Quinn in control in Cleveland?

There were some memorably shaky quarterback performances during the preseason’s first week, but the Cleveland Browns owned the most complete team meltdown in their 17-0 loss to Green Bay, which the Cleveland Plain Dealer does a nice job breaking down.

Most concerning for Eric Mangini must have been how the Packers pushed Cleveland around up front, on both sides of the ball.

One of the team’s bright spots, despite the box score, was Brady Quinn’s performance.  He looked composed against a flurry of defensive pressure. 

In Quinn’s two drives, the Browns should have scored 10 points if not for a missed field goal and a dropped Braylon Edwards touchdown.  (Edwards later heard about it on Twitter.)

With that performance in mind, Derek Anderson is reportedly “running out time” to win the team’s quarterback competition.  Anderson threw an interception on one of his two throws against the Packers.

Quinn has been the favorite all along, and Anderson will need to rebound strongly against Detroit this week to keep the competition going. Mangini has yet to announce who will start against Detroit.

If Quinn is the choice, the quarterback competition may already be over.

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  1. I think It’s Quinn’s job to lose. If he gets sloppy, it will open the door for Anderson again. I think the one that doesn’t win the job should be traded. This has gone beyond being a healthy environment for either QB. I hope Quinn gets his chance. I think he’ll be a better QB when it’s all said and done.

  2. “If Quinn is the choice, the quarterback competition may already be over.”
    There once was a man from Perth
    Who was born on the date of his birth
    He married, they say
    On his wife’s wedding day
    And he died when he quitted the earth

  3. Thank you! Someone finally not throwing Quinn under the bus, I thought he looked good but everything I saw in the media was definitely in a negative light. And I’m not shocked the D-line got bullied without Shaun Rogers around. The running game didn’t look up to par though, Mangini is a run-first coach and if the Browns cant do that effectively it just puts more and more pressure on Quinn to make plays which if his last name was Manning or Brady I wouldn’t mind. I hope to see a big improvement in the starting run-game against Detroit.

  4. How is Brady going to manage the rigors associated with helming the QB position of the Browns while balancing his gay male modeling career…jeesh is there anything this guy can’t do?

  5. The shuddering sound you just heard was the entire AFC North shaking in its boots over the mighty Quinn running the good ship lollipop.

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