Titans owner plans to pay Young "quite a bit of money"

With a huge salary increase coming in 2010, there are a lot of folks who believe Vince Young’s time with the Titans could be coming to an end after this year.

The guy paying the checks isn’t one of those people.

Titans owner Bud Adams came out strongly in support of Young Saturday, making a financial promise that could make the Titans front office cringe and Young smile wide.

“We’re going to be paying [Young] quite a bit of money for the next couple of years,” Adams said.  “I really think [his problems] are [behind him].  I think he is going to be a great quarterback for us like he was in high school and in college.”

Adams sounded incredulous when asked if there was any scenario where Young might not be on the team in 2009.

“What do you mean not on the team?  He’s under
contract.  He is not going anywhere but right here.  He is our future

Adams said that Young can be a “great quarterback” in time, perhaps encouraged by Young’s showing in Tennessee’s second preseason game Saturday night.

While it hasn’t been possible to watch the Titans game yet (although I’ve got the Tivo set up for 1:00 p.m. like a dork; gotta love NFLN in August), Young reportedly took a huge step forward from his Hall of Fame game performance.

Young completed nine of 14 passes for 131 yards and a score against the Buccaneers, directing two scoring drives out of four chances.  He completed two passes over 35 yards.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean writes Young “threw accurately on the run, stepped up and made throws, and played with a bounce in his step.”

Patrick Ramsey was also effective in his three drives to close the game, but Young should be able to keep the backup job if he builds on his Saturday performance.  

Young might even get to start a Titans preseason game. And if Bud Adams has anything to say about it, it sounds like Young will be starting regular season games for the Titans again someday as well. 

24 responses to “Titans owner plans to pay Young "quite a bit of money"

  1. He will lead the Titans to a Super Bowl and end up in the Hall of Fame, he deserves it.
    Yeah…ok. Young is sharing whatever he is on with Bud.
    Young does have potential, just hard to see it when he is warming the pine.

  2. lol @ this article…
    “Young completed 9-of-14 passes for 131 yards and a score against the Buccaneers”… SO?!
    Mr. Adams seems to almost be as crazy as Al Davis. VY put up good numbers against a bunch of scrubs (2nd/3rd string D).
    Go ahead and pay him Bud… Continue paying outrageous $$$$ for the WORST QB in the NFL.

  3. Never surprising when these quotes come from yet another franchise, that has yet to win anything meaningful…they are who we thought they were!

  4. Maybe him and “Bud” Adams are both on the “Bud”, because they are both high.
    What is Adams’ wonderlic score. I bet he topped VY’s 6.

  5. Technically speaking, one could argue the league minimum for Young’s same number of years of service qualifies as “quite a bit of money,” especially to most people in this country who earn somewhere south of six figures…unlike Florio, who in addition to being a flourishing litigator is now a corporate bitch. Mo’ m0ney, mo problems, Florio?

  6. Has any player from the University of Texas under the Mack Brown era ever lived up to their NFL billing?

  7. Casey Hampton has . And Orakpo looks poised to buck the trend . And dont worry Limas Sweed with have a great year .

  8. Smart move by the Titans. Kerry Collins is only a patch on the depth chart until his contract runs out or they cut him after this season. Then it Vince Young all the time.

  9. Herman Brood says:
    August 16, 2009 10:44 AM
    Has any player from the University of Texas under the Mack Brown era ever lived up to their NFL billing?
    Casey Hampton’s done okay. 🙂

  10. I can not wait until Tennessee comes to Pittsburgh to get sh-lacked for steppin on the sacred towel.

  11. Casey Hampton- John Mackovic Era
    Limas Sweed- 6 catches for 64 yards in his career with 2 huge drops on the playoffs
    Brian Orakpo- hasn’t played a down in the NFL

  12. I’m suprised nobody said anything about Shaun Rogers. It must be because he doesn’t play for the Steelers.

  13. Young is a bust! Just like Lienert and Quinn. And btw…If NE are the Pats, and TB are the Bucks, shouldn’t Tenn be the Tits?

  14. VY for all his talent is still on the team because he was a high-profile 1st round pick. He’d be gone otherwise, especially at that salary.
    Somebody ought to tell him he won’t be the hope of the future forever; a lot of quarterbacks enter the league every year.

  15. typical move of an ego driven owner who doesn’t know shit about football.if they took cutler,like i think fisher wanted,they would absolutely be in the super bowl hunt.
    rosenthal…please,they were playing the tampa bay tomato cans.a local high school db could shut down vy.

  16. Well, that explains why Vince’s mug is still the one painted 3 stories high on the East Wall of LP Field.
    I think VY’s got a chance. Slim, and getting slimmer, but a chance. I wanted Cutler, but Bud had to hammer on the Houston franchise. They might wind up laughing last, after all.
    (Oh, and Gregg Rosenthal, whoever you are, thanks! for putting up straight posts about the Titans. Florio never could, without some sort of nuanced snark.)

  17. Wow, a Vince Young piece and Florio isn’t ripping him? I don’t believe my eyes!
    I would say Quinton Jammer, Derrick Johnson, Cedric and Michael Griffin are doing just fine. Roy Williams had a pretty good run with the Lions, and dont forget Bo Scaife and Ahmard Hall. All you Texas and VY Haters can sit on your thumbs.

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