Zorn's 'soft' comment doesn't bode well

Last season, the Redskins swan-dived from a 6-2 start to an 8-8 finish, a development that cast a sour pall over head coach Jim Zorn’s first year.

Washington then spent the offseason winking at quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez and Jay Cutler, sending the implicit message that they’re not sold on Jason Campbell.  It happened despite season-long proclamations about how much the Redskins believe in Campbell and how he was just beginning to get comfortable and tap his potential.

Combining those things with owner Dan Snyder’s apparent need for constant change and a fleet of big-named coaches looking for work in 2010 and you have a team and head coach who aren’t that stable right now.  

The 23-0 blasting the Redskins took from the Ravens on Thursday night doesn’t help.

On Friday, Zorn labeled his team’s performance “soft.”

“There were a lot of guys out there playing, but they didn’t realize how difficult a game it really is,” Zorn added.  “We paid for it in several situations.”


Playing badly is one thing.  Playing “soft”?  Quite another.

“Our young guys — they’ve watched this game all their lives and they finally get a chance to go out and play it, and they think it’s going to be just like it was before [in college].  It’s not just like it was before.  It is intense, it is exact, it is passionate, it is emotional, and I felt like some of the young guys saw from some of our veterans who played great that they’ll have to pick things up.  We played guys that need to improve and play better in the coming weeks.”

That Zorn’s ire was directed at his non-starters is an even greater indictment.  Bubble guys have no choice but to play hard.

Look, every single team in the league is going to have rookies and backups making scads of mistakes in the preseason — especially in the first game.  But when new players are dispassionate or appear poorly prepared, some of that blame for that blows back on the coaching staff. 

So expect those young Redskins to have a long week of practice, in the wake of that performance.

And, if it keeps up, Zorn can expect a long year.

Or maybe a short one.

19 responses to “Zorn's 'soft' comment doesn't bode well

  1. “There were a lot of guys out there playing, but they didn’t realize how difficult a game it really is,” Zorn added. “We paid for it in several situations.”
    Am i missing something? Where does it say “soft”?
    Kareem Moore wasn’t playing soft.

  2. come on, Zorn HAS to say something, he cant just be like “eh whatever its just a football game” is this really worth a story??????

  3. “But when new players are dispassionate or appear poorly prepared, some of that blame for that blows back on the coaching staff. ”
    What are you talking about here? Yes, obviously if they are not prepared correctly some of that can fall back on the coaching staff. When you say players are dispassionate though? How do you blame a coaching staff for a player being dispassionate? A player loves football and plays with passion or he doesn’t. That’s up to him, not the coaching staff. That’s like blaming a guy’s parents for him not being passionate about his wife. He either loves her or he doesn’t. It’s nothing to do with his parents.

  4. another genius move by lil danny snyder hiring this
    POS coach. he has no experience other than sucking up to mike holmgren.
    They tell me a team is a mirror image of their head coach.
    So i must assume that Zorn is Soft and that he possesses zippo of the qualities DEMANDED of an NFL head coach.
    wtg Danny. you gave us a piece of fecal mass for a head coach. i hope you dont cringe paying out his entire contract after this year’s debacle.
    Zorn was a decent quarterback and probably a decent qb coach but hes as worthless as the mammalary glands on a pig as a head coach.

  5. What’s wrong with a Coach telling his players to step up thier game? Why is this an article?

  6. “Mammalary” glands are pretty useful on a pig if it’s a sow and not a boar.
    Bobby Petrino

  7. I watched the game. The Redskins players seemed to be going half speed compared to their opponent. Any Redskins fan who wasn’t concerned after witnessing it is just kidding themselves. Whether it, and the coach’s comments, is worthy of a PFT.com story or not is perhaps debatable. But if Skins fans want to be angry, be angry at the players, the coaches, the scouts, the owner, the 20 minute bus ride…whatever.
    Don’t take offense that PFT.com has an anti-DC axe to grind. Tom Curran is an NBC sportswriter with a fine track record of pissing off fans from all sorts of teams…recently Jets fans for pointing out Mark Sanchez’s arrogance.
    This isn’t about a PFT.com agenda against the Skins. This is about the Redskins failure to show up Thursday. By the way, for the whiners who say that Zorn didn’t utter the word ‘soft,’ he did. The full quote from Zorny was…
    “They [the younger players] didn’t realize how difficult the game really is. It’s not just like it was before. It is intense, exact, and it is passionate and emotional…. You could see hesitation. You could see us playing soft.”
    Wake up and smell the Tampax, Skins fans.

