PFTV looks at whether T.O. is getting old

So Bills receiver Terrell Owens will miss this weekend’s preseason game against the Bears, due to a toe injury he suffered during limited work on Sunday night.

Does it means that the 35-year-old receiver has become, well, a 35-year-old receiver?

PFTV explores.

15 responses to “PFTV looks at whether T.O. is getting old

  1. same old B/S different day!!! Keep up the good work T.O. every one in the AFC East is ready!!! GO FINS 2009!!!

  2. it’s called aging Florio, you know that thing that happens when you continue to stay alive.
    you have enough junk to throw on here with the Vick story can you please limit the other B.S.

  3. PFTV looks at whether T.O. is getting old???
    Really…he’s not Benjamin Button so I’d assume he was getting old…

  4. Terrell blOwens is all done. He will miss half the season due to injury, and the other half will be him dropping passes and whining about the offense (like he did last year, when Romo threw 18 passes in his direction against the Skins?? and he only caught like 6 of them, LMFAO)

  5. PFT looks at whether Terrell Owens is getting old? Wow this site is certainly on weak legs if you need that kind of filler.

  6. God Mike, let it go man. He leads the league in TDs the last 3 years. Until he plays a season where he doesn’t dominate, shut up. It’s the preseason!!!

  7. Wow Florio, your hatred for T.O. is obvious, and not objective. You are really hoping the guy fails aren’t you?

  8. Apparently even arthritis is beginning to set in, mostly in his HANDS.
    On the other hand, did you know a group of whales is called a “pod”?

  9. Hey Florio!!!
    Ever heard of the Bills playing FIVE pre-season games????
    It’s called sitting out to avoid injury because their training camp is longer than others with FOUR preseason games and practices will be rougher than for teams with FOUR pre-season games!!!!
    Key word Mike, FIVE. One more game means rougher practices for an extra week!!!

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