Vikings quarterback competition remains far from settled

So even though Sage Rosenfels generated a 95.4 passer rating and Tarvaris Jackson landed before the Kordoza line with a 53.5, the question of whether Rosenfels or Jackson will lead the offense in Week One at Cleveland remains unsettled.

Vikings coach Brad Childress said Saturday that he intends to give Jackson the start for the team’s next preseason game.

I thought he had a decent rhythm,” Childress said of Rosenfels, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “I thought he knew
where he was looking.  He got the football up the field, checked it down
a little bit, had a good command.  So he started off this week, and
Tarvaris will kick it off next week against Kansas City.”

The key will be whether Rosenfels or Jackson starts the third preseason game, since that’s typically the closest thing to a dress rehearsal for the regular-season opener.

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  1. “I thought he knew where he was looking.”
    One might logically presume, downfield. It reminds me of last year when this reincarnate of Vince Lombardi (minus the two Superbowl victories, well actually, minus a winning regular season record too) pronounced T Jack Off as ready for the NFL season because of the way he commanded the huddle in OTA’s.
    I think the Vikings need to move the bar up higher when evaluating their QB’s. You can be the best in the NFL at “commanding the huddle” or “knowing where he is looking” and it has preciously little to do with throwing an accurate pass or actually being an effective QB (a term that has not been used in describing a Viking QB in years)
    No panic in the Twin Cities though, Col Klink was hired primarily because he is such an effective QB mentor. If you don’t believe that, just look at his body of work over his tenure of the past few years.

  2. Really?!
    Does anyone REALLY think Jackson is going to start over Sage? Say what you want about “career” backup Rosenfels, he’s still the better option at QB.
    I like QB’s who know how to THROW the football.

  3. Brad Childress is the biggest D-Bag in the NFL. I’ll be so happy when the Vikings go 7-9 and he gets canned.

  4. T Jax is not only NOT a starting NFL QB, but I’ll go so far as to say there was only ONE QB drawing an NFL paycheck last year that was undoubtedly worse…Brian St. Pierre. For Childress to not be able to recognize the same…pathetic & for that, I feel for you, the Vike faithful.

  5. Proving once again that QB ratings are worthless. Why do we constantly have this discussion? The rating system has a lot of flaws… and is simply not all that accurate. It’s a nice little number to look at and muse over… but too many other factors affect its validity.

  6. Childress did it on purpose to start Sage friday when Berrin and Harvin were hurt so it didn’t make him look that much better than Tarvaris. Plus Sage did well against a pretty damn good Colts first team defense….so next week T Jack starts wit Harvin and Berrian against a terrible defense in KC and will inevitebly win the starting job…as a long time Vikings fan as well as Brad Childress hater, I already know what’s coming…Tarvaris has the starting job till he lands on his face….

  7. Flawed? If you saw this game you know the ratings accurately reflected the QB’s play this time. Jackson has absolutely no business leading this team, he is incompetent and has been ever since he got in the league, a wasted draft pick. The only reason he is competing with Sage Throwsanotherinterception is because Childress drafted him and wants to show everyone he was the one that developed McNabb. Problem is, McNabb has talent and Jackson is still waiting for his to bestowed upon him.

  8. I can’t say much that hasn’t already been said: Sage is the blatantly obvious choice, at least to anyone not named Childress. Which is why I’m very glad that the decision is up to him.
    I pray every day that that bald, worthless douchebag is able to keep his current job for the next ten years.
    The Vikings have a lot of talent right now. The only thing keeping their proud, 40+ year streak of incompetence alive is the lack of a coach who knows what that talent is, or how to use it. They’d be a very dangerous team if they only had a halfway decent coach..

  9. Mike……what’s going on with Brett? There is NO way he went through a operation with no plans to play….It’s been a few more weeks into his rehab…how is he NOW?

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