Raji sets ceiling for Crabtree contract

The Michael Vick news has temporarily turned the volume down on the rest of the happenings around the NFL.  (PFT has written 74 Vick posts alone since the news broke.)

So let’s start catching up, starting with the terms of Packers defensive lineman B.J. Raji’s new contract, agreed to just before the Vick news popped.

Raji signed a five-year deal worth $28 million, with guaranteed money just under $18 million, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

It looks like a fair deal for Raji, if the numbers hold up.  His deal reportedly represents a 40 percent increase in total value compared to last year’s No. 9 pick (Keith Rivers), and an increase of about 15 percent in guarantees.

Raji’s numbers will essentially set the ceiling for Michael Crabtree, the tenth overall pick.  Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat writes that the 49ers will not give Crabtree more guaranteed money than Raji. 

Perhaps the only wiggle room for Crabtree would be if he agreed to a six-year deal.  Then he could gain the appearance of “busting his slot” in exchange for an extra year of service. 

If that doesn’t happen, it appears we’ll just have to wait until the 49ers receiver and his agent blink. 

36 responses to “Raji sets ceiling for Crabtree contract

  1. And yet, amidst it all–thank God–you’ve still been able to churn out some meaningless drivel about the ineptitude of the Biqueens’ franchise.
    You go, girl.

  2. Nice. I like the 49’ers standing up to Crabdouche. I really hope this guy holds out all season, re-enters the draft and falls to one of the later rounds. Teach that diva rookie a lesson.

  3. I heard he also gets 40 lbs. of pureed Arby’s food DAILY, intravenously, as part of the contract.
    The hold-out was worth it.
    Pluto’s moon “Charon” is named for the ferryman of Greek mythology who would help the dead cross the river Styx in the underworld of Hades.

  4. Players signings especially to my favorite teams used to mean a whole lot to me when I was a kid coming up. As time went on I was about 21 or 22 years old when I realized that these players signing for this kind of money to play a kid’s game have no clue as to how lucky they really are. If each player had to actually go out and find employment totally on their own, no help from anyone, agent or otherwise and only from the day they found employment had to work that job for a whole year regardless of how long it took to find that job-these guys would probably play for a whole lot less……And to think I “sneak” out of work to play softball and football games?

  5. so you made a post to tell us that Raji was drafted before Crabtree. Thanks for the information, anything else you’d like to tell us that we already know?

  6. Wow, imagine if every job’s payout increased by 40% each year! It’s really hilarious to watch rookies hold out for more money when they’ve never played a single down in the NFL. Nobody knows if they’re going to be a pro bowler or a bust yet they hold out for more money. So hilarious. The NFL needs a set salary structure for rookies….and that structure needs to be a LOT lower than the current payout. Can somebody please tell me why Matt Stafford is making more money than Tom Brady? LOL What a joke!

  7. It blows my mind that kids like Crabtree come out of college and can hold entire organizations hostage. You haven’t done a damn thing in the NFL, douche, so sign your deal and get to work. Stop being an @sshole.

  8. Wow – more tax revenue for Obama blow on worthless programs geared towards worthless citizens!
    Gee – isn’t life grand?!?!?

  9. While Crabtree holding out pisses off the fanbase, think of it from his perspective. If he pulls a JaMarcus Russell, he’ll get $20 + million for a signing bonus and then have the best seat in the house at an NFL game every Sunday. Him and his posse will have a crap load of money for not doing a thing. His ego is already as large as Terrell Owens. How ironic that he is in San Francisco too…

  10. He’s on pace to be the next Mike Williams if he sits out a year. What a turd. I wonder if Deion is still “counseling” him.

  11. if monroe signs crabtree will be forced to take the deal the 9ers offer him. sitting out the year would be the worst mistake of his life. someone needs to sit that kid down and say ” do you really want to do this? you will NOT be picked in the top ten next year. why would a team pick you in the top ten when they have seen you already are wanting way too much money?” he and his agent are complete fools!

  12. JSpicoli says:
    August 14, 2009 1:28 PM
    Why don’t you have a item on the Cowboys preseason game last night?
    Because no one cares?

  13. crabtree is such a moron, if he holds out, there is no way he will be drafted that high, trade his rights away and move on.

