Favre's rotator cuff injury is his new Rodney Dangerfield crutch

At a time when NFL teams and players guard injury information like the sports almanac that old Biff gave to young Biff, the notion that the condition of Brett Favre’s rotator cuff would be so widely discussed is odd, at a minimum.

But it’s out in the open, thanks initially to Ed Werder of ESPN.com.

And now agent Bus Cook is talking about the shoulder, calling the partial tear the thing that kept Favre from joining the Vikings for training camp.

“At the time, he didn’t want to give them his word he was ready to go because, in his mind, he wanted to give them what they paid for and he wasn’t sure how the arm was going to be,” Cook told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

“He can’t promise that it won’t get worse, but Dr. Andrews basically said it should be OK to get through the season.  Basically, he said, ‘Hey, if you want to play, go do it,'” Cook said.

In other words, Favre now has an iron-clad excuse in place, if Favre stinks this year.

So, basically, Favre’s rotator cuff will be his Rodney Dangerfield-style crutch.  And if Favre doesn’t live up to expectations in Minnesota, all he has to do is swing his arm and say this:

45 responses to “Favre's rotator cuff injury is his new Rodney Dangerfield crutch

  1. OOOORRRRR….What kept him out of training camp was the same thing that kept him out of training camp the past couple of years. That would be him not liking training camps and understanding he is too good to be a part of them and waste his energy so he goes ahead and creates a “personal dilemma” about returning which gets solved as training camp closes.

  2. I can’t believe they’ve already started making excuses. Absurd!! Viking fans, this is what your getting yourself into. Come Nov/Dec when he starts talking about his shoulder no one should be surprised. This guy is a bum (now) and so is his agent.

  3. Well of course Bert won’t SAY it, he is much too media-savvy for that. He’ll just let it get “leaked” by Cook or some whoring newscaster willing to peddle any line of crap in return for an “exclusive.” I’m actually glad this has happened, because it once again puts Bart Starr in the position of best-ever Packer QB, which is as it should be.

  4. okay florio, you have already said this and posted this exact same youtube video before. If Tom Brady doesn’t move as well he has an excuse too. So does every player who’s season ended in injury last year. Enough with this.

  5. So I was going to comment on this post, but after some consideration regarding the potential advantages and disadvantages of doing so, I decided against it. But then I saw someone else comment on another post, and it got me thinking that I really wished that I HAD commented, so I told myself I WOULD go ahead and add a comment of my own. I started typing away, and I really though I had something insightful and compelling to add to this otherwise pointless drivel, but then I realized that I was really sick of typing today, and began to question whether my typing fingers would get sore before I was done typing what I though that I had to say. But then the real problem of whether or not my comments really WOULD be insightful or compelling got me wondering if all of my time would be worth it in the long run, and whether or not anyone would even want to read my comments in the first place… So I decided that I would NOT post. I would walk away from my computer once and for all… Then while walking to the store for a Hustler and a pack of smokes, I stopped by a local high school computer lab, and started practicing my soapbox. I sat down and began to type. It felt good. Real good. Plus I could type faster than all of the high school kids that were there serving summer school. They all thought I was the best typist ever. Still at the end of the day my typing fingers were sore. About that time someone else posted a reply to this thread and I though to myself that I could do much better than that, so I decided to hell with it, I’m posting anyways and could care less what anyone else though of it. That being said I came to the conclusion that I didn’t really have anything worthwhile to contribute. However, I will comment anyways after all, and at least share my hopes that the Great State of Wisconsin is treated to an early snowstorm to open the month of November, if for no other reason, than to allow them to throw snowballs at Brett Favre when he comes to town…

  6. Uh, you need to edit these things more carefully:
    You said:
    “IF Favre stinks this year”, and “IF he doesn’t live up to expectations in Minnesota…”
    You did mean “WHEN”, right?
    I mean, have you HEARD the rabid, lofty, delusional expectations coming out of Mini-scrota?

  7. Favre wants the consecutive start record..that’s all! He could care less if the Vikings make it to the SuperBowl. If they do, he will say “it is what it is”. If they don’t, he’ll say “it is what it is”. Get it?

