Favre still in play for the Vikings?

Though we’ve yet to find a link to the story on FOXSports.com, which is starting to look even more cluttered and confused than Disney’s Alphabet Junkyard ride, Jay Glazer of FOX firmly believes that quarterback Brett Favre will resurface at some point with the Vikings.

Glazer isn’t reporting the move, yet.  But the guy is sufficiently connected to cause us to believe that his conclusion is based on facts and circumstances picked up while talking to his many sources, not supposition and conjecture that came to him at the bingo tables.

Mike Greenberg asked Chris Mortensen about the prediction on ESPN Radio this morning, and Mort essentially said that it wouldn’t surprise him.

So stay tuned.  We’ll find the link (eventually) and we’ll see how Glazer couched it.

UPDATE:  Here’s the answer, via a separate post that delves into the details.


17 responses to “Favre still in play for the Vikings?

  1. And its 9am and we’ve had a nonsense Vick and a nonsense Favre story! Does that mean we wont have to hear anything about it for the rest of the day?

  2. If Jeff George can sit in the back of the room and raise his hand every year, we will be hearing about Favre for years to come.

  3. This could very well be your best ever! You are such a Favre whore. Preseason games have started…..your “hits” should be picking up without the word Favre shouldn’t it.

  4. Favre hates training camp. ’nuff said.
    Will you guys please fix the login already? I show as logged in, but have to log out and back in to post.

  5. i was wondering how long it would take since Vick signed for PFT to post a Favre update.
    this really isn’t news which is usually the case with “stories” about favre, and of course favre isn’t done yet everyone knows he just doesn’t want to have play football until the season opener.

  6. Makes sense. He is only good for half a season – like he did with the Jets, might as well be the second half if anything.

  7. I think that even Lord Favre knows he can’t hold up for a full season. Rather than do another fade like ‘Jets-2008’ he’s going to wait. Eventually a situation will arise… either injury or failed expectations… and the courtship will resume.
    His ego gets the massive massage he apparently craves… and there’s no risk to him since he’s “riding to the rescue”. If it fails then he can’t really be blamed… and if it succeeds he gets all the credit.
    There are 32 teams… and at least one will have a QB issue after 2-3 games. The Vikes are the logical choice, but not the only one.
    Tune in for more of “As the Stomach Turns; the Brett Favre Saga”.

  8. Did Glazer report this from a Packers issued cell phone? The guy is a douche who just runs with any whiff of a story, not bothering to check any sources. So while he occasionally hits a home run and breaks a story, he more often swings and misses.

  9. alewatcher says:
    August 17, 2009 9:16 AM
    Will you guys please fix the login already? I show as logged in, but have to log out and back in to post.
    Try hitting refresh.

  10. oh God no please stop. Don’t tell me I am have to start up the “Days Without a Fart/Favre Meter” again.
    “just when I think I am out, they suck me back in” – kudos to Michael Corleone

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