No end in sight for Andre Smith holdout

With only three unsigned first-round picks left, one of them might not be signing any time soon.

On Thursday night, agent Alvin Keels offered up this missive, on Twitter:

“Sent over what I thought was a very good and fair proposal today to the Bengals!  Lets hope it does the trick.  If not back to square one!”

But we’d be shocked if the Bengals accept it.  They’ve got no qualms about players holding out, and they don’t seem to be willing to respect the ritual of the slotting process.

In the first episode of Hard Knocks (which our friends at NFL Films sent to us on DVD because we’re too cheap to buy HBO), Bengals exec Katie Blackburn offered an overly simplistic summary of the situation.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” Blackburn said.  “You’re offering them so much money, and yet for some reason they’re saying that it’s not enough.”

The “some reason” in this case is that the Bengals reportedly are offering less money than what the guy taken one spot after Smith received.

Maybe the Bengals really don’t get it.   

20 responses to “No end in sight for Andre Smith holdout

  1. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow….the Bengals exec is a woman…and her problem is not spending ENOUGH money? What’s her number?

  2. How dare the Bengals refuse a 40% increase over last year. What are they thinking?
    Maybe they DO get it. Maybe if MORE teams GOT IT, the NFL wouldn’t need a rookie wage scale.

  3. I use to think there was hope when that dumb ass Mike Brown died. But after seeing his retarded offspring talk, it will be another 20 years of losing.

  4. Hey Florio,
    Enough of the Bengals Bashing. That seems to be your favorite topic as of late. You dont know what the Bengals offer is so keep the opinions to yourself. Obviously the Bengals will follow the slotting structure. The fact everyone knew this was coming as soon as Andre switched agents, and then switched back. Obviously Keels is trying to make a name for himself.

  5. Here’s an entry for draft related punny headline of the day-
    “A new Bung-Low!”
    I’ll be here all night!

  6. So Florio, the thrust of your story is that you have no inside information about the Smith negotiation. Your hottest lead is a twitter post by the agent that is open to the public where he says that he “sent over an offer.” Wow! My mind is blown by your crack journalistic skills.
    You don’t know shit about the offers being exchanged so stfu.

  7. This story is sad. This is the best you can come up with on the Bengals. A team not willing to give a 40% raise to an unproven player. As to those of you posting how this is why the team has lost for years how dumb are you. The problem is not money it has been bad draft choices and bad coaches. They have improved in areas over the past five years. If we have fewer injuries this year they will be fun to watch and will make the playoffs. I know your lives are so sad that you need someone to pick on to make you feel better about yourselves so keep on trying.

  8. I have to give credit to both the bengals and to the 49ers this off season. I am not sure what in the hell these kids think they have done that entitles them to all this money and worse what makes them think they can demand it. What if we were offered a job that everyone would kill to have and then had the nerve to say, “no sorry sir, not until you pay me 40% more than your most successful people here”? He would say ok and then hire their number 2 choice and let you hit the street. I say let these two, Crabtree and Smith sit out the whole year, dont let them workout for any team for next years draft then let them go. Screw em.

  9. Don’t the Bengals realize just how much Smith’s MAN-boobs are worth, of course he wants all that money. How else would he be able to a brand new MANssiere? or is it the BRO?

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