Glazer "convinced" Favre-Vikings talks will continue

On the same day that Adam Schefter officially arrives at ESPN, the four-letter network has made a “breaking news” splash regarding a non-report report from Jay Glazer of FOX.

(As the competition increases, Clayton finally has sworn off farting while on the air.)

Though Glazer is not reporting that Favre will be a Viking in 2009, Glazer comes excruciatingly close to doing so.

“After visiting the Vikings for two days, I am convinced — positively
— that Brett Favre will soon have talks with the Vikings to
return to the team and could be joining them for this season after all,” Glazer writes.  “If my instincts are correct, all those purple Favre jerseys will have a
home on Minnesota store shelves.”

Glazer also says that “damn near everybody” at Vikings camp agrees with this assessment.  (Glazer caps that sentiment with an exclamation point.  However, when that form of punctuation is associated with Glazer’s name at any point going forward, our first thought will be of Glazer inviting a gaggle of blue hairs to “eat it!“)

Though Glazer is careful to point out that it’s not hard news, it’s the most confident form of educated speculation we’ve ever encountered.

“During my two days in Mankato, nearly everyone I talked to within
the team talked about Favre joining not as an ‘if’ but rather a ‘when,'” Glazer writes.

is not one of those ‘ has learned …’ scoops.  Instead,
it’s a picture that has been painted for me and a prediction I’m making
after spending my time with Zygi Wilf’s squad.  My prediction couldn’t
be more emphatic.”

Bottom line?  Glazer isn’t putting his reporting reputation on the line with this one, yet.  But he’s definitely venturing far onto the limb with respect to his prognostication skills.

For what it’s worth, Peter King of has a similar — though not as strong — feeling regarding Favre’s potential future with the Vikings.

“I think the Minnesota Vikings, should they struggle at quarterback, will call Brett Favre,” King writes in his Monday Morning Quarterback column.  “It’s a pretty strong feeling, based on knowing the people involved and
based on the desperation of the Vikings to do more than win a division
this year.”

So there you have it.  Only days after we finally learned Mike Vick’s destination for 2009, Lord Favre is back in play.

23 responses to “Glazer "convinced" Favre-Vikings talks will continue

  1. Can we PLEASE be done with Lord FavRAY??
    Christ, I’d rather talk about the suck-ass dog killer than this!

  2. Oh common, you can’t be serious…
    Bob Nelson, an ardent Vikings / Brett Farve fan, has reported time and time again that there is NO WAY that Brett Farve even has any interest in the Vikings. He’s not even listening to the Vikings and wouldn’t ever consider playing for the Vikings.
    Brett Farve will not play for the Vikings because Bob Nelson says so…

  3. Jay Glazer should know…, he’s been training Brett to be a MMA Killer for the past few months. Oh wait…, that was another QB who throws too many INT’s.

  4. If he tries to play without going through training camp, he can’t be prepared physically or mentally. What is he going to do, absorb the Vikings play book by osmosis? How could be be in playing shape? The guy could get killed on the field. If he is really planning to sail into town like that, it seems mighty foolhardy.

  5. I can’t believe Favre is foolhardy and I know he won’t come to town without preparation. I just hope he comes to town. I’m going to barf on these incessant Vick stories. He’s not repentant ’cause he doesn’t even know what he’s done wrong! We need to read more about the good things done by pro athletes. I can’t even stand to see Farve/Vick names together (like I just put them). Ughh!

  6. Speculation, smechulation. Now everyone will start trashing Favre, the Vikings, blah, blah ,blah, all because Glazer writes a frigging opinion piece.

  7. @jimmySee
    Of course that’s what he is planning. He got away with doing it last year and getting paid, so why wouldn’t he try it again last year?

  8. Come on, jimmySee, he’s been throwing to high school kids all summer! Isn’t that the same as going through an NFL training camp?

  9. Before all the Favre bashers show up, it’s also worth mentioning that no one in the media has heard a word from neither Favre nor his agent. Vikings brass may have talked to him, but Favre himself has said nothing officially on the record.
    In any event, it would be nice if this story would just die.

  10. You gotta love all these small penised Packer fans (who have a penis pump in their closets) bashing Favre and biting their pillow at night in FEAR that Favre is going to come back and beat them 2X and expose them for the FAKERS they really are, and what an absolute LOAD Ted Thompson (Mr. 31-33) truly is….

  11. Jay Glazer has been not just incorrect but improper and wrong in the past regarding Brett Favre.
    Jay Glazer has nothing else to write about with the vikings. Their QB’s, WR’s, DB’s, TE’s, Coaching Staff, and stadium are all amongst the worst if not the worst in the NFL.
    Since no one would bother to read about the vikings, Glazer has to write something that will cause people to pay attention. He wrote another Brett Favre story.
    Brett Favre is the most popular football player in America. His jersey last season out sold every team’s jerseys.
    The NFL’s lowest revenue team, the vikings, know they need bailouts to avoid blackouts. A popular player like Favre would do that.
    The viking franchise knows they have the worst QB’s in the NFL. Brett Favre would change that.
    The problem for the vikings is that Brett Favre does not want to taint his image and legacy by being associated a bad franchise that will be relocating in a couple of years.
    Brett Favre will not stoop that low even if the vikings offered $25 million a season.
    Brett Favre is the greatest human on the planet in 2000 years, but even he cannot fix that viking franchise mess in one season.

  12. Bob Nelson…. LOL.
    Bernard Berrien and Percy Harvin are among the worst receivers in the NFL? Antoine Winfield is among the worst DBs in the NFL?
    Wow.. Think before you open your mouth please.
    Worst QBs in the NFL? Sorry, we don’t have daunte anymore.
    People are going to be doing quite a bit more than just reading and talking about the vikings when they start the year 5 – 0.
    One of the best run defenses in the league that got better with the return of EJ Henderson. the best running game in the league and one of the best O lines. Hugely improved passing game with Percy Harvin which spredas out defenses and allows AP to do even more.
    I can’t wait until this regular season gets under way so this Bob Nelson genius can eat his words. Vikings regular season record this year.. 13 – 3.
    The only thing you got right is that the stadium sucks. Favre will be there by week 3 of the preseason.

  13. Jay Glazer – whom I like and respect – knew exactly what he was doing when he made this prediction in print today. He knew @#$@# well it would be all over the known world in minutes, so all his protests are – at least here in my house -falling on deaf ears.
    He’s saying stuff like – I bent over backwards to say I am not “reporting” this, only stating what I believe. Well, Jay’s rep up to now has been that his statements can be depended on mainly because of his self-discipline in not releasing them in any form in any place until they are “cooked and ready to serve”.
    I absolutely don’t buy that he DIDN’T WANT this picked up by every outlet on the planet. It’s shabby, and I’m disappointed in him. (And in Mike, for fomenting this shabby effort at self-promotion.)

  14. I’m a Favre fan and if he comes back then “GOD BLESS HIM!!!!” If he dosen’t… I’ll find a way to keep living. Just quit writing pointless stories about him. People get so heated about this Favre thing, I don’t understand? Don’t people understand that its hard getting old and giving up something you love? Maybe Favre has made a few blunders handling his career? But I guess all of the people critcizing have never changed their minds before….oh wait….yeah you have! You just don’t have reporters following you around and people are parked on your front lawn. If you can accept a viscious dog torturer/ killer in the NFL, then I assure you, you can handle another year of Favre .

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