Bowe's benching is working

Five Kansas City wide receivers played in the first quarter of Saturday night’s preseason game against the Texans, and Dwayne Bowe wasn’t one of them.

Despite averaging over 1,000 yards in his first two seasons, Chiefs coach Todd Haley continues to try to send a message to Bowe because Haley isn’t happy with Bowe’s work habits.

The tough love appears to be working.

Bowe entered with the third team offense, and he caught five passes for 70 yards in two quarters, playing against many guys who probably won’t be in the league this year.

His production isn’t surprising, but Bowe’s reaction to his catches is more so.  Bowe didn’t perform any of his trademark celebrations or demonstrations after making first downs.  (With Reggie Williams out of the league, Bowe could contend for the league lead in celebrations-per-catch.)

Bowe left the locker room before speaking with reporters, but Haley spoke about his play. 

“Really, the last two days of practice [Bowe has] definitely started to
show up.  In this game, he definitely showed up. That,
to me, was a definite positive. We’re going to play the guys we think
are doing it the way we want it done, and that was the way we went

“That could change.  Bowe definitely showed something to me,” Haley finished.

Um, yeah.  Chiefs fans and fantasy leaguers shouldn’t have to worry that Terrance Copper, Devard Darling, and Rodney Wright will keep Bowe on the bench when the games count. 

Haley isn’t above serving some humble pie to one of his young stars, but he’s not crazy.  He wants to win. 

With the message appearing to get through to Bowe, we’ll guess that his benching lasts one more preseason game at most.

16 responses to “Bowe's benching is working

  1. “We’re going to play the guys we think are doing it the way we want it done, and that was the way we went tonight.”
    Todd Haley is an idiot he should be playing the guys that help him win, and Bowe is the best player on that team.

  2. Yeah, this is a high-school football coach’s approach. Somebody tell this doofus he’s in the NFL.

  3. Haley is a jackass.
    Rosenthal, don’t you think it’s more than likely Bowe would have caught at least 5 passes against practice squad players even if he hadn’t been demoted.

  4. Dwayne Bowe is one of the most underrated WR’s in the league. He is going to have a phenominal season no matter what and help me win another fantasy championship.

  5. Wasn’t this the same Todd Haley that has issues with Anquan Boldin in Arizona? Does this guy have any clue how to handle star players?
    Haley must have gone to the Josh McDaniels school of motivation, demote your star player to motivate them. Yeah that works, good luck with that strategy.

  6. “Wasn’t this the same Todd Haley that has issues with Anquan Boldin in Arizona?”
    Yeah same guy that had issues with TO in Dallas.

  7. have you seen this guy? he’s a smug asshole, who’ll quickly learn that the players make coaches look good. No coach is ever shit without good players, but he thinks humiliating players like their kids is the right approach.
    In the words of jerry Seinfeld, “Good luck with all that.”

  8. I don’t know why you’re all insulting him. I think this is a good idea. He’s humbling him but he isn’t benched in games that matter. This is preseason. All he needs is a taste of the tempo, and that’s it. Haley isn’t so stupid that he would keep their best player off of the field in his first year.

  9. Love it. Vince Young plays well against 1st/2nd stringers, he was playing against scrubs. Dwayne Bowe plays well with the 3rd stringers and he’s awesome. I bet if VY wins a Super Bowl and makes the Hall of Fame, PFT Planet would still know him as the guy that quit on his team (although some sources say it was a confusion on the sideline).

  10. Cassel looked like shiite, and I’ve been on record since they signed Haley saying that the whole place will stink to high heaven this year.
    The only thing that will keep Haley from being a one year wonder is Pioli’s immense ego, and that he will not go away after this year no matter what. Without Pioli and his “vision” the Chiefs would probalby be in the Cowher race next year, or looking at Shanny/Gruden. Too bad KC fans you are stuck with overrated and more-overrated.
    Haley = product of Warner and Fitz
    Pioli = product of NE’s success, not vice cersa
    Thigpen > Cassel

  11. Why is everybody hating on Haley?
    Dwayne Bowe has problems catching the ball. If you think otherwise, I can assure you that you are misinformed.
    Haley helped Larry Fitzgerald have a monster year last year. He knows what he’s doing.
    Dwayne Bowe needs a wakeup callm to be honest. Waaaayyy too many drops last year. It seems like he can only make a catch when it’s difficult. He drops the balls that float to him right on the numbers.
    @JSpicoli and Real Football Fan:
    Can’t wait until you’re both wrong. I’ll be saying “I told you so.” Trust me.

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