Favre already is at practice

Damn, things are moving quickly.

We’re told that Brett Favre already is at practice with the Minnesota Vikings.

So maybe Cris Carter is right — maybe Favre will be playing on Friday night against the Chiefs.

Meanwhile, quarterback John David Booty has given up jersey number 4, assuming instead the numeral once worn by Tommy Kramer, the man who followed Minnesota’s last Hall of Fame quarterback.

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  1. get this – from Peter King – SI.com
    this quote is hilarious:
    Childress has looked like a desperate man throughout this melodrama. He made it known internally that Favre had to do at least some work in the offseason program or the veteran mini-camp to be considered. Favre never showed. Then he had to come by the start of camp. Favre didn’t come, opting for his third false retirement in 17 months. Now the Vikings let him come back after the team has gone through training camp. Favre’s the wishy-washiest player in memory — and the Vikings are his enablers. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Florio-did you get a reaction yet from Little Fran Tarkenton? A few weeks ago…didnt he call “Burt” Favre something like a punk…lol?

  3. He’s already at practice ? Wow Chilly must have been ready for a “quickie” with knee pads already on and lip gloss in his front shirt pocket when he saw the jet landing

  4. Seems like just yesterday when I was laughing at the moronic Jets fans that were wearing #4 shirts and telling us how great he was. Oh Brotha!

  5. damnit Booty… have some dignity and keep your number like a real man!!
    That was my hope… Favre finally signs and JDB doesn’t give up the number!

  6. That sound you just heard was the Vikings fans realizing that they are going to be division leaders at the end of September and October, only to watch the Bears close in on them in November, and pass them by in December as Favre puts his INT record out of reach……

  7. Take a look at Favre’s first 5 games. Cleveland, Detroit, SF, GB and StL. Minnesota could start 5-0 which would mean non stop Favre hype all season long.

  8. I am NOT OK with Booty taking Number 9. Tommy Kramer is STILL my favorite Vikings QB of all time.
    That will be ANNOYING to see that pudgy, weak-armed Booty wearing that number.

  9. Pack fans just dropped a collective load in their pants. This just robbed them of 16 years of memories and idolatry. I couldn’t have written it better myself. Even if he does throw 345,456,234,765 picks this season we still stole your mojo you’ve had over the last 16 years and believe me it feels damn good. HAHA!!! AWOOOOOOW!!!!!!

  10. I think I wouldn’t have minded all of this if Favre had just signed a month or two ago, with the agreement that he would not have to attend training camp. That’s why he signed today, because the Vikings Training Camp ended on Friday (August 14th) and I think they had the day off yesterday.

  11. DCViking –
    I hope he DOES take up Kramer’s ON-FIELD habits:
    1) Winning close games at the end
    2) Great short-range and timing passer
    3) Tremendous competitive fire
    3a) GREAT under pressure
    4) Tough as nails
    5) Throw for over 400 yards Twice
    6) Have a 6 touchdown performance against the packers.


  13. Hopefully he got a good chunk of that $12m because he might not be collecting a paycheck this fall.

  14. Trade Tavaris for Marshall!! The Broncos must be desperate for a QB right about now…. T-Jack isn’t much of a QB but they don’t need to know that.

  15. Can’t wait to see all you purple fairy faces when the Packers sweep the Vikings and take back division this year…Vikings have always been losers and always will….Packers 12 World Championships…Vikings how many?? thats what I thought….Going no where this year!!! Go Packers!!!

  16. To all the Vikings fans that are learning to mix their own purple kool-aid…………the assumptive comments about how badly Packer fans are taking this news couldn’t be further off-base. If he was good enough to play for the Packers, he’d still be playing for the Packers. He has become your John Hadl. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I will watch him for amusement, while he takes your dreams down with him. It couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of purple-jerkers.

  17. I like it how all these idiot vikes fans are talking trash. Will see what happens retards. Keep talking trash.

  18. You know you Vikings fans might do well, and get in the playoffs, but come on Super Bowl??? Why doom yourself to such high standards?
    He could get injured today, and it’s done.

