Marshall returns to practice field

While we wouldn’t call it a bombshell, some surprising news came out of Denver this afternoon: Brandon Marshall was back at practice.

The return to the practice field comes only one day after Marshall and his agent met with the Broncos’ front office to request a new contract, and then a trade.

Denver turned down both requests, and Marshall’s lack of participation in practice Monday evening after he declared himself healthy indicated that the two sides could be headed for a standoff.

Marshall’s return to the field Monday may be a recognition that Marshall doesn’t have many options.

The 2008 Pro Bowler could not show up to camp, but that would cost up to $15,888 per day.  He could pretend to be injured, but that would eventually risk earnings as well.

The best course for Marshall would seemingly be to keep quiet, play great football, and boost his market value.  But that option sounds too simple to actually happen.

10 responses to “Marshall returns to practice field

  1. So what he’s only practicing because he does’nt want to lose ne $$$ he’s going to make life in Denver horrible and I love it go Raiders!!!!!

  2. hey bus, the broncs are just as dysfunctional as the raiders maybe even more. lets see traded no.1 qb, the no1 receiver does’nt wanna play for them and they get a rb first round yea there a sound organization!!!

  3. the media is trying to make a story where none exists. Marshall just wants to get paid and the Broncos will probably acquiesce mid-season.

  4. McDaniels is a moron. Trades away probowl QB. Pisses off probowl reciever. Signs every free agent RB he can get his hands on, then drafts a RB.
    2008 broncos defense 30th in scoring. 29th yards allowed. 27th against the run. 26th against the pass.
    He’s overconfident from riding bellichik’s coat tails. Broncos are gonna be an epic failure this year, 3-13.

  5. I’ll take Marshall and give back Mr. I want to retire Walker. Bronco fans good luck with your version of Lame Kiffin. You guys ARE going to suck for a few years while the Raiders are at least playing for second place. Bottom feeder for the Broncos and Chefs. Bustafluff go smoke some more. Now all Bronco fans will be doing the “Remember when we were good” thing the Raider fan base has been doing for the past 7 years. Karma baby!

  6. irbe6969 and big stretch.. how can Faiders fans blog about dysfunctional? Remember 2009 Pro Bowl? Nnamdi Asomugha and Jay Cutler both got fan approval and was voted in. Did either help his team win? NO A player does not make a team.
    OK now look at today; Cutler is not wanted in his locker room and Coach Cable breaks his assistants jaw. I am surprised you can spell dysfunctional (oh ya I forgot copy/paste).

  7. I have two words for Brandon Marshall – Javon Walker. He was another player who had a couple of good seasons and started spouting off about his contract. He’s pretty much been a bust since then.

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