Report: Favre is on a plane to Minnesota

The folks at WISN-TV in Milwaukee report that Brett and Deanna Favre have boarded in Hattiesburg a plane bearing a Vikings logo, within the past hour.

The plane reportedly is bound for Minneapolis.


The administrative office at Hattiesburg Laurel Regional Airport report that Favre is on the plane.

39 responses to “Report: Favre is on a plane to Minnesota

  1. WOW. What a douche. So all that bull$h!t was just to get out of training camp? I suspected it, but refused to believe it. WOW! is all I can say.

  2. Hilarious.
    Geez, just hurry up and get in a game so that I can see your old ass getting knocked out, would ya!

  3. Good, I LOVE IT. Now all the favre haters can chime in. Fact is, the Vikings are now A LOT better than they were yesterday. And, have fun Green Bay. He’s coming for you!

  4. Favre #1 and Sage #2 is infinetly better than Sage #1 and TJack#2!!!
    I had a dream last night about Favre’s first drive in Purple and look what’s happening today!!!

  5. That lazy geezer got out of training camp. I can’t believe the Vikings are stupid enough to fall for this clown’s antics. Chilly, I can believe is stupid enough, but isn’t there SOMEONE in the building with more brains than him?

  6. How does anyone let this guy play anymore? Every game day I would be wondering whether or not he is going to show up? Every time you head out on the field is he going to strap on the helmet for another series?

  7. i’m disgusted, just disgusted.
    this guy is ruining his legacy. the greatest quarterback in the history of the national football league is now going to go play for the dirt-bags in minnesota. and he was to lazy to go to camp.

  8. All I have to say is that the Packers picked the Browns off 4 times without Charles Woodson or Al Harris playing (as is customary for them to skip the first preseason game).

  9. So of course now that training camp will be nearing its end that’s when Favre would come rolling in……….only to be ushered past his teammates into his private office/dressing room. But hey, that’s what the dunderheads at ESPN call “veteren leadership”.

  10. I hate this move… unless the Vikings win then I love it… until the Vikings start losing again… then it will be just another year…

  11. Hey wait, maybe Brett and Deanna just want to be part of the mile high club??? The drama-rama continues. On today’s episode of ‘As Favre’s World Turns.’ I’m gonna retire, no I’m not, Yes I am, no I’m not, I might come back, I might not, I might play another year, I might not, I might jump my wifes bones on a Vikings plane, I might not. I might skip training camp, I might just miss two pre-season games and then come back and ruin all the team chemistry that has gelled so far. I might have all the other Viking QBs hating me, but since they all suck they might love me…. What a moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I don’t know why he isn’t just honest and say he doesn’t want to participate in training camp anymore. Favre pulled a Strahan, I’m not even mad at him, at least we can stop talking about Vick for a few days again

  13. Now all of the whiny ass, ingrate TV baby Packer fans are going to pile on Favre, but it’s only because they are scared sh*tless that he’s going to make them and their mediocre god, Ted Thompson (Mr 31-33) look like the fool that he is….
    You gotta love it. This is great for the Vikings, great for the NFL, and bad for the piss poor Packers….
    Looks like Ted isn’t such a genius now, is he Packer pukes?

  14. I think I saw this article several months ago, and ha ha you tricked us – it was Deanna Favre! Nyuck nyuck nycuk.
    As George Bush said “fool me once… um… we can’t get fooled again”

  15. favre is the most obvious case of borderline personality disorder ever. he has an addictive personality and ever since he couldn’t be addicted to those pills he loved so much, he has been addicted to the media. without their constant attention he doesn’t know what to do. he will make a fool of himself and show that once and for all, he isn’t invincible and he is in fact too old to play professional football at high rate for 16+ games.

  16. Let’s remember Chilly emphatically stated Favre is a “Top 5 NFL QB talent”. When you like a guy THAT much, you’re gonna allow yourself to jump thru a few hoops.
    Okay, Favre got out of training camp, but who friggin’ cares??? He’s proven for season after season that highly seasoned veterans do NOT need to attend training camp. All this foolish talk about training camp being important to seasoned veterans is just like every nut job claiming we need health care overhaul – it’s all nothing more than a complete sham.
    Get ready, boyz – this could be one fantastic NFL season!!!

  17. I’m a Packers fan and I’m not scared of Favre or the Vikings. We have a great quarterback. The Vikings team that loss to Philly in the playoffs last year had plenty of more problems than QB.

  18. Scramble the ESPN fighter wing. I am sure they can do a flyby of the plane to verify that it is Favre.

  19. Say what you want about the old man not wanting to go to training camp, at least he’s showing up before Crabtree and 3 other rookies and at least he’s played an NFL snap in his life.
    And the bottom line is the Vikings ARE a better team with him behind center.. we just went from a 9-7 season to a 12 – 4 season. Adrian Peterson no longer has to see 9 guys in the box.. RUN FREE!

  20. beyondclarity says:
    August 18, 2009 11:06 AM
    I had a dream last night about Favre’s first drive in Purple and look what’s happening today!!!
    Was it wet?

  21. “He’s proven for season after season that highly seasoned veterans do NOT need to attend training camp.”
    How do you figure? Is it the INT records he has set? Or maybe it’s the mediocre win – loss record and lack of championships he’s built up over the past dozen years?
    If anyone needs training camp, it’s this goof.
    This is not a good thing for the Vikings. It isn’t as bad as Vick to the Eagles but it’s close.

  22. So who gets the pick 6, Harris or Woodson? Nobody knows Favre’s tendancies better than them.
    I’m thinking the new & improved Dom Capers/Kevin Greene coached 3-4 will fold him up like a dish towel.
    I really hate to see this.

  23. Favre better be careful, he might end up going out “Theisman style” with bones coming out of his uniform

  24. I would love to see him board that plane with the Viking logo. I would love for the Packer fans to see it also. (can’t resist!) Go Brett!

  25. Yeah gooboy..
    Like last year when your Packer defense fell apart and AWAD couldn’t win a football game by himself, right?
    But he had gaudy stats, didn’t he?
    After all, it’s not about WINS in football, is it, ya’ dope?

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