Will Saturday's start be Culpepper's last chance?

The Lions announced Friday that Daunte Culpepper will start Detroit’s preseason opener, with number one overall pick Matthew Stafford entering in the second quarter.

Stafford will be able to play with the first-team offensive line when he enters.  If he looks as promising in the preseason as he has during Lions practices, he will likely be the Week One starter.

MLive’s Tom Kowalski says Stafford will win the spot, but NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora reports that the two have “performed to a near dead heat.

And there’s the problem for Culpepper; a dead heat isn’t good enough.  Culpepper has to show he’s far better than Stafford or the Lions will decide to start Stafford’s learning process on the field.

Stafford is expected to start the second Detroit preseason game because its his turn in the rotation. 

If all goes well, Culpepper won’t get another chance.

16 responses to “Will Saturday's start be Culpepper's last chance?

  1. Culpepper just can’t get a break, he had the talent to be truly elite. And for a while was, he just never really recovered from that busted knee and the crap that came along with it.

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  3. As a UCF alumnus, I blame Daunte for forcing his way out of Minnesota.
    Secondly, I blame Nick Saban. Daunte going to Miami was a dream for most Floridians, but sadly he was poorly managed by Saban and never really received a fair shake on the field.
    Now it’s Oakland and Detroit, and Daunte weigh’s 300 pounds. It’s sad.

  4. When will the Lions learn to stop starting rookie QB’s on a crap team?
    Joe Flaccos and Matt Ryans are extremely rare.
    At least Stafford will have 40 some million pillows to fall back on when the Lions ruin him and his career.

  5. If the Lions’ brass were at all smart, which they aren’t, they would NOT start Stafford this year.
    Realistically, the Lions will NOT be this years Atlanta/ Miami… they will most likely stink it up as usual… so why go and destroy this young guy’s confidence… just let Daunte get crushed week in and week out, and look forward to the future!

  6. Take it from a die hard/close following Lions fan.
    Culpepper will start week one in the regular season, unless he’s hurt.
    Book it and lock it. And I’m a huge Stafford fan.

  7. i would suggest starting stafford after the bye when there are more winnable games. let pullpecker get beat to death early.
    but lets be real. pullpecker isnt and wasnt ever an elite qb. he didnt have a winning record WITH MOSS. he has been atrocious WITHOUT MOSS.
    not accurate. tiny hands. fumbles a lot. cant read defenses. thinks is the star. isnt. much slower now.

  8. I really don’t see the logic in starting your franchise player-QB no less-the first game of the season. It’s not like you have playoff aspirations & every game is crucial. Just win 3 games & the season is a success. If he gets injured early in the season, trust me, trying to rehab an inhury as a rookie QB has bigger implications. Learn what to do-better yet-what not to do from the sidelines.

  9. Hey tacious,
    I understand what you’re saying but this is not the same head office or coaches as before. The Lions might not be a great team yet but they are at least trying. They’re bringing in good veteran leadership, good co-ordinators and good young talent to learn from the veterans.
    Preseason or not, when the starters are on the field I do believe these shabby Lions will show Ryan and the Falcons that they aren’t the same team as before.
    I think you start Stafford. Play it by ear, but if he looks like he’s comfortable, play him. I actually hope he has a bad day tomorrow to begin with to see how he recovers. That’s the test of a true QB and that’s why they’re so few and far between. Don’t care what anyone says, Stafford will easily have a better year than Sanchez. At least Stafford has weapons and no pressure of being on a good team in a hostile city. And, for the record, I like Sanchez and hope he does have a good year.
    Just like I’m telling everyone that this year, Orton will be better than Cutler. Mark it down and trust me. For the first time ever he has weapons and for the first time ever Cutler doesn’t. Even without the weapons the winning percentage is damn near even. Cutler will be Favre and Orton Pennington of this year. Also, second year slump for Forte and this year, everyone is going to find out how good Kevin Smith from Detroit really is. As a rookie he nearly rushed for 1000 yds on a 0-16 team and he didn’t start until the last half of the season. Prety impressive. If he’d started all year he’d have broken 1400 yds easy.
    Hey, just for fun. Everyone check this out. If you take the 3 best receivers on Chicago from last year (Hester, Olsen and Forte) combined they had 1 less TD than Calvin Johnson, the best only had around 55 catches, together they barely beat him in yards and the best of all in TD’s was 5.
    No Superbowl yet boys. Neither for Detroit but at least we can accept it and try to get better. I actually can’t wait to play you this year.
    Sorry. I just wanted to make fun of the crap Bears before the season started just once, whether this was the wrong story or not.

  10. hey if u not a lions fan and havent been reading ever sing report on thes 2 then GTFO and how the hell do u know the wont be the next miami/ atlanta?? the have been in a dead heat for most part thats why stafford will start.. if falls apart this year b/c he was on his back then he never would have done any think anyway

  11. Comparing Stafford to Flacco and Ryan is getting old. There is no comparison from any standpoint, starting from high school up to their leaving the college ranks. Stafford was the only true junior of the group and was thrown into the fire as a true freshman against stout SEC defenses. That did not phase him and he was the hands down starter from then on. The guy can flat out play and pressure does not bother him. Just listen to what the coaches and his players say. If he were a 5th year starter out of Delaware or BC he’d crush all rookie records. With 2 less years experience he’s still better than Flacco and Ryan as you’ll soon find out, get over it.

  12. And to clarify my earlier prediction.
    It’s preseason. I still think that when all is said and done, Orton will have a better year than Cutler, despite the poor showing tonight.
    Start Stafford. Anyone making the kind of money Stafford is better have enough of a backbone to not lose confidence even if he doesn’t play well, and I personally think he will do great. Time to find out if he was a waste of money.
    All you Stafford haters, get ready to eat your words hard this year. The kid is good. But even more impressive, he’s the smartest QB to come out of college in decades.
    A lot of the rest can be taught. You can’t teach smart

  13. The 320 lb Fumblepepper has failed in Minnesota, Miami, Oakland, and now Detroit.
    The win loss record of teams he is a part of is incredibly poor.
    This guy has had more chances than Rex Grossman or Rick Mier and has always failed.
    He will be most remembered for his stonwalling and poor leadership during the criminal investigation of the vikings Lake Minnetonka incident as well as participating in publicly exposing his genitals and engaging in public fornication with the team during the excursion.
    He may be a the answer to a trivia question regarding high number of turnovers (football kind).

  14. # det32 says: August 14, 2009 10:28 PM
    hey if u not a lions fan and havent been reading ever sing report on thes 2 then GTFO and how the hell do u know the wont be the next miami/ atlanta?? the have been in a dead heat for most part thats why stafford will start.. if falls apart this year b/c he was on his back then he never would have done any think anyway
    Is that fking English?

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