  19. Enough about Brett ‘Fraud’….let’s put it to rest. Does any real NFL fan, that appreciates the game, really care about this prima dona ?? I know I don’t !!!

  20. If Cable punched Favre and Favre was down for the count who comes in as back up? TJ or Sage?

  21. Ticketmaster is having problems. One search didn’t return any seats. Most of the time an error is received (i.e. too many people looking for tickets…)

  22. Of course he’s practicing and will start this week, he’s had their playbook for months!!! He played everyone.


  24. Wow!
    He’s already at practice. What a workaholic!
    Last one on the field and first one off of it.
    Fail miserably Brett, you joke.

  25. Fairweather, front running fans in Minny. They will be ok for the first half of the season since they play crappy teams. They aren’t winning anything. Especially with those junk receivers.

  26. the funniest thing to me is how vikings fans so sure favre will be their savior. look at his stats from last season and how he folded down the stretch. what about that makes them excited for this? just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they are going to be good. let’s all be real and acknowledge the vikings just want to sell tickets and jerseys and brent just want to attempt sticking it to ted thompson. nothing more will come of this

  27. So Favre will be our starter, at least until he gets “injured”, so we best embrace him. Now, I hope he’s a Viking because he wants to be and not because he was pressured by coach, wife, agent, or Reebok who wanted $$$ for the 25,000 Favre jerseys that were already printed. If you look at the short list of talent the Vikings have, he is going to be under incredible pressure to win.
    Berrian, Peterson, Harvin, Allen, Williams, Williams, Taylor, Hutchinson. Farve. All of these are names that even the most casual fan knows. Any other teams have a list like that? I wouldn’t want to be in Brett’s boots if things go sideways.

  28. At least all you purple douchebags, (and all five of the non-douchebag Viking fans in the world) can look back and remember you were good enough to win the division once at least. This is gonna be the greatest NFL train wreck of all time.
    Meanwhile, the Pack-Bears rivalry is back in full swing. It’s gonna be a really exciting season.

  29. How could we possibly assume that Pack Fans have negative feelings towards the brett news? All any of the Pack fans are saying is “good riddance.” Ya’ll assume the Pack are walking away with the North. Numbers dont lie. “Erin” Rodgers couldn’t match Bretts Win total last year while Brett was with the Jets. And if the Vikes and Bears are as bad as the avg pack fan says they are, whats your reasons for a 6 win season last year? Injuries? Coaching? or maybe lack of talent. as far as injuries and coaching goes the vikes were as banged up as anyone. GB 3rd place isnt THAT bad. I mean its not like you’re the Lions or anything

  30. He ain’t a savior Vikes fans, so don’t let your chubby’s get too hard. Then again, he’s better than what we’ve got, so cheesers don’t insult our intelligence with the “we’re glad he signed with the Vikes so he can throw INTs and lose games ” crap, because we all know that ain’t the case either. Call him a disloyal bastard and hope he fails, and at least you’ll have Vike fans’ respect for being honest and somewhat intelligent. Lord Favre will maybe make one or two games difference either way, and the Vikes will be in the playoffs regardless.

    ROFL thanks for the laugh. How long did it take to create the fantasy world you live in ?

  32. Funny how many people who “don’t care about Favre and can’t stand it anymore” seem to have an endless amount of opinions as to why.
    It’s like throwing a log on the fire and bitching about being sick of the flames.

  33. He is still listed as #4 on the web page.. That was quick, Marketing is jumping all over this like a fat kid on a candy bar….

  34. does this mean John Madden will un-retire too?
    All that closet queen windbag could ever talk about was his man love for Tom Brady & Brett Favre, no matter who was on the field.

  35. Viking fans are delusional if they think Favre is going to help them. No one fears him anymore, I think you had a better chance wit Sage. I cant wait to see how disappointed you’re going to be once Favre starts grabbing his shoulder and makes excuses as to why he’s throwing int after int.
    The Viking fan that attributed Favre’s pressence to the jets as the reason they improved from 4-12 season to a 8-2 start (key word beign start and not finish) I’m guessing Fanceca and that Oline had nothing to do with nor Thomas Jones or Calvin Pace. They signed a ton of other players that off season, and the reason they didn’t finish the way the started was b/c of #4.
    As to his claim that Rodgers (w/ lame j/k calling him erin) was the reason the Packers had a down year last year, I’m guessing the lack of a running game had nothing to do w/ that nor the fact that the D didn’t play the way they did the year b4 when they went 13-3. Nothing at all, it was all Favre an nothing to do w/ what was going on around the Favre situation. Get a grip. I repeat you guys are delusional = a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact.

