Report: Bengals made Vick an offer, too

We reported last night that one other team had made an offer to quarterback Mike Vick, and that another team was ready to do so.

Per Jay Glazer or FOX, the team that made an offer was the Bengals.

Glazer reports via Twitter that the Bengals offered a two-year deal, worth $2.3 million.

Owner Mike Brown said on July 28 that the Bengals weren’t interested.  “Quarterbacks are like queen bees,” Brown sais.  “Carson is the guy.”

Maybe they ultimately realized, as we suggested, that Vick could help permanently solve the pigeon problem at Paul Brown Stadium.

31 responses to “Report: Bengals made Vick an offer, too

  1. Alright Vick was signed, what are you gonna do now name every team that “made an offer”
    I thought this would end once he signed but you just keep jerking off a dead man.

  2. Would have loved to have him in a Bengals uni….LOL absolutely would have loved it….We would line him up in wildcat with Chad and Henry on the outside and Coles in the slot and have crazy fun…..Oh well…..guess I can just dream…..LOL

  3. Well, Philly is a lot closer to Wilmington, and Atlantic City than Cincy.
    A no-brainer for a gamblin’ man.

  4. I think the Bengals just felt they needed one more former prisoner on their team to complete their second dozen of players with an jail time and/or an arrest.

  5. lol all the jail jokes we only had 1 arrest in the past 2 years…….Come on fellas you all follow football????? These guys are not football fans…Where are the real fans that know about football and whats goin on TODAY?????

  6. Carson’s wife vs. ugly broads Rapistberger bangs. Carson wins, your QB looked like Ron Burgundy last night, what a douche.
    Also, the Bengals front office is full of idiots, what I can’t believe is that we offered more money than the Eagles did, thank god Dungy advised Vick to steer clear, better for eveybody.

  7. Below is what Michael Vick said Tuesday to 250 kids at a basketball camp. If he thinks this bull@!$%# will “revamp his image”, he is so, so wrong.
    ***The free agent NFL quarterback, who last month finished a 23-month federal prison sentence for dogfighting, told a crowd of about 250 to “use me as an example for your dreams.” Vick also told them that after accomplishing his goals he “allowed someone who didn’t have my best interests at heart to take all that away from me,” according to a release from the school.***
    He doesn’t have any intention of taking responsibility for the torture and abuse that he visited upon innocent dogs.And I am furious that The American Humane Society is using him as a role model for kids. That **** ended at the first check that he wrote for the dog fights, the first dog he killed and the lies that he has repeatedly told.

  8. Do your own reporting. These headlines are straight from the DP Show.
    This site is no longer relative.

  9. ahh nothing like stupid steelers fans still talking about how the Benglas have criminals.. CIRCA 2005..
    get over it.. its been 4 years.. move on.. hey maybe we can talk about new stuff like maybe that new football league the XFL??

  10. Not a surprise that a team that’s NEVER won anything & has a track record of not only paying FELONS, but adding FELONS to their payroll as a general business practice…Bwhahahahahahaha!!!

  11. @CurseofBoJackson
    How did the Bengals offer him more money? Eagles are giving him 1.6million for 1 years with an option the 2nd year over 5million. That is more than the 1.15million per year the Bengals offered him. He gets more money this year and possibly a ton more next year.

  12. Wow. Unbelievable. Mike Brown is arguably the worst human being I’ve ever been exposed to (Vick makes a case of his own). And here come the onslaught of “Bengals love their felons” jokes…great.

  13. The Bengals have had an otherwise good, solid off-season–why would they ruin that now?
    “Polish” is the only word in the English language that changes in meaning when you capitalize it.

  14. SixBurghDud – You really crack me up.
    By the way, when did your mom finally allow you to put a computer in the crawl space?

  15. @ ICLightPounder,
    It’s TOOLS like you that give us Steeler fans a bad rap as being uneducated, of which I am not one!
    Assuming you’re from the ‘Burgh and if mommy can buy you a ticket and drop you off at Heinz Field for the home opener, let this serve as an open invite, if you want to say something to my face, I’ll even buy you an IC Light you stupid F*CKIN’ APE!

  16. sixburghdue what have the steelers done since the 70’s. the refs handed them the game against the seahawks and the only reason that they won last year is brady got hurt. why don’t you shut up and move to a real city.

  17. @ Bryan_Nelms-
    I’ll let mommy or daddy explain to you how it’s possible to be a fan of a team while not actually living in that city & if they’re literate enough to do so, I’ll wait for your next ignorant post before commenting, wouldn’t want to be accused of abusing the mentally handicapped.

  18. BRYAN_NELMS: What are you thinking man! DO NOT encourage any one else from fleeing Pittsburgh.
    There are enough of those refugees littering the rest of the USA already.
    I thinking we got to get Lou Dobbs to start pushing for a fence around thePennsyl-tucky region alos (for the sake of the rest of America.)
    Need proof, just look at some of the Pitty originated comments left on this posting alone. Wow…

  19. All of the Vick supporters make me wonder just how much Human garbage there really is out there.
    We know there is plenty IN the NFL but clearly there is an even greater amount in our fan base.
    Choke them, burn them ,electrocute them ,drown them ,body slam them….for fun?
    Dont ask yourself if i am talking about the dogs or the Vick fans.

  20. sixburgh – what a witty response. I guess you are proving the sterotype wrong – the steelers really do have a literate and sophisticated fan base. it a wonder that you ever left such a paradise.
    you’re just bitter because the burgh couldn’t sign vick. so instead of felons playing for them they will have to make due with drug addicts and rapists on the roster. holmes and rothlisberger are a couple of ass clowns.

  21. i’ve got some extra medication. rothlisberger might need it if he keeps banging that trailer trash

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