Broncos acquire defensive lineman Smith from Patriots

Five months after the Matt Cassel trade rumors reached Jay Cutler’s sensitive ears, the Broncos and Patriots finally made a deal happen Monday.

This one won’t shake up the rest of the league quite as much.

Fox’s Alex Marvez has the terms: The Broncos acquired reserve defensive end Le Kevin Smith and a 2010 seventh-round pick from the Patriots in exchange for Denver’s 2010 fifth-round selection.

Smith was a rarely used reserve since getting taken as a sixth-round pick in 2006, but will give Denver another body for their thin defensive line. 

The move also takes care of some housekeeping for the Patriots.  Denver’s fifth-round pick will likely be sent to Oakland to complete the Derrick Burgess trade.  Oakland also received a third-round pick in 2010 in that deal. 

13 responses to “Broncos acquire defensive lineman Smith from Patriots

  1. Smith is a good football player. Strong at the point of attack. I’ve always thought he could contribute at a high level if given the chance to play regularly. I hate to see him go. Bronco fans will like him.

  2. This opens a roster spot for Kevin Carter (or maybe Vonnie Holliday if Carter retires).

  3. The play of Myron Pryor has made Smith redundant, Smith does provide a usable body for the DL rotation but after 4 years and with his contract running out it makes sense to keep the younger, longer signed, higher upside equivalent.

  4. A good trade for both teams.
    Effectively – in return for a guy who was going to probably be cut anyway (given the Patriots depth) plus a throwaway 7th round pick – the Pats get a 4th rounder.
    The Broncos get a quality player who, given the level of their talent, should be a quality backup at least…. not bad for a 5th rounder.

  5. @ Russ —
    Actually, with the placement of WR Shun White on RES/Military, two spots are now open. Don’t get excited about any Carter/Holliday signings, though.
    The Pats have been “stashing” two players for a couple weeks, now: WR Brandon Tate (NFI/PUP) and LB Tyrone McKenzie. McKenzie was lost for the season to injury suffered in rookie camp, but the Pats have yet to formally sign him, so he hasn’t counted against the 80-man roster. Neither player has.
    My guess is that, in the wake of the recent Cleveland-JAX thing, somebody from the League called the Pats and told them to clean these guys up.

  6. They aren’t “Stashing” Tate or McKenzie. Tate is one the NFI list (one of several preseason reserve lists) and Mckenzie is an unsigned draft pick. No similarity to what’s his face that Jax signed off the waiver wire. that being said they probably are cheating

  7. Alpheratz
    Walter just lookeda tad more poised and polished than O’Connell. It’s only Kevin’s second year, after all. No shame in being #3 on this roster.
    Al Davis is my …
    Tate probably IS ok. But Mangini has probably complained to the league office that the Pats are artificially delaying signing McKenzie in order to keep an extra roster spot open. It is a bit sketchy, really.

  8. sure agreed, but there is no rush to sign him, he’s not playing this year, he’ll get his money and go on IR nothing artificial about it Beli’s actually playing within the rules on that one. I thought walter looked only ok, I’m curious to see how Hoyer does, I think he makes the team and Walter does not. How about T. Nunn?

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