ESPN continues to harp on Glazer's Favre report

Amazingly, a prediction piece from FOX’s Jay Glazer continues to be the top story at ESPN.

And Glazer isn’t thrilled about it.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said earlier this hour on OTL First Report, a less ADD-affected version of SportsCenter, that Jay Glazer left Mort a voice message today regarding the perception that ESPN has been “blowing out of proportion” Glazer’s prediction that the Vikings and quarterback Brett Favre will renew communications.

Glazer, per Mort, was “incredulous.”

As pointed out earlier in the day, we’ve also spoken to Glazer.  We’re not so sure we’d call him “incredulous.”  Instead, he seemed to be “tactfully pissed off.”

The reality is that, throughout the day, the SportsCenter hosts have characterized Glazer’s prediction in various and sundry inaccurate ways.  At one point, Cindy Brunson represented that Glazer’s item described Favre’s arrival in Minnesota as “all but a done deal.”

So if the anchors can’t properly parse through Glazer’s language and understand that he merely is offering a prediction that Favre will land in Minnesota, how can anyone expect the viewers to appreciate the nuances of Glazer’s report?

As we said earlier, the ambiguity will allow someone at ESPN to later throw stones at Glazer if Favre doesn’t join the Vikings.  (That said, we don’t want Glazer acting like he just closed out a $50 “Cover All” if/when Brett dons a purple jersey.) 

It’s also a bit troubling because ESPN’s curious decision to embrace so loudly and prominently a prediction from the lead NFL insider of a rival network overshadows Adam Schefter’s first day on the job.

Then again, maybe there are some at ESPN who welcome that distraction to the arrival of Schefter.

29 responses to “ESPN continues to harp on Glazer's Favre report

  1. PFT follows the same “progamming” as SportsCenter

  2. Haha Florio you guys complained so much that ESPN wouldn’t pick up Glazer’s reports before…
    Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Per the Redskins Blog –
    Part of the narrative of Mortensen’s trip so far has been his friendly rivalry with FOX’s insider Jay Glazer. So — combining that with the earlier mention of Favre, I figured I’d ask Mortensen about Glazer’s report today that Favre “could come back.” (I know, I know: on the bus three minutes and I’ve got the Brett Favre Disease myself. No idea how that happened.)
    “If you read Jay’s report,” Mortensen told me, “it’s a prediction. He was very honest in how he said this: ‘I’m not reporting this, it’s not a scoopage’ — Jay always likes to talk about the scoopage — but he’s predicting strongly based on some players that he talked to.”
    And does Mortensen concur with that prediction? “I can tell you, I talked to a player who told me that he had talked to Brett — this is a couple of weeks ago — and he was convinced that the only reason that Brett did not come [to Minnesota] is that he didn’t want to go to training camp, that he didn’t want to sleep in a dorm. And when did the Vikings break training camp? They broke it on August 13.”

  4. For a guy who has made a habit of reading more into statements and situations than anyone else, I find it ironic that you are taking the ESPN talking heads to task. Too funny…..

  5. sounds to me like ESPN is trying to discredit Glazer by giving this story legs, perhaps some professional jealousy?

  6. ESPN remains the worldwide joke and anal passage of sportscasting. Has now been 1 year and 7 months since I have watched anything ESPN and counting.

  7. I love Jay Glazer and think he’s far more reliable than any of the buffoons on ESPN (except Adam Schefter who went over to the Dark Side), but he should have kept this to himself. He had to know that the Geraldo Rivera/Al Capone Vault network would soil itself at something like this.

  8. Glazer needs to get some of his MMA buddies over there to ESPN to turn some of those anchors into “Killers.”

  9. I stopped watching ESPN when Tom Jackson declared the Patriot players hate Bill Belichick for releasing Lawyer Milloy then had to eat crow and admit he never spoke to a Patriot player and was only speculating. ESPN sucks

  10. ESPN ranks a distant fourth among the NFL networks in terms of its coverage. I will always wait until Sunday and listen to Charley Casserly on CBS or Glazer on FOX to get my fill of pertinent info. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but CBS and FOX always seem to have new information every Sunday that the Worldwide Leader somehow missed.

  11. WOW. Pot meet kettle. Florio bitchin about somebody taking a rumor seriously. Bang it here for the daily rumor mill! Doing what ESPN is doing is what got this site so much traction.

  12. Last time I watched sports center was at least 5 years ago. Got tired of smarmy self important announcers more concerned about their witty comments then actually getting the info out.

  13. HarrisonHits-
    Although Im guessing we dont necessarily like each other’s team, I have to say I agree with you 100% on your ESPN comment and wish more fans would follow your lead.

  14. You guys leave poor Perez Florio alone……
    He’s trying to change and part of that change is to call to the carpet people/organizations that are continuing to do what he has done for the past several weeks……..
    I believe he started when a certain purchase was completed. Coincidence?
    Not sure if it is more ironic or hypocritical…..
    When Winston Justice does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down!

