Jags' Smith steps on toes in Cleveland

Gene Smith shouldn’t be expecting any fruit baskets from Berea, Ohio this Christmas.

Smith, the Jaguars first-year General Manager, knocked noses out of joint with the Browns when he claimed rookie corner Don Carey off of the waived/injured list earlier this month.

Carey, a sixth-round pick out of Norfolk State, suffered a shoulder injury early in camp and, as Tony Grossi explained in Sunday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, was likely headed for season-ending surgery.

So the Browns rolled the dice and waived him, knowing that, if he went through unclaimed, they could put him on injured reserve and not give up a training camp roster spot.

But Smith bucked convention and claimed Carey.

A source told Grossi that Smith’s move was “unethical,” pointing out that, “We all have to ‘waive/injured’ players every year. We’re all in the same boat. You just don’t claim those guys.”

Another source told Grossi that the Browns should have sucked it up and gone with 79 players on their training camp roster and waited until the first roster cuts when they could have put Carey on injured reserve without passing him through waivers.

So I called a source with no link to the situation and asked if any “unwrittens” were violated.

The source told me that, as he understood it, the Browns did research to find out the last time a player was claimed off the waived/injured list.  It hadn’t happened in three years.

But, the source (MY source) added that Smith is working hard to fix a sorry roster in Jacksonville and if he steps on a toe or two while that gets done, that’s to be expected.

But when the Browns and G.M. George Kokinis get a shot at making life a little more difficult for Smith and Jacksonville they’ll take that shot.


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  1. Yes, because what the Browns need to focus on is revenge. Not, you know, being in a division with the Steelers and Ravens where they are outclassed every year in every way.
    Smith followed the rules and is doing everything he can to improve a team that most people believe have little chance to be a playoff spot.
    A GM has limited duties. Building a top notch team within the rules set forth by the NFL is #1 amongst those duties. Smith did what he should have done. And its unfortunate to see that Braylon Edwards isn’t the only person associated with the Browns that drops the ball.

  2. I don’t really see the problem here. This is a competition and the Jags were acting within the rules… and when you waive a guy you’re taking a risk.
    And it hasn’t happened in 3 years? That doesn’t seem that long to me… If you’d said 30 then I’d be like wow that never happens, but 3?

  3. Wow, the last time was a WHOLE 3 years ago? Yeah, it’s *totally* unreasonable to think anyone would do something that hasn’t been done in THREE YEARS!
    Grow up, Cleveland. We’re not talking 30 years ago. I know time passes agonizingly slowly when you’re in Cleveland, but sheesh!

  4. Hah thats hillarious that a team that would hire Mangini would call another team unethical.
    The same Mangini that violated the coaches rule not to abuse subsitutions and was called unethical and a cheater by Tony Dungy. The same Mangini that has been called out as a liar by former players. The same Mangini that was part of the Mangini/Tannenbaum duo that 3 players alleged they made promises to them and then lied. The same Mangini that shipped rookies this year 20 hours round trip on a bus and forced them to work for free at his camp. The same Mangini that has been busted and disciplined by the league countless times for abusing the depth chart and injury reports. The same Mangini that helped Belichicken steal signals and then did the same to Belicheck in 2006 and then turned in Belichick to the league in 2007. The same Mangini that is almost universally hated by his players.
    Yeah, the Browns have a lot to say about ethics.

  5. They exposed him, we claimed him.
    There was a way to do it without allowing someone else to grab him. Tough sh*t

  6. “A source told Grossi that Smith’s move was “unethical,” pointing out that, “We all have to ‘waive/injured’ players every year. We’re all in the same boat. You just don’t claim those guys.””
    I know this is a trivial issue, but I wouldn’t want to do anything at all that suggested that maybe some collusion occurs in the NFL. Especially with congress all over the league’s ass and a new CBA up for negotiation.

  7. LOL, the guy who profited from BB’s illegal taping, then bit the hand of his son’s godfather, feels it’s unethical…what a joke Chubs is!

  8. Maybe Jacksonsville is trying to stir up some trouble in order to at least sell half of their tickets.

  9. The letters B, F and D keep coming to mind.
    Maybe I’ve misunderstood the meaning of the word “waived” all these years, but….

  10. This is a non-story about the Cleveland Browns’ incompetence. They waived a guy to save a roster spot three weeks before they have to make roster cuts anyway and are then disappointed when he’s claimed?
    I’d imagine the reason it hasn’t happened in 3 years is because any injured player worth keeping generally isn’t waived but put directly on IR. If the Browns liked him then they should have sacrificed that one measly roster spot. It’s not like anyone they brought in now would have a chance to make the team anyway.

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