Carson Palmer won't play on Thursday

It’s enough to make Chad Ochocinco mutter, “Child please.”

After a 4-11-1 season marred by an elbow injury to quarterback Carson Palmer, the preseason will now feature Palmer struggling with a high ankle sprain.

Per ESPN, it’s a mild-to-moderate sprain, which will at a minimum knock Palmer out of Thursday night’s preseason game at New England.

But if it indeed is a high ankle sprain, Palmer could miss even more time.

So stay tuned, please.

Or, as the case may be, child please.

13 responses to “Carson Palmer won't play on Thursday

  1. Florio, did you not catch 85’s explination of the meaning of ‘Child Please’ on the first episode of Hard Knocks? I dont think you are using it in the right context haha. Kind of a slap in the face to your readers don’t you think?

  2. It’s too bad. Carson is one of the classier guys in the league and could be one of the top 3 or 4 QB’s in the league if he could just stay healthy.

  3. Florio, what are you talking about? I live in Cincinnati, and on 700WLW they reported from the Bengals media person, Jack Brennan, that Carson Palmer is probable for Thursday’s game against the New England Patriots. Come on Florio. I use to come here to get the truth and now, lately, it has been the opposite of that and opionion rather than the facts.

  4. thanks for ruining my day. my 2 fantasy quarterbacks both being injured simultaneously in the preseason

  5. Hmmm, time to move the Bungle passing game even further down my fantasy draft board.

  6. C’mon Florio.. I was expecting you to report that Carson once ate a grape while waiting in line to pay at the local grocery store.. you know.. cause all Bengals are criminals..

  7. You would think Palmer would learn his lesson! DONT PLAY AGAINST THE SAINTS!!! Last time we broke your pretty boy nose, this time tear up that ankle. The word SOFT comes to mind!

  8. All fluff PFT, Carson was on the sidelines today out of the boot doing drills. In fact he is day to day. He even stayed in the game for a few more plays after he hurt the ankle. This wouldnt even be considered an issure if the season were under way.

  9. Jimmy what position do you play for the Saints? I’m interested in following your career more closely.

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