Good news for Knowshon

Folks in Denver can resume breathing.

A league source tells us that an MRI on the knee of rookie running back Knowshon Moreno revealed only a sprained MCL.

We’re not presently sure of the grade of the sprain.  If it’s Grade I, he’ll be day-to-day.  If it’s Grade II, he could miss the rest of the preseason, and his availability for Week One could be in question.

Still, it’s better than a torn ACL.

7 responses to “Good news for Knowshon

  1. Well they tried to resume breathing until they realized Orton was still the starting quarterback.

  2. The Broncos are the dumbest team in the NFL. I still dont understand why they would trade a ProBowl Qb in his prime for a piece of shit like Kyle Orton.
    Josh McDaniels will be fired mid season and the Broncos will win 2 maybe 3 games.

  3. this is the only meaningful thing in preseason, health of starters/2nd stringers
    good to see he’s not out for the year, ya never want to wish injury on anyone.
    now on to cutler, it’s clear why they traded him, he lacks maturity and is a 40 billion dollar airport with a 10 cent control tower

  4. He should have been taken out of the game immediately after he got hurt. Happened right in front of the former Belichick asst turned head coach.
    Woody Paige
    “Meanwhile, Moreno’s first carry as a pro advanced the ball 9 yards, his second 5 more yards. Although most people didn’t notice, he limped back to the huddle. The Broncos should have removed Moreno. Instead, he was given the ball again. A few minutes later he limped into the tunnel, and who Knowshon?”
    BTW- After Weis, Mangini, Crennell – should one expect otherwise?

  5. McDaniels won’t be fired midseason, and Denver got a lot more than a piece of shit like Kyle Orton in trade for Cutler, but for some unknown reason I laughed out loud when I read your post, darkchild.

  6. darkchild just makes himself look like he knows absolutely zero about football with posts like that.

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