Facts continue to emerge regarding the Cable-Hanson incident

A day after word first emerged that Raiders defensive assistant Randy Hanson was punched by a member of the staff who later was identified as head coach Tom Cable, the facts are anything but clear.

And they likely won’t be for a while.

ESPN’s Mark Schlereth — who should be disclosing to the ESPN audience that he played college football with Cable at Idaho — continues to wave the flag for his former teammate, insisting that no punches were thrown.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has added some facts, reporting that “Hanson broke a facial bone when his cheek hit a cabinet in a team meeting room when Cable flipped him out of his chair.” 

Appearing on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike In The Morning, John Clayton reported that the league might take an even more careful look at this situation, since the league’s Human Resources department recently advised coaching staffs and explained that they can’t do things like break each other’s faces.

So stay tuned.  It’s obvious that something happened.  And while Cable might not have rearranged Hanson’s face with a fist, Cable apparently did enough to draw some type of discipline, either from the Raiders or from the league.

25 responses to “Facts continue to emerge regarding the Cable-Hanson incident

  1. If Cable gets charged with assault, would this be the 1st time a coach earned turd points for his team???????

  2. Oh, he went from sucker punching someone to flipping him out of his chair? This story seems strange to me. It is losing alot of credibility. I am sure everyone made it alot worst since it was the Raiders, meanwhile Mike Lombardi just screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am sure he was hoping for more turmoil against the team he got fired from.
    I read that this coach (Hanson) was mouthing off to the defensive coach Marshall and Cable took exception and flipped him out of his chair. Thats a far cry from sucker punching someone.

  3. Looks like the Raiders haven’t moved on from their thug perception either…. Why didn’t they go after Vick?

  4. Florio, You just keep digging to try to get someone in more trouble. LOL
    First ith Vick and his blog entry, now this.
    Get a life man. I guess once a lawyer, always one.

  5. LMAO- As a Chiefs fan all we need now is for the Chargers captains to get busted in a strip club , Broncos already messed their season up fumbling the Cutler deal. Loved those first 3 pics by Orton.
    We may win the division after all this year.

  6. Who breaks their face after being “flipped out of a chair”? Did The Incredible Hulk do the flipping?

  7. Your can might be running a little low with all the fuel your adding to this. Gas must be cheap in WV…

  8. A guy gets punched and this is news ? The Eagles just signed a convicted felon who repeatedly brutalized dogs for seven years.

  9. now when someone gets a 15 yard personal foul cable cant yell at them… “i was just following your lead coach”

  10. First Cable beats the Cowboys, then he beats one of his assistant coaches. Looks like we are 2-0 in the pre-season. It’s going to be our year. Go Raiders!

  11. Hey Florio – Should Chris Mortinson and Adam Schefter disclose that they didn’t play football with Cable at Idaho???
    Also, should Nancy Gay disclose that while at the Chronicle she was known for having a major bias against anything and everything Raiders?
    Bottom line – There won’t be and shouldn’t be any punishment against Cable because Hanson will never talk, theefore nobody will ever know what happened. Get it?

  12. If only the Raiders could show the same toughness then maybe they wouldn’t stink up the joint so much.

  13. Hanson is a whiny locker room lawyer. He had a problem with Kiffin too (not that others didn’t but still). It’s about time someone put him in his place albeit harshly.

  14. Facts continue to emerge? “It’s obvious that something happened.” Gee, that’s really some breaking news. These stories just write themselves. Suggested follow-ups:
    “Conspiracy in Oakland?” Hanson denies breaking own face, Cable still says this is an “internal matter.”
    “Al Davis to investigate Cable-Hanson incident?” Maybe… or maybe not!
    “Schlereth part of vast cover-up?” Seen only weeks ago miniature golfing with Cable, then went out for soft ice cream together.
    “Cable-Hanson relations chilly.” Cable and Hanson were both on the field for the Niners preseason game… but they didn’t appear real chummy!
    “Hanson mum on swear word used.” When asked what the swear word was that sent coach Tom Cable into a fury, Hanson wouldn’t reveal it.
    “Hanson has a history of rubbing coaches the wrong way.” After all, little Lanie Kiffin suspended him for having a smart mouth, too!
    Thanks for all the filler.

  15. So why did the players chant ‘Cable bumaye!” if there was no fist to face contact? Or if there was no incident at all? Should the players be taken as uninformed because the coaching staff is really that secretive and non-inclusive with their players? And Hanson won’t talk as if the Raiders are the mob – please, your Don wears jumpsuits and granny glasses – nobody has a problem suing or talking about the Raiders after they are no longer under contract. If Hanson sues, Shanahan will put him on his staff next year based on that merit alone.

  16. So we’re supposed to believe that a head coach flipping an asistant over in his chair is somehow better than punching him in the jaw? They’re both an assault, both show loss of control by the team leader, and both can and did result in injury. Either way it’s a problem, whether they call it an internal matter or not.

  17. I’m waiting for Cable to release a Costanza-esque statement saying, “I didn’t realize breaking other employees’ faces was against company policy? The last place I worked at we did this all of the time.”

  18. Just rereading some stuff on this story and we have Schlereth saying that Cable said “nothing” happened but yet Cable said at a press conference that “it” is an internal issue and they will deal with it. Which is it ESPN??? Nothing, an internal issue, or felony assault?

  19. wow it’s a shock to learn that their are altercation in professional football. Actual grown men punching each other lights out.
    Next thing you know they will allow convicted felons to play in their league.

  20. # purpleguy says: August 18, 2009 10:30 AM
    So we’re supposed to believe that a head coach flipping an asistant over in his chair is somehow better than punching him in the jaw? They’re both an assault, both show loss of control by the team leader, and both can and did result in injury. Either way it’s a problem, whether they call it an internal matter or not.
    I’ll bet you think that someone that pinches a chicks ass should be charged with sexual assault.
    You’re a wuss, purpleguy.

  21. Honestly I think this is the first time that Schlereth has ever done anything in the interests of the Raiders organization.
    As a Raider fan, this ranks right up to the time he fulfilled a lost bet by wearing a silver and black pirate outfit [with a raider logo eye patch] on the set of NFL Live.

  22. Holy crap the sky is falling!!
    When did we become so pussified?
    Seriously the players fight among themselves and then they kiss and make up, so why can’t the coaches fight among themselves, even the fans swing at each other every once in a while; It’s ok .
    This is football and football is played by men with testicular fortitude…

  23. For waht it’s worth it was stated, at least once just before 8:00 eastern time, that they were teammates in college. Not that the credibility of a former football player as a journalist is the actual story here.

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