Jury acquits Brandon Marshall

After deliberating for roughly an hour, a Georgia jury has acquitted Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, according to the Denver Post.

The fourth-year player faced charges of misdemeanor battery, arising from allegations that he struck his former girlfriend, Rasheedah Watley, in March 2008.

Though the criminal penalty likely would have been minimal if Marshall had been convicted, the NFL would have potentially dropped the hammer on him.

As it stands, he most likely will face no further punishment from the league.

Unless/until he gets in trouble again.

18 responses to “Jury acquits Brandon Marshall

  1. Immediately following the announcement, Marshall was heard telling reporters:
    “Well, I was a bit nervous knowing that my future and my career rested in the hands of the jurors, but not HALF as terrified as I am now, knowing that now my future and my career sits in the hands of that egotistical punk Josh McDaniels…”
    Look a lizard in the eye and ask it:
    “If the opposite of a pro is a con, then what’s the ooposite of “progress”?

  2. You would think PFT would have something about the QB competition being back open in Denver, Culpepper starting the first game for Detroit, or “new” Wade Phillips calling out his back-ups.

  3. So he will face no punishment, yet Marshawn Lynch has yet to serve any time for his “legal discretions.” What a god damn joke Goodell is. Vick will serve less of a suspension than Lynch. (I’m not counting Vick’s time in jail, because he couldn’t play then anyway.)

  4. Still think Plexico burress is going to prison?
    Just the latest example that people of any kind of notoriety live by different rules of justice.

  5. now if he had gambled on this crap, then he would have gotten a suspension.
    This is enough already:
    1. Kill an animal – lose 2 years of your life
    2. rough up or even mane a human being – a no charge
    3. Kill a HUMAN BEING – get a one year suspension
    I say the NFL throws the hammer down on all the players that HUNT. they are out there with guns, killing defenseless bambi, smokey the bear or whatever; then ripping the guts out and eating the flesh – and that is okay with the NFL. Some bird flying around trying to feed the family and bam – shot down, grabbed by a dog, dragged a few miles and then probably thrown away – this is OK?

  6. anorris21: Marshall was already disciplined last year partly for this.
    And it’s gonna be funny when we’re actually competitive this year, cause all you bashers will have to jump on the next bandwagon full of haters. Despite a rocky start, this franchise is headed in the right direction.

  7. Gosh, look. The one-note agenda types are here. What a surprise.
    Dear The Scrub: you are clearly not capable of reconciling more than one thought at a time, so by all means keep on equating hunting with dogfighting. It’s probably the best you can do.

  8. Ummmm guys? A jury acquitted Marshall of any wrongdoing. He’s not being suspended by Goodell because the United States Justice System found that he did nothing wrong.
    A couple of days ago, PFT did a piece on the case reminding everyone that the plaintiff, Rasheeda Watley, wrote a letter to Roger Goodell after the initial claim saying that Marshall never struck or assaulted her in anyway and that her sisters and family members persuaded her to make up the story for money.

  9. I wonder what The Scrub likes to eat. Strictly stuff that can’t move, bleed, or scream? Coward. Just because you can’t hear it die doesn’t make you any less a murderer.

  10. @ The Scrub:
    B Marshall was found not guilty in a court of law so whatever your personal feelings are for him it’s irrelevant. Not that it matters, but I cant stand the Broncos so no bias here.
    Vick was participating in a crime ring for YEARS and killed hundreds of animals by torture, forcing them to fight (each other), and betting on the entire process. He is sick and twisted and there was no mistake made as he actively participated in this for YEARS.
    Stallworth’s actions were despicable as well. However, since drinking is legal and most DUI recipients are not responsible for killing someone in the process it will continue to be overlooked in society until something extreme (like a death) happens and then everyone will cry foul. It doesn’t make it remotely right, but that is the reality. The difference between what he did and what Vick did is that there was no intent to kill in a one time incident. I don’t have an answer to how Stallworth should be dealt with. I imagine that if I killed someone that I would consider my life essentially over.
    Like Cecil previously stated you obviously have no concept of the differences between hunting and what Vick did so why bother…

  11. League punishment, what a laugh. Goodell is so inconsistent. You never know what he is going to take a strong stand against. Drugs seem to be a four gamer, unless you are in Minnesota. Killing people gets you what? A year away? Killing and abusing dogs is also four games. Beating your girlfriend? Who knows?

  12. To all those emphasizing the fact he was acquitted: Goodell has no respect for the legal system, so an acquittal means nothing. (Chris Henry was suspended 4 games last year for an incident in which the charges were eventually dropped.) Goodell will call Marshall in for one of his Godfather-like meetings and do whatever is dictated by his mood that day.

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