  8. Has anyone found out what Booty got for his #4 jersey? Knowing chilly he probably just ripped it away from him.

  9. What would be a good excuse for him throwing bad passes Florio? You make it sound like there has never been any confirmation that his arm was ever injured. What next, the surgery never happend and Dr. Andrews is on the payyroll?

  10. Hell…….Never enough Rodney videos…….Was is and will always be funny….That’s not the funny part though…The funny part is the banter between Vikings and Packers fans…….The Vikings fans act as if they just scored the hottest chick on the planet, and the Packers fans act scorned, as if their girl just slept with their brother…….I know it’s a rivarly, but it’s still funny as hell……..By the way, i only come here for the comments…..And the Rodney videos

  11. Regardless of what you media douchebags say, any true sports fan enjoys watching the greats play whether they are at their best, or at their worst. Everyone in America will be tuning in to watch the Vikings play the Packers this year. Good luck Farve!!
    p.s. the new “PFT” section sucks.

  12. The best thing about you little Florio-philes is how tough you guys are behind your computers. Brett Favre is closing in on having played in more consecutive games than any other man in the entire history of his sport. A sport in which 11 very big and fast men spend a couple of hours knocking the hell out of each other. Yea, he sucks. Yea, he’s a wimp. Yea, you hope this bad thing or that bad thing happens to him. You idiots are priceless. Here is what I hope….I hope the next time you’re hanging out with your 30 plus year old sorry ass in your parents basement typing on Florio’s site in between sessions of BangBus or any other site featuring women who will never talk to you, Brett Favre magically appears behind you just as you are finishing your latest lame ass comment about him and hands you the ass-whooping only a NFL Hall of Famer could deliver. The drama with his will he or won’t he is beyond aggravating, but anybody who has ever laced ’em up and thrown on pads (that is shoulder pads, not the things you limpnuts find in your Mom’s wastebasket) will tell you Brett Favre is one of the toughest s.o.b.’s ever and deserving of the recognition as one of the finest to ever play this game. Peace, losers.

  13. Q: What did Brett Favre say when he walked out on the Vikings practice field for the first time?
    A: Wow, this jersey smells like Booty

  14. ooh! there’s dewey axewound again. thanks for telling us what expectations you’ve decided we minnesotans have for the vikings. you’re necessary.
    the expectations are coming from those most bitter: packer fans, fans of other NFC North teams, and teams that just plain suck. it’s people saying things like, “oh, i bet they think they’ll win it all now,” that turns into every dingus out there thinking every dingus in minnesota is purchasing their super bowl tickets already. not the case, so settle the f down and let us enjoy the coming of our NFC North division championship in peace (oh, and that’s with or without favre).
    oh, and dewey, make sure you cut deeply once more in regards to my use of the shift key. it really disproved my argument last time around. and make sure to include 139 metaphors and a handful of similes, while you’re at it.

  15. Q: What did Brett Favre say when he walked out on the Vikings practice field for the first time?
    A: Wow, this jersey smells like Booty

  16. In other words, Favre now has an iron-clad excuse in place…
    It must suck to be a lawyer- you can’t trust anything anybody says, you second guess every statement and so on. God what a life you live…

  17. Nobody cares about the soap operas from the NFCN. Let’s see more talk about the NFCE, Florio!

  18. I agree, it is a ready-made excuse. If The Viking lose week 4, look for him to suddenly have a season (career)-ending injury..

  19. “…irbe6969 says: August 18, 2009 5:33 PM
    Farve lost my respect…”
    you mean he actually HAD it once??

  20. Not surprised in the least. The arm injury of last year is an overblown excuse. If the arm is to blame for last year’s collapse then what’s the excuse for 2 of the 3 previous seasons where he also threw as many INT’s as TD’s in those seasons? Or if he and the Vikes end up sucking real bad , which they will thanks to all the extra pressure and stress Favre has heaped on them after the last few months, He’ll just quit mid-season and blame the injury.