  15. Jesus Christ! Favre & Vick, Vick & Favre.
    When Favre decided to stay retired everything was about Vick, now that the Eagles have signed Vick the Favre speculation is being resurrected. How about doing us all a favor and only post CREDIBLE football news instead of all this speculation and these bs rumours.
    This site has really taken a turn for the worse over the last year.

  16. “So if the anchors can’t properly parse through Glazer’s language…”
    Yeah, cause you guys are so wonderful at that here.

  17. No one at ESPN could hold Glazer’s jock until Schefter got hired. It’s a shame that his talent will go to waste there.

  18. But I beleive Florio would preface his remarks with it being a Rumor, not label it as “all but a done deal” ESPN has been a joke for a long time…

  19. Excessive
    Eye of
    Hey Florio:
    Suck a

  20. ESPN is quickly becoming unwatchable.
    I don’t blame Favre. But the coverage given these non-stories is SOOOOOOO boring. Soooooooo stupid. Sooooo useless.
    NFL Network is just as bad when it comes to Favre. I remember they had a 90 minute Total Access show a few weeks ago shortly after Favre said he wasn’t going to Minnesota right now. They spent about 85 minutes of the show talking about what Favre WASN’T doing.
    Does anyone outside of Green Bay and Minnesota even care? Whenever I see a Favre story on one of these shows I have to change the channel. I just can’t take anymore of it.

  21. this is hilarious
    florio has become so transparent to everyone
    won’t be long before this ship sinks

  22. BRING BACK NFL PRIMETIME, I CAN’T STAND TO WATCH OLBERMANN!!!! i loved berman’s commentary and t. jackson

  23. Glazer’s a hateful idiot. He gets what he deserves. Florio should be ashamed he talks about a guy who has so much venom in his soul.

  24. I thought this was a site about football… not a site about guys who talk about football.

  25. Ever since Bret Farve has gotten off the pain pills and booze he has become a pretty crappy quarterback. Its ridiculous that he’s such a media darling (not to mention a shameless media whore) that they had to come up with a term that describes his poor play yet at the same time sounds cool… “Gun Slinger.” (For Christ sake they had top ten “gunslingers” on the NFL network last week, yet somehow they didn’t ever mention what a gunslinger was) And at the same time no one can define this term. Well from what I understand this is what it means…
    Gun Slinger: A quarterback who has a rocket arm, however he lacks proper decision making and situational game awareness to be considered a good quarterback. Down, distance, and score do not matter to this quarterback. His selfish play results in him throwing the ball to anyone on the field just to show of the strength of his throwing arm. This egotistical QB should be great at decision making after spending countless years in the league, studying, and playing, However with each passing year he becomes more and more full of him self and his team suffers. His unnecessary risk taking and poor decisions will ultimately hurt his team more them help.
    I know one thing for sure. You know who are not gun slingers? Manning and Brady because with each passing year their overall decision making gets better not worse. They worked hard at their game in order to make fewer mistakes so they could be a better player for their team. They are the opposite of this self-centered pick machine who has ruined his teams post season chances for the last ten years. He has also hijacked every show that involves covering football news in the off-season for the last 5 years. I’m sure this pleases him and his massive ego. New Flash… 90% of people hate you Bret Farve and 98% of people are sick of hearing about you. Please go away already.
    And another thing Farve’s play was so bad last year he cost his team a chance at the playoffs and got his coach fired for trading Pennington (a player who had a season ten times better then his.) Hell Chad took a 1-15 team to the playoffs while the Jets spent about 100 million in the free agent market and lost to the Seahawks. A bicep tended isn’t an excuse for poor decision making.
    Also you know how Brady got better? His rookie year he stayed after practice and worked with the backup receivers. He also worked out at the team facility in the off-season. You know what he didn’t do? He didn’t go to a high school where everyone was star struck and all over his nuts and threw passes to 14 year olds in order to get on the news.
    I’m still absolutely disgusted that Brett Farve made the pro bowl last year. Remind you he was chosen as the 2nd best QB in the AFC. Look at his stats. This is where he ranked in the NFL compared to the other 32 QBs. He was 1st in interceptions, 20th Average yards per comp.(meaning his comp% is up because he throws short passes), 15th in QB Rating(86 dead average in the NFL), 16th in Yards/per game (again dead average), 11th Total number of sacks(meaning 11th most sacks in the NFL), 15th in number on completions over 20 yards(dead average). I need to ask someone this. Are these pro bowl numbers? Has the world gone coo-coo-bananas?
    Also he fumble the ball 10 times and keep in mind he had #5th best rusher in the NFL and a pro-bowl Offensive line so it’s not like he had to win games all by himself. And people think having the Vikings running game will keep this guy in check. Shame on you Bret Farve stay retired. Florio, please post this message this stuff has to be said before I blow my brains out over this guy.

  26. Let Glazer be right.
    Let it happen….let it be so…..a purple hazin’ PROPHECY!

  27. The hell with Favre. There’s something much more important to talk about regarding the Vikings . . . if Jared Allen is seriously hurt, the Vikings are SCREWED.

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