  8. The starters played what 10 plays? And our best starters weren’t in the game at all. Most of the players that didn’t play well won’t even be on the team or won’t see much playing time if they are. Anybody that reads too much into the first preseason game doesn’t remember Spurrier’s first preseason game in Osaka, when his offense rolled up 38 points.

  9. The Redskins are soft.
    In other news, the sky is blue. We’ll keep you updated on any more developments.

  10. I find it amusing how the media loves to pile on the guy perceived to be on the hot seat. I personally like Zorn – he was born with a set and puts them to good use.
    Whenever I read unscrupulous snippets like this one, I harken back to all the crap Tom Coughlin took about being a little Hitler – even the year the Giants ended up winning the Super Bowl – like somehow the leader of an organization is supposed to act like a tree-hugging panty waste just because kids aren’t as tough as they used to be.
    The media seems to refuse to care to admit that teams don’t win championships with undisciplined wussies.

  11. I have an idea…if u dont like term “soft” then get out there and smack somebody like this game means something….THAT is Redskin football. Bullshit to the crap we saw Thursday night. Hail softies.

  12. I fail to see the problem with what he said. If Coach Belichick says this, he’s a master motivator. Obviously Zorn doesn’t compare to Belichick in the coaching department, credential wise, but he holds the same title as he does.
    I think you would see a negative article on this if it was Chilly, Zorn, Mangini, or Singletary.
    I think you would see a positive article on this if it was Belichick, Coughlin, Tomlin, or Reid.

  13. Well Zorn is famous for his “Keep things Medium” line. Meaning not being to high or to low while playing. Well now he wants more passion? Well it starts with him. The “Keep things Medium” philosophy needs to go away. As a Skins fan I hope it starts this week.
    And the Skins have a reputation of being soft? Well I guess that explains the Eagles decision to sign a felon like Vick. I suppose they felt they were pretty soft as well, after being swept last year by the soft Skins, and needed to beef up their “street cred” by signing Vick. Another move to toughen up the Eagles would be to ditch that stupid ass “Fly Eagles Fly” fight song and take a cue from that lady protesting outside the Eagles camp. Change the song to “Die Beagles Die”. Sounds catchy doesn’t it?
    Watch out TO, Vick and the Eagles are gonna steal some attention from you. lol

  14. @Chazman.
    Maybe starters were out. But the team has not depth. Zero. And depth is what carries team to the playoffs. Besides, they played a team that kept starters in no longer, and who played without starters like Terrell Suggs, Jared Gaither, Marshal Yanda, Mark Clayton. Stop making excuses.

  15. never said soft. you’re inferring a lot lately. i love the site but stuff like this leans towards sensationalism and honestly it wastes people’s time. if had he actually called his team soft that may have been noteworthy but you’re literally putting words in his mouth. quote what he said and give us your take if you feel something is important but don’t lie in your headline to get attention then say oh yeah what he actually said was …

  16. Uh, Jas, he used the term soft. See above. As in, “we played soft.”
    So we all agree now? It’s noteworthy.

  17. anyone else think these guys write like a bunch a 9th graders reporting on the high school football team? i should’ve gotten into journalism. apparently these days any jack-hole that can touch a keyboard can get a job.

  18. I was under the impression that all the players in the NFL were soft in the preseason. How many times have we heard the whining from all players ( most recently Farve missing camp)that “I dont need to practice” I dont like camp, exercise”. This is why the Players Union fought for and obtained the rule(s) so these lazy types did not have to report to camp until late July. Remmeber you lazy, lazy turds that preseason does not count. We always here about this but never how this dilutes and cheapens the NFL product. So anything that happens prior to the first game is nothing but grade school gossip and little girl jaw flapping and cootch drivel.

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