PFTV looks at whether Mangini will play in Cleveland

Somehow, Browns coach Eric Mangini parlayed his pink slip from the Jets into a second chance in Cleveland.

The quick reprieve arguably has emboldened a man who has, by all appearances, assumed the demeanor of Belichick and Parcells — without the credentials.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports recently made the case for Mangini heeding the sage advice that Sgt. Hulka once gave to the man who preferred to be known as “Psycho.”

Mangini makes his preseason debut on Saturday night, and PFTV ponders the broader question of whether Mangini will succeed in the ultra-competitive AFC North.

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  1. All we know for sure it that, until proven otherwise, the Steelers will continue to get 4 powder puff games a year vs the Bengals and Browns.

  2. Well, Mr. Florio, I’m not sure what you have against Mangini. Love him or hate him, he’s a major upgrade for the Cleveland Browns…look at the past: Chris “Runaway Train Wreck” Plamer, Butch ” Melt Down” Davis and last but not least the lowest of the low, Romeo ” WTF and I doing here” Crennel a.k.a “Crennelphant”!
    I haven’t heard or read one positive thing from PFT regarding Mangini…..give the guy a break, if he screws the pooch in CLE, he’ll be his own worst enemy….however, if and I reiterate, if, he turns the Browns around, I will be the first guy in line to watch or listen to you eat crow!
    As for the players not liking Mangini, TFS! I still remember my days at OSU and Coach Hayes would walk around practice with a golf ball in hand, if you got knocked down, he’d drop the ball, you’d better be getting up before he caught the golf ball or he would kick you in ass….Loved him-No, respected him- YES!

  3. I’m still not seeing why everyone HATES Mangini. Gives him shit for his attitude. He has a better winning % than Belichick did in his first 3 years as a head coach. Belichick was a smug prick before he ever won anything too. Anyone remember when he resigned from the Jets during HIS INTRODUCTORY PRESS CONFERENCE AS THE HEAD COACH? He waits, just to make the organization look like a fool.

  4. I dont understand the Mangini hate either…he went to the Jets and built their defense and O-line up, Pennington was good in ’06 and they went to the playoffs…Kellen Clemens started 10 games in ’07 and they stunk…then in ’08 they looked like a legit superbowl threat until Favre got hurt. He showed in 3 years with New York he knows how to get the run-game going and he knows how to protect his QB…not his fault the QB situation there wasn’t pretty. I think he’ll do very well in Cleveland. I just find it wierd that if Favre had stayed healthy the Jets woulda made the playoffs and Mangini would still be there, Favre getting hurt somehow makes him a terrible coach in the eyes of the media.

  5. Mangini will succeed in the ultra-competitive AFC North.
    that made me lol. hard.
    Not that Mangini could succeed, but that it’s been competitive.

  6. Good thing Randy Lerner lost no time scooping this guy away from all the owners who wanted to hire him.
    He knows the X’s and O’s but has no idea how actually to BE a head coach.

  7. Mangini has proven nothing in three years with the Jets. The Jets, unfortunately, are much better off with Ryan.

  8. Why do teams continuously hire coaches from the Belicheck tree? Dont they realize they always fail. Only Bill Belicheck can do Bill Belicheck.
    Josh MCDaniels= Fail
    Eric Mangini= Fail
    Romeo Crennel= Fail
    Weis= Notre Dame Fail.
    Eric Mangini will fail with the Browns like he failed with the JETS. Whoo Rex Ryan is such a breath of fresh air. Browns fans are happy with our sloppy second but they will be calling for his head by week 5.

  9. Everyone ( well JETS fans) hate Mangini because he doesnt know how to make adjustments. If Browns fans wanna see Blitzes they will be in for a long year. He never BLITZES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! His whole defensive style is read & react, unfortunately that type of laid back defense does more harm than good. And mid game, when that style of defense fails, ya would think he’d change it up–nooooo, he continues down the path of fail. 2006 was a fluke year, he went to the playoffs with a team Herm Edwards built.
    Mangini shouldve benched Favre @ the end of last season, but again, he doesnt make any adjustments. He wagered his job on an injured QB and ended up getting fired. Good riddance, Cleveland can have him.

  10. I believe the Cleveland Browns could surprise folks this year and actually make the playoffs.
    From a draft perspective it seems he was more interested in getting character guys who demonstrated a good football IQ instead of going after speed and athleticism.
    Mangini will be patient and continue to IMPROVE the Browns.

  11. Let’s see, the two teams in last season’s AFC championship game are both from the AFC North division. Sounds pretty competitive to me!

  12. # Alpheratz says: August 15, 2009 12:18 PM
    All we know for sure it that, until proven otherwise, the Steelers will continue to get 4 powder puff games a year vs the Bengals and Browns.
    HEY, That’s what Steelers games were for the Browns and a lot of other teams for years. It’s time to take it old school.
    Florio, Just what type of organized football did you play? Did you play high school ball?

  13. Darth Ringo says:
    August 15, 2009 4:01 PM
    Let’s see, the two teams in last season’s AFC championship game are both from the AFC North division. Sounds pretty competitive to me!
    3-0 does not equal competitive.
    It’s not whether the division plays well against the rest of the league, it’s within the division I’m talking about.

  14. wait…give Mangini time, he will prove to all of you that his paranoid nonsence will get on your nerves. When he was with the Jets his only success was with the team he didn’t build. It wasn’t Favres injury that ruined the Jets season, it was his insistence that he knew it all. He meddled in the offense to the point that the offensive coordinator was being over-ruled by him all the time. Look at the players he “stole” from the Jets…nobody else would sign them. He did the same with Patriot players in NY. And by the way, the reason he even got the job is that his wifes family is big friends with the owner…They BEGGED him!! Enjoy the Mangini years

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