Debate ensues regarding Vick's supposed blog

We posted a brief item earlier this morning regarding a supposed blog from Mike Vick, which appeared Sunday at

The Eagles have advised us that the blog isn’t Vick’s, based on a direct denial from Vick himself.

So now the question that we and others are putting to is whether Vick did in fact write and/or submit the blog entry.

The story becomes a lot more interesting in light of the fact that is partially owned by Russell Simmons, so it’s not some fly-by-night operation.  And while the blog entry is persuasively remorseful, contrite, and passionate, the possibility that Vick isn’t being straight with the Eagles about it would amount to incredibly risky behavior, given that owner Jeffrey Laurie made it more than abundantly clear on Friday that Vick has zero margin for error.

Given that his overall capacity for honesty represents the nucleus of the concerns about Vick moving forward, any utterance that doesn’t represent the whole truth and nothing but the truth could be enough to get him bounced out of Philadelphia.

So stay tuned on this one.  We’ve called, but the number listed at the web site goes into the voice mail of an office manager whose mailbox is full.  We’ve also sent e-mails to various departments at in the hopes of getting a clear statement as to whether Vick submitted the blog that appears prominently at the top of the site’s home page, under the headline in all caps, “WHAT I DID WAS HORRENDOUS.”

20 responses to “Debate ensues regarding Vick's supposed blog

  1. “And while the blog entry is persuasively remorseful, contrite, and passionate”
    you sure don’t have any problem with strting rumors and stirring the pot!
    besides, how many twitter accounts have been proven fake? Hey I know,
    I’m Mike Vick.
    really, i am. i’m sorry. i f**ked up when i killed those dogs. i paid my time. i’m remorseful. i want to move on with my life. and make myself better.
    I am Mike Vick.
    if you don’t believe it, maybe you should ask NBC if it really was Mick Vick who posted this cause they own this site now. (and apparently your ass)
    get over it already. in the words of John Lennon.
    Let it Be.

  2. I seriously doubt that is really is Vick’s blog. You’d be surprise how people make fake things out there like: TWITTER, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, etc. He can have his own website and write that type of stuff (pay per click) make his own money from it LOL. He lied once and i’m sure he learned his lesson. BTW, what’s wrong with that story on global grind anyways?

  3. “the possibility that Vick isn’t being straight with the Eagles…”
    Florio- your ability to stir up a story is second to none in the entire world, thats impressive.

  4. regarding the “most commented” story (see at right)…
    why SHOULD plenty of teams want mr. baggage?

  5. I knew when I saw GlobalGrind was the site that it has to be the real deal no matter what Florio or some Eagles guy says. Russel Simmons is more than “part-owner.” Vick will be clearing this up soon.

  6. “People respect me; I respect them. I’ll never change. I realize who I am.” – Michael Vick

  7. It’s pretty obvious that it is not Vick’s blog by the attempt at using terrible english and then using perfect punctuation.
    Florio, I enjoy the site and most of the postings but this story has no legs and I doubt anyone wants it to grow any. Please pull an ESPN and ignore any further “developments” in this blog story.

  8. “Debate” ensues? Personally I think a “debate” requires at least two parties disagreeing on some fact. Here we only have Vick, via the Eagles, stating that blog is not his.
    Sounds more like another Florio monologue to me…

  9. If it is openly contrite and appears to be written by someone literate, then it probably isn’t Vick’s.

  10. Was the spelling accuracy over Vick’s career # of 53.8 %?
    Then he didn’t write it.
    Oh yeah..> Why did goodell forget about Vick’s failed drug test?

  11. is running it as a globalgrind “exclusive”. Was that the case when the blog first appeared?

  12. I hope his next entry includes some tasty recipes for dog entrails. Mmm, mmm! Boiled, fried, chopped, baked, braised, battered, tartar-ed, whatever–I’m lovin’ it.
    Come on. You KNOW that sick f*ck was eating puppies, too. (Brings a whole new meaning to “Scooby Snack”, doesn’t it?)
    Vick was the Jeffrey Dahmer of dogs. End of story.
    A tree’s branches are really just roots stuck into the sky and drinking up the air.

  13. Obviously, somebody else wrote that. The best thing for Mike is just keep down, and stay down.
    This “battle” to change his image, is one that he just can’t win–he said it himself, he was raised on dogfighting, and the people around him when he was young reinforced that this was OK.

  14. I love it what dumbasses try to look smart:
    Marc F says: “get over it already. in the words of John Lennon.
    Let it Be.”
    Paul McCartney wrote Let it Be dummy

  15. I thought Vick said earlier that he’d sit and cry in his cell; now on this blog, if it is his, he says he felt no remorse in prison. This guy cannot get his story straight. No remorse vs. sat and cried. Not my blog vs. yes it is. I didn’t fight dogs vs. yes, I did.
    He’s a pathological liar on top of a dog killer.

  16. The blog expresses contrition and remorse. Why is this a scandal?
    It’s not like the blog reads “I can’t wait to get my hands on a dog’s throat again, Philly look out!”

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