  36. I love that all you guys can remember from last season are the picks. Brand new team with a brand new play book in a brand new division……I expect some pics. He still threw for 3500 yards and 22 tds….plus another pro-bowl. Remember that when MN puts GB out of the playoffs this year.

  37. # nerd says: August 18, 2009 3:50 PM
    As every year, the Queens are “Champions of the Offseason.”
    Isn’t that the same for pretty much every fan in the NFL? Nearly every fan believes their team has a chance to go all the way in the offseason and are hyped on their squad. No different than any Packer or Bears fan I run into.

  38. To: Packers and Bears fans
    If it is so blatantly obvious Favre is going to suck this year and doesn’t improve the Vikings at all, why do you all have to come in here to try to convince everyone that that will be the case?

  39. He will need it!
    New turf at the Hup will help asorb that old body when Raji pounces on his drama VikeQUEEN AZZ

  40. # SeattleGBfan says: August 18, 2009 4:08 PM
    He will need it!
    New turf at the Hup will help asorb that old body when Raji pounces on his drama VikeQUEEN AZZ
    BRAVO! great point brah! more postings like this one please! i especially like the “AZZ” part, you just took the 2 Ss out and replaced with 2 Zs. GENIUS!

  41. And this turn of events just goes to show that Chilly was in on the plan that would ultimately make him look like a total tool. Honestly, if I were Vikings management (and I’m not), I would have told Favre to piss off as soon as he got off the plane, not let him take it back to Hicksburgh, and fired Chilly on the spot to let people know that NO PLAYER calls the shots in my organization. But, that’s just me. Instead, Wilfy is letting his organization be turned like a cheap trick, thereby selling the soul of the collective team to the devil-diva.
    Double you oooooooh double you. WOW

  42. Devils Advocate says:
    August 18, 2009 2:46 PM
    get this – from Peter King – SI.com
    I never liked PK. He’s an IDIOT! ! ! !

  43. As a Packer fan, I look forward to seeing Favre destroying all hopes of the Vikings fans with stupid mistakes, just like he did for the majority of his career in GB. Yeah, he will get you to the playoffs, but you haven’t been paying attention if you think this clown can pull his head out of his ass long enough to win another superbowl without Reggie White to cover for him.
    Vikings fans just remember his 4 INT masterpiece in the playoff game vs. the vikes in GB. That’s what you have to look forward to, hahaha

  44. AmhaTek- Thank you. You proved the point that I failed too. 1 player is not going to single-handidly determine the outcome of a season. Favre didn’t do it with NY or GB. But he had a lot to do with the success of both. The division winning Vikes improved the team at the most important position. All of our exictement isn’t about Brett Favre. Its about the Vikings as a unit. (haha, unit) We have no reason to believe that adding Brett Favre will hurt us more than it helps. We are still a team that will run the ball well and stop the run just as well. And Brett Will be teaching our entire team certain things about the west coast offense that only he and his previous teamates have known. Repeat: We are not excited about Brett, its the excitement about the Vikings with Brett. No one here is expecting Favre 4 MVP posters to fill the Inflatable Toilet we call HHH Dome

  45. normnailz says:
    it’s like this story struck a Packers and Bears fans nerve or something. Why so hostile?
    I don’t know what you mean, I haven’t seen much hostility.. Certainly everyone has their opinion, but I think by and large all us Pack fans, and all those drunken Bears fans too, are pretty happy with the move.
    …except that colossal moron Bob Nelson, who no doubt will be too busy sobbing in a corner to show his face on here for the next three days.

  46. Practice? We’re talking about Practice? It’s just Practice! C’mon man. It’s practice.

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