…….google sex offenders in your town and then you’ll know how to recognize one. Their pictures and addresses are right there for the enlightened world to see. I’ll with Vox, I know where everyone of them in my neighborhood lives.
    Repo-boy……you might be living next door to one!

  55. First I am from the Tidewater Area of VA where Vick is from. I can’t play a side in this issue. He wasnt a thug. He came up through some hard circumstances but pressed to make a difference. So the people calling him a thug don’t know what they are talking about. Next his brother was cleared on the weapons charges at the McDonalds in Suffolk. He pulled his legal weapon after being approached by some unfriendly and threatening youths. Rich connected and/or Proment individuals can’t relax in normal places as others that was his mistake. But legal in his right. He only did enough to get out of the situation not further the trouble. Thats my understanding. Clearly a show of care. Dogfighting wasn’t seen as a real criminal act. Although it should have been assumed. Mike Vicks conviction changed that. Now a Caucasion Sherrif out here did the same thing after the Vick’s case. Not saying race plays any part, but that he is in law enforcement and susposed to be the law and example not Vick. Have you heard about that? Exactly..NO! Truth is who has time in working out thier own soul salvation to point the finger? And to Dawn….. be more forgiving. I say that in love and I don’t know you, but it is written that those who don’t forgive will open their eyes in Hell. Can you imagine being there beside Vick asking “How does it feel to be in Hell for dogfighting, and he responds How does it feel to be in Hell for lack of forgiveness”…..? It would feel the same. Just as an thought. Let’s be forgiving because truth is If I go to hell, I’m not going for someone else’s faults. Let’s love one another. Look at the state of our country Its going down. Not because of Obama he is acting with concern for others or any other President but because of the lack of compassion for each other. It is written about great famines and commotions. The US is exsperiencing these things and its scary. The US Dollar has fallen to other currency it used to dominate. What do you do when your money has no value? I believe it can all be changed through unity, forgiveness and a love that hides a multitude of Faults. Hopefully this post doesn’t offend anyone. “To all that read this post I pray God place an angel around you for your safety and that love spring up in you like you never exsperienced not just for your own but also for others for it is the will of God”. Be Blessed.

  56. Repo-Man: You are in the same category as SlickVick dog killer. God created dogs and cats as domestic animals for pets not to be abused, killed, shot, drowned or hung. There is nothing wrong in being a pet lover. I recommend it. He should have spent five years in prison. No, I would not hire him or trust him to be on my team if I was an owner. Goodell should never reinstated him. I can imagine what the other teams are thinking and wait until they have to play against the Eagles especially those that have dogs. What a field day that will be. They will knock him around the field. I have had 40 cats and 14 dogs in my lifetime and loved them all. You need to get a grip on life.

  57. Repo-Man: Bad News Vick has to stay with the Eagles. No one wants him. The fans that like him are in his category and yours also. I believe you would do the same criminal acts as Vick because apparently you don’t like dogs. No one is putting animals before people but what he did was sadistic. And believe me the devil likes Vick and he will be down there with him. The devil has followers and Vick in one of them. Vick thought he was slick until the Feds caught his trick. Believe me he is going to pay the price. You reap what you sow.

  58. michael vick, ownership of eagles, and anyone else who defends him all deserve to have same thing happen to them as what vick did to those dogs.
    there is NO justifying what vick did and there is NO justifying those who try to justify it!!!

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