X-rays negative on Roy Williams' wrist

After a long, tense wait, the Cowboys learned Sunday night that receiver Roy Williams’ wrist is going to be just fine.

Actually, it wasn’t a long or tense wait at all.  We initially posted on the tests being taken on Williams’ wrist less than three hours.

But it’s a relatively slow Sunday of football news (except for the Vick interview, which we just finished transcribing), and we decided to milk this one for as much drama as possible.

Kudos to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, for sending out x-ray results just as most wire stories were reporting the injury in the first place.  Williams has a sprain, and he’s day-to-day. 

There’s a chance that results of Williams’ MRI could reveal further problems, but Williams is not expected to miss much time.  Carry on with your Mad Men premiere anticipation or whatever people do on Sunday nights.

8 responses to “X-rays negative on Roy Williams' wrist

  1. Some of us just wonder what the hell this means:
    “There’s a chance his MRI could reveal in a more serious news”

    If he spent more time using his hands to catch a football instead of on his rooster, this wouldn’t be an issue.
    I’m sure he enjoys his other hand like a different woman.
    Roy Williams. More like Roy Raja. (The Whoopie Boys) see the movie!

  3. Any truth to the rumor Roy injured the wrist in the team circle-jerk at halftime? “We scored on the Raiders starters! Suck it, T.O.!”

  4. Whew!
    I was worried a wrist injury would hurt Williams ability to catch a football. He was so dominant last season.

  5. As a Cowboys fan…. damn, if he were injured it would force JJ to make a move for a Veteran like Matt Jones instead of relying on the weak receiving corps we have now. Damn….

  6. “I was worried a wrist injury would hurt Williams ability to catch a football. He was so dominant last season. Hahahaha!”
    But we already knew that.

  7. I’m not celebrating the injury, idiot. I want Williams on your team and active.
    30 catches a season is the kind of #1 WR that the Eagles WANT the Cowboys to have.

  8. Oh no, Roy will dominate in every facet of the game for the marvelous Wade Phillips. He is exactly what dallas is looking for…this just in, the x-rays of Roy Williams desire to actually win games has come back negative as well.

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