  21. Dr. Andrews can’t be thrilled with having his name attached to clearing Brett to play if his shoulder won’t hold up.

  22. Well hey, if Favre’s arm falls off I’m sure Dr. Andrews will be happy to make an appointment.

  23. “# Dewey Axewound says: August 18, 2009 5:31 PM
    Uh, you need to edit these things more carefully:
    You said:
    “IF Favre stinks this year”, and “IF he doesn’t live up to expectations in Minnesota…”
    You did mean “WHEN”, right?
    I mean, have you HEARD the rabid, lofty, delusional expectations coming out of Mini-scrota?”
    First you criticized us for not signing Favre.
    Now you criticize us for signing Favre.
    Which is it Dewey!?

  24. The arm is a concern, but the better question is: how well will Favre fit in with the Vikings? There are a lot of nuances in the Jump Pass Offense he may not be able to pick up on right away, and when you’re counting on a rookie to be your #1 WR, things are not as good as they seem.

  25. The problem with Brett Favre in Green Bay was that he could not play in the cold any more. The 2007 13-3 season where they won home field advantage and ended up playing the championship in Green Bay in January, should have been a lock….instead it was a disaster (but still close I guess). I really believe if they GB had a worse record and had not had home field advantage that year, they may have won the super bowl, or at least would have lost it. If you can no longer handle the cold (similar with him incident in Chicago) then you really can’t be a Green Bay quarterback and expect to win, unless your team isn’t good enough to get home field advantage. If that happens then you’ll play in domes and he would be fine. Minnesota is actually a good fit for him, and the schedule is good too. The only really cold game I see for him is the Bears Game and I predict a loss (if ambient air temp is 25 or below). I still respect him as a player, but not like I used to as a fan. After his “sincere” news conference today he looks to be smirking at Childress when he leaves the podium. He is what he is and always has been. He’s just hidden it better and has had more people covering his back before. Good Luck Minnesota…I’m not sure there will be mediocre, I think you’ll have a either a horrible or a great season. But hope a playoff date in Green Bay, Chicago, or Philadelphia in January is not on the plate, Brrrrr.

  26. Let’s call it what it is he came back to jam the pack two times!! The problem is he is not that good anymore and hasn’t been for a while. He will lead the league in ints again, putting the defense in bad positions and on and on it goes. I don’t give a sh!t if he plays or not, but why does he make all of us football fans go through this every year(it’s amazing how much he really is like Roger Clemens isn’t it) are they fishing buddies? Either stay retired or keep playing, but quit waffling!!

  27. Brett Favre is the greatest player ever! I’m a loyal fan and will stay that way. Packers vs Vikings …here we come

  28. I cannot believe he joined the Packers rival. I understand that Greenbay had to move on from a team building standpoint but, you have to be loyal to the team that has been loyal to you. The fans of Greenbay idolized Farve and he was there for so many years. I like Brett Farve and always have but I don’t agree with what he is doing with the Vikings.
    On the other hand, if he wants to play football and he is in condition to do so, he should play. He is an asset to the NFL and will be a good addition to any team (just a bummer he choose the Vikings). Anyway, that is my opinion, I hope Brett Farve does well on the field and he remains physically intact.

  29. Another case of an over paid prima donna has been, not knowing that it is time to go to the house and stay on the front porch. If this is like it seems, and almost everyone has picked up on it, he will go out with an season ending injury once the Vikings realize he can’t get the job done.

  30. I respect Brett for what he did as a Packer on the field and also what he and his family did off the field. I beleive that TT forced him out but then agn Brett should have had the balls enough to say screw you TT and not retired. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall on that day. In reguards to his antics; Unfortunately he will be known as the biggest whinner in all the nfl His greatness will be over shaddowed by this. I am first and formost a diehard GB fan no 1 player wins games I dont see an I in the word TEAM. I cant wait to play the queens it’s always 1 of my fav games and now the intensity leavel has been raised a notch. We can go on and on about this but what it comes down to for us true NFL fans is enough is enough lets just play the game and hope the team we support comes out with more W’s than L’s and maybe a championship
    Good luck to all the NFL Teams I look forward to some hard hitting and tight games hopefully all the players will come out of this season with out any career ending injuries.

  31. There is no way Brett leads the league in interceptions this year. The Broncos have Orton to accomplish that feat.

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