Panthers looking at Corey Williams?

Under G.M. Phil Savage, the Browns acquired defensive tackle Corey Williams from the Packers for a second-round pick, and promptly gave him a big deal with over $16 million in guarantees.

Just a year later, another team may be trying to take him from the Browns.

Panthers G.M. Marty Hurney was in Green Bay Bay Saturday night, reportedly to look at Williams.  (Hopefully he enjoyed the game more than Eric Mangini, who was “fuming” after a lackluster 17-0 loss.)

Williams has struggled to adapt to a 3-4 defense, rarely showing the skills that made him a quality starter as a defensive tackle in Green Bay. 

In Carolina, Williams would be asked to move back to tackle, where even Pro Bowl linebacker Jon Beason said the team “definitely” needs to sign a veteran after losing Ma’aake Kemoeatu for the season during training camp.  

The deal would make sense for both sides, as Williams may never fit Cleveland’s system.  The trickiest part for Carolina could be squeezing him under the salary cap, which is tight because of Julius Peppers’ contract.

Williams is set to make $1.7 million this season; his salary moves up to $4.2 million in 2010.

UPDATE: Hurney could also have been looking at the Packers, who are transitioning to a 3-4 defense.  The Rock Hill Herald says the Panthers will continue to look hard for a defensive tackle, and that “somebody’s coming, and they’d rather do it sooner than later.”

8 responses to “Panthers looking at Corey Williams?

  1. dear phil savage,
    justin harrell is all yours. other than that, stay the hell away from our DL. we need all of the guys we have.
    packer nation

  2. Dear Packer nation.
    Phil Savage doesn’t have a job in the NFL at this point so not sure what good that would do.
    Maybe you can get an obscene letter for rubbing it in.

  3. Carolina should call down to Jacksonville and make an offer for John Henderson… The Jaguars tried to unload him the off season and he has been bumping head with Jack Del Rio… The youth movement in Jacksonville and Del Rio’s previous ties to Carolina make it seem like this deal could happen…

  4. John Henderson played like a player who shouldn’t have been on an NFL roster last year. I don’t know whether it was a down year or whether he was a product of Marcus Stroud.

  5. If Phil Savage gave up a second round pick for him the Browns should be able to get Carolina’s 7th round pick in return for him. In 2011.

  6. Corey Williams wasn’t a starter in Green Bay. The year before he got his big contract, the starters were Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly. Williams mostly came in on pass-rushing situations, as inside pass-rush was the one thing he did well.
    In Cleveland’s defense, where defensive lineman are expected to play 2 gaps, he’s badly miscast. Ironically, even though it’s still a 3-4 defense, he would fit in well in the 3-4 being installed by Dom Capers in Green Bay where he would be expected to play only one gap, so his inside pass rushing ability would come in handy.

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