  14. A 40% increase in total value from the same slot last year is a “fair deal.” WTF!!??!! I know you mean this based upon the signings around him, but how can annual increases like this not cause you to bat an eye, Gregg? This site has done a generally good job of talking about the rookie-wage scale stuff, but when you drop that little piece of info so casually without it’s deserved ire, I can’t help but think either you or your daddy are way too soft on sports agents (Bus Cook notwithstanding) and their role in this. This isn’t just a “We Report and You Decide” venue.
    The cap increased slightly from the previous year, but it sure as hell didn’t move 40%. One highly bust-able player after another robs the bank and the criminal you’re most concerned with is the (cue National Lampoon’s Vacation clip…) “DOG KILLER!” I know this might not move the reader dial quite as well as the Vick & Farve stuff, but neither did Wall Street BS until the whole system blew up. Here’s a chance to be a lil groundbreaking by pushing an issue. God knows you and Florio could use all the credibility you can get in the sports world.
    The rookie wage scale argument is too obvious to waste text on, but that was true based on last year’s numbers, and the year’s before, and the year’s before that, and the year’s before that (stop me when I get to about 1996-ish)…
    Where we are at now is a joke. A criminally bad joke. Gene Upshaw was a first round pick himself. And represented by Tom Condon, who relies on a whole lotta top-pick commissioins to put brie on his table. Start there and get your heads out of your ass.

  15. An increase of 40% and 15% guaranteed over last year, for a first time contract, is ridiculous
    while the rest of us are lucky to get 4% merit increase after proving our worth. My company skipped raises and bonuses completely this year because of the economy. New hires in many companies are getting less as companies try to push salaries down, not up 40%.

  16. They had to pay Raji 40% more cause the Pack is running out of D-linemen due to injuries, position shifts, or general suckiness.

  17. I should add that one thing I find interesting is the 40% increase over last year’s number 9 pick because to me, it hints at how desperate Packers’ brass is about the severely limited defensive line and the utter need to get somebody in to bolster the trooops.
    A reasonable mind could argue that a below average defensive line coupled with a new scheme (and an explosive offense) could equate to the defense being on the field for a LONG time in 2009.

  18. This whole rookie thing is completely out of hand. Isn’t it next year when they have to do a new CBA? Something tells me that this issue may have us all wishing we were watching football in 2011. Guaranteed 18 mil and never played a professional down. Anybody remember Tony Madarich?

  19. Yeah-As well as Troy Aikman & Deion Sanders. He was also a steroid freak and one of the biggest busts ever. I think he was first lineman to ever make over a million bucks when the Pack drafted him. Now they’re gettin 18 mil guaranteed & never played a pro down. Ridiculous

  20. We’ll take our lumps for Mandarich, but I have two words for you Vikings fans: Herschel Walker.

  21. That was an amazing trade for the Vikings though. They got Herschel Walker and the Cowboys got 3 Super Bowls. It was a good deal.

  22. It’s important to note that the 40% increase is only in “total value”. That includes things like incentives and escalators. How many rookies actually meet all of their incentives and/or escalators? If a rookie were to actually meet all of his incentives and escalators (which would probably involve things like “being rookie of the year”, “being an all-pro”, “being superbowl MVP” and other things like that), whatever ridiculous contract he signed would be a bargain. Escalators and incentives in rookie contracts always include the height of what is possible to achieve, since agents want to make sure that if their client is rookie of the year, an all-pro, and the superbowl MVP that they end up getting paid like it (and teams generally don’t mind guaranteeing ridiculous money to players who play well above what is expected of them.)
    The important thing to pay attention to is the guaranteed money, since most first round draft picks earn much closer to their guaranteed money than to the maximum value of their contract. In the case of Raji, a 15% increase in guarantees is in keeping with how things are going in the first round this year.

  23. Details have emerged about Raji’s deal.
    On paper, it’s a six year deal, but in reality it’s a five year deal because the sixth year is voided if either the Packers opt to exercise an option bonus next March (which they probably will) or if Raji meets any one of several easily met incentives (which he probably will.)
    When you chop off the sixth year, which will end up getting voided, the guarantees are $18 million, and the deal could be a little over $28 million if he meets all incentives (which includes, for example, playing in four Pro Bowls.)

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