Brennan says he's not the latest target of Yoko Romo

Jessica Simpson is on the market again, after being dumped by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo just before her first annual 29th birthday.

Somehow, rumors have emerged that Simpson is sweet on Redskins backup Colt Brennan.

Brennan recently denied the rumors.

“My life coach, Chris Cooley, said that I should neither confirm nor
deny it,” Brennan said, via USA Today.  “But me being an honest guy, I have no idea
what that’s about

Our initial reaction was that the age difference would be too great, given that Simpson is 29 and Brennan is only a second-year player.  But, as it turns out, today is Brennan’s 26th birthday.

The bigger hurdle, in our view, is that Brennan is not yet on the same plane as Simpson.  If, however, he gets a chance to play this year, maybe they’ll cross paths on the “B-” list.

33 responses to “Brennan says he's not the latest target of Yoko Romo

  1. Did I suddenly stumble from PFT to OMG!? I don’t give a shit who’s dating who. And before people say skim past it…no quit worrying about who’s screwing who, and worry about giving me football news. I don’t pay for this kind of crap….oh wait…n/m

  2. Colt seems like a nice guy and all, but I just don’t see what Joe Simpson sees him. Joe usually likes to date guys that make more money than his daughter. Then again, she probably has fallen significantly off the map enough that a back up quarterback makes more than her. Poor Joe. I guess he has Fall Out Boy to fall back on.

  3. She have saw that video him an Cooley did, where Colt played Tony, Florio did you ever get the second video? J-WIT DAWG LOL

  4. funny thing to me was always that Romo was known to have a crush on her early on when he first became the Cowboys starting QB. it was one of those “get to know the new guy” commentary things during a game broadcast. but she never responded until he became popular then all of a sudden it was “Jessica wants Cowboys starting QB.”
    i don’t really give a crap either way haha, i just always found it really lame she wouldn’t date him until he became more “famous.” ppl are so fake. if Brennan wins a starting job someday and gets his team to the playoffs maybe he really will get that phone call from Jessica’s “people” haha

  5. Chris Cooley is his “life coach”?
    I thought that was the parents job? Colt’s parents must be pretty stupid for Colt to have to turn to retard Cooley to be his life coach.
    Brennan must be a real dipsh!t.

  6. Brennan and Kathy Griffin would make a comment-worthy pairing. Or is she still dating Bristol Palin’s ex?

  7. Age difference? So what if there was a large age difference! What century did you grow up in Florio? Milfing is all the rage, especially among celebrities. Just ask Ashton.

  8. Blaming Jessica Simpson is easier than admitting that your team just isn’t good enough.

  9. Florio do you pass notes to your co workers ?
    Is this 6th grade or a pro football website ?
    Even the National Enquirer this you are lame.

  10. If Brennan doesn’t start playing better he might not even get a sniff at Charlie Weis-Simpson’s even less-talented sister.

  11. The Colt probably has wanted to tap her for a long time. Next year it will be ANOTHER QB Like………..Brady Quinn.

  12. Brennan need to spend more time at practice, less time trying to be funny. Seriously, the guy sits behind Jason Campbell. And they’d both be sitting behind Q Carter if he could put the bong down now and then.

  13. Our initial reaction was that the age difference would be too great, given that Simpson is 29 and Brennan is only a second-year player.
    On a mental level however, Brennan has to be at least 5 years her senior. Haven’t you ever heard the girl open her mouth?

  14. “maybe they’ll cross paths on the “B-” list.”
    Wow, what list does that put the rest of us on – what comes after Z?

  15. Brennan is the man!!!!!!!
    i’d love to have a chance with Jessica, even the new portly version.
    now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment with my life coach, j-wit dawg

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