Bus Cook claims ignorance on latest Favre development

Agent Bus Cook, who has hardly been a pillar of credibility when it comes to the career of Brett Favre, has been reached for comment regarding the re-emergence of discussion linking Favre to the Vikings, thanks to an item from Jay Glazer of FOX in which he predicts that the issue is far from dead.

Don’t know anything about [Glazer’s story],” Cook told Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press via e-mail.

As to whether Favre is staying in shape and still interesting in playing football, Cook said, Haven’t really talked to him about that.”

Yeah, right.

25 responses to “Bus Cook claims ignorance on latest Favre development

  1. I don’t think claiming IGNORANCE by both Cook and Favre would be considered too much of a stretch. Do you?

  2. Cook said, “Haven’t really talked to him about that.”
    Yeah, right.
    And of course this site has never taken something small and unimportant and blow it far out of proportion either. While this site has more credibility than Mr. Cook, readers look at many of the posting saying “Yeah, right.”

  3. I can only hope. The Vikings are a team ready to make a Championship run now.
    T-Joke and Sage make ticket holders nauseous.

  4. Florio, if you took the last 4 words out of the title to this story you wouldn’t have had to write it at all.

  5. We have a pretty veteran team that said if Favre is not there for training camp he can stay home. Alot of Vikings fan feel the exact same. Go away Brett, Go away

  6. i spent way too much time on the farve bandwagon already. now i just want him to go away.
    my guess is that farve thought he had all the cards, didn’t want to go to camp, played his diva card and thought he could join the team after camp.
    too bad sage looked impressive when he should have looked sluggish and out of sync with his receivers.
    go away farve, forever. fall off your tractor and die, slowly.

  7. If Sage and Jackson aren’t looking good in camp, you bet your ass rumors will pick up about Favre, again. The coaches and players may not come out and say it though.

  8. Brett doesn’t like training camp. Nothing more, nothing less. This will intensify (again) with each week. Count on it.
    Someone should sue Gobstoppers for false advertising…God help you if you ever try to stop a REAL gob with those things!

  9. An interview with Bus Cook:
    Reporter: “Bus, any truth to these “Favre back on the Vikings radar screen” rumors?
    Cook: “I don’t know anything about it.”
    Reporter: “Is Favre keeping in shape?”
    Cook: ” Haven’t talked to him.”
    Reporter: “So you don’t even know where he is or what he’s up to?”
    Cook: “Well, no, I mean yesterday he was on his tractor in the morning, and then we had lunch, and then we played golf and I know he went to the movies last night….”
    Reporter: “I thought you said you haven’t talked to him.”
    Cook: “Well….um…ahem….we talked. Just not about football.”
    Reporter: “That whole day and you never talked about football!?!??! Not even once?!?!?!?”
    Cook: “Nope.”
    Reporter: “Good thing your name isn’t Pinocchio Cook.”

  10. How about somebody take a different tact and ask Bus Cook what stories he does know something about…and then begin the questioning.
    Not sure what the outcome would be, but at least it wouldn’t as predictable as this has become…

  11. There won’t be any championships won with Toodles or Sage at the helm. Bring in the HALL OF FAMER, BRETT FAVRE!

  12. if he doesnt think his body could last a whole season in the nfl, then why not just come back halfway thru the season. brad childress is a dope for lettin this all go down. Get shanny in there to lead this team to the superbowl

  13. Bus Cook can claim ignornace but Col Klink is a walking definition of the word and the Viking fans aren’t far behind for even thinking for one moment that they have a QB on that squad that can even lead them to a .500 record much less, “deep into the playoffs”.
    The reality that Childress wouldn’t make it to next year is just setting in. That’s too bad, that bald headed douche bag was just beginning to grow on me, or maybe its his 1-5 record against the Packers, I am not sure which.

  14. I’d rather see A sixty year old Favre than a dog murdering POS like Vick play any day.
    I agree. Love him or hate him, at least Favre possesses actual talent.

  15. Let’s get real, Viking fans. The only thing missing from making the Vikings a real Super Bowl contender is a top-flight QB. Neither T-Jack nor Rosenfels is that. Favre probably still is, and, even if he’s not, his reputation will be enough to make opposing defences respect the Vikings passing attack, thereby making the Vikings running game even better. So, if the Vikings can get Favre, now or later, they’d be crazy not to do so.

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