Derrick Brooks still looking for work

As one aging Hall of Famer finally finds a new team, another one continues to wait for his shot.

Former Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks spoke to Sirius NFL Radio on Monday regarding his future in the NFL.

“As it’s sitting right now, I just got back from Oakland
early [Monday] and I see where they decided to go with Morlon Greenwood instead
of myself,” Brooks told the Sirius Blitz.  “I guess, after seeing me work out, I was told that the role,
the immediate need they need to fill was one that they didn’t see me
doing in terms of being a special teams player, more or less, and a
backup.  They felt I’ve got a lot of starter snaps in me so I took
that for what it’s worth and move forward.” 

Brooks said that he still might end up with the Saints.

“[I had a] great visit, great time
in New Orleans and we’re continuing to talk,” Brooks said.  “I really like their
franchise and what Coach Payton has done there and hopefully I’ll get
something real soon.  A few other teams have called my agent but we
haven’t set up any visits or anything like that. . . .  The other teams that have called my agent have
expressed interest but at this point no one has offered a visit as of [Monday]
morning.  Once the word got out that I had a really good workout in New
Orleans, now there’s a buzz.”

The issue that kept Brooks from getting a shot with the Raiders could hurt him elsewhere. 

Backup linebackers typically play special teams.  Otherwise, coaches have real challenges when it comes to setting the game day 45-man roster.

That said, Brooks should be in the league right now. 

Actually, he still should be a Buccaneer.

14 responses to “Derrick Brooks still looking for work

  1. Why must he constantly be referred to as a Hall of Famer? Favre that is. He may be a guaranteed first ballot HOFer, but he’s not there yet. Same with Derrick Brooks.

  2. Brooks should try a different approach. he should announce his retirement then flirt with with a head coach and defensive coordinator from another team. Then keep in the public eye by hemming and hawing over whether you want to return for 16 games. Then decide you’ll stay retired. At this point, that team will be drooling over you and you can avoid training camp, practice, preseason, etc. and still take over the starting spot.
    Wait, that would never work. It’s just too ridiculous and no team would ever fall for it.

  3. The Tampa Bay Buccaneer Organization is a joke. They send off a future HOF Linebacker, a great community and NFL figurehead in Dunn, treat Dungy like a used car — then draft Josh Freeman.
    I LOVE living in the Tampa Bay area… mostly because of the great whether (except for hurricane season), but also to laugh at Bucs fans whenever their team screws something else up.

  4. Chaz Schilens our number 1 receiver broke a bone in his foot and all you can talk about is Brett Favre!!!
    I hope Coach Cable punches you!

  5. Its a shame that team players and good guys like Derrick Brooks can’t get a sniff while teams bend over backwards to hand over rosters spots to dispicable egomaniacs who don’t give a flying f*ck about their teammates or putting in work- or a guy who drowned, electrocuted and killed dogs in excruciating ways.
    While the NFL is great entertainment, it’s indicative of the cultural wasteland America has become.

  6. I mean DBrooks no disrespect when I say this, but he could not run last year and was not himself. Are the injuries healed? There obv. is an issue here, or TBay would never have cut him.

  7. One would think a classy guy like Brooks could find a job, and i agree he should still be a Buccaneer, just like Dawkins should still be an Eagle, but perhaps he is looking to be way overpaid like Dawk was…….And i agree hayward, it is a shame, but it’s a business……I don’t see how anyone would expect an 11 time pro bowler, at the end of his career be a special teamer, perhaps his time has simply come….

  8. That’s the only thing about the new regimen in tampa than i really hate, why do you cut your most respected leader when he only has one year left in his contract and played relatively good in the last season? he still should be a buccaneer.

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