Rex Ryan continues to behave like Buddy

He’s a breath of fresh air for Jets players with fresh memories of Mangini, but whenever new Jets coach Rex Ryan talks, he sounds a lot like the guy with the same last name who coached the Eagles and Cardinals after being one of the most famous defensive coordinators in NFL history, with the 1985 Chicago Bears.

Though Buddy’s son hasn’t stirred it up much since getting into a verbal spat with Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder in June, Ryan recently has taken shots at the team where he most recently served as defensive coordinator, the Ravens.

On Monday, Ryan was talking about his former players in Baltimore, and he pointed out defensive end Michael McCrary.  And then Ryan wandered into a mini-rant regarding the decision of the Ravens to issue McCrary’s number to rookie Paul Kruger.

“I am disappointed that they gave his
jersey to some rookie who hasn’t proven sh-t,” Ryan said, via Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times.  “Excuse my language.”

Ryan made some other less humorous, but nevertheless eye-opening, remarks about the Ravens in excerpts circulated by the team.   

Specifically, Ryan spoke about the decision-making process relating to the retention in 2008 of outsidelinebackers coach Mike Pettine, who’s now the defensive coordinator with the Jets.

He never knew Mike Pettine,” Ryan said of Harbaugh.  “He was like, ‘Let’s get rid of him.’  I begged [Harbaugh] to keep him, and now, of
course he knows who Mike Pettine is.”

So we sort of feel the same way about Ryan and his public remarks as we do about certain players and their Twitter accounts. 

Once the pressure of the real games arises, things will get very entertaining.

33 responses to “Rex Ryan continues to behave like Buddy

  1. It’s all good IF he can coach. If the Jets do well then he’s a colorful, inspirational leader with an “in your face” style. If they lose he’s just another jerk who can’t back it up.

  2. Welcome back Mike! I know it’s still very early in the day, but after reading the first page of posts, it’s good to see you’re back reporting on things based in facts!
    Besides, it’s not like you killed anything other than our hopes and dreams for a “guys website,” but there is hope! I’m hoping to go a full day without referring to you as a certain celebrity gossip hound.
    If you have five dollars and Omar Gaither has five dollars, Omar Gaither has more money than you.

  3. And this is exactly why Rex wasn’t hired by Steve B. and Ozzie. We had had enough of the bombastic BS from buttheads on the team throwing flags, declaring bounties etc. Loved Rex as a DC and wish him well as a HC but within a couple of years the inmates will be running the asylum and he will have enabled it. As far as what he has to say about his former employers who brought him along from a DL assistant to a HC candidate, a dose of humility and appreciation would be in order. If it wasn’t for Harbs asking for Rex back, he would have gone to a different team where the defense was not nearly as good and his “sterling” reputation would have suffered. So much for his job with the JETS. Good luck Rex. Coach your team, succeed and STFU.

  4. And will he suck as bad as his dad did as a head coach.
    If you really want to see him blowup wait till he figures out he is coaching the B team in the Meadowlands.
    You know the Jets fans are those who could not get Giant tickets or the trash that the Giants took the season tickets away from
    I really wish woody would have taken his johnson to LA

  5. His remarks about the Ravens giving McCrary’s number to a rookie who hasn’t done shit are quite ironic since he is a rookie head coach who hasn’t done shit and still shoots off his mouth as if HE is the one who’s won three Super Bowls. He talks like his old man and will earn the same fate. The Ravens are much better off with Harbaugh.

  6. ppdoc13
    Actually, Harbaugh and the Ravens are lucky that Rex Ryan was willing to stay after they disrespected him on clearly had no intention of giving him a shot at the head coaching job. They were just going through the motions interviewing him. They would rather a person who has NEVER even been a coordinator.
    If Rex Ryan didn’t stay last year, the defense would not have carried the team all the way to the AFC Championship and made Flacco look like a “god” to the blind fan. Many of the veterans close to Ryan would have been trying to get out of Baltimore.
    And the Ravens didn’t “bring him along from assistant to HC.” He worked and earned that himself. He inhereted good players, yes. But since he was coordinator Bart Scott became known, after years in the league, and he even made the pro bowl. Jim Leonard became known. And please believe he had a say in which defensive players they drafted. Dawan Landry should have easily been rookie of the year 3 years ago.

  7. He needs to shut up. What’s the difference between ochocinco and this clown? Ochocinco has proven himself

  8. Well said “KROW”,
    I just do not get these folks who appear to spend their EVERY WAKING MOMENT (do they even have jobs???) on this site and others and complain and take shots at EVERY STINKING thing Florio writes here. Man Oh Man Oh Man! Turn off your computer and go elsewhere if you don’t like it, my goodness it gets tiring reading all the dribble after EVERY DANG post Florio makes.

  9. Krow: cause it’s not supposed to be a sports “rumor” site! Supposed to be getting info that you can’t get elsewhere. Helps during football season, but the amount of unsubstantiated rumors that are thrown against the wall, lately, have become tiresome. Like all those questions you get from your wife after a buddies bachelor party. Enough already!

  10. to tell you the truth I kind of like the guys confidence and cocky manner. he definetly has a set of stones. thats an admirable trait for a coach = EXCEPT if you can’t back it up. so if they play well this year he will be the media darling in New York and you know what that means “everywhere else as well”. however, it’s a double edged sword if the Jest’s suck with their tougher schedule they will crucify him. i give him credit for taking the risk. the safe play would be to keep his mouth shut and say how he is rebuilding the Jest’s blah blah blah and then if they dont play well they would lay off him a bit.
    Everyone needs to relax on this guy and keep in mind his lifetime NFL head coaching won/loss record is 0-0.
    In the immortal words of the grand poohbah Bill Parcell: “Let’s not start carving that bust for Canton, just yet.”

  11. RR is just another in a long line of defensive coaches that have benefitted greatly from the talents of Ray lewis. Let’s revist this in January and see how things shake out. I think Rex is a good coach. He will need to evolve as a head coach. The same rhetoric that allowed him to succed as an assistant won’t sustain him for long as a hc – you can count on that.

  12. Buddy and Rex Ryan are just defensive coordinators (great ones) but they are mediocre as head coaches. Watch and see. The Jets will never do anything special under Rex Ryan.

  13. The apple don’t fall far from the tree, another retarded Ryan as a head coach in the NFL = another losing season for the pathetic jets

  14. Opie,
    What do you mean, “it’s not supposed to be a sports “rumor” site!”
    It says right there at the top of the page “Latest News & Rumors”.
    Florio can be a hack at times, but he does try to research and confirm the rumors he posts, as well as retract the ones he screws up.
    This just in, Terry Bradshaw is still dead.

  15. I have been a Bears fan for over 40 years but I can admit that while Buddy was a great defensive coach he is a prick as a human being.

  16. “Buddy and Rex Ryan are just defensive coordinators (great ones)”
    Eh, I’d rather have Dave Campo.

  17. Accurate Prediction Time
    Rex Ryan will run an aggressive Team. The Jets will lead the AFC in penalties, because they’ll be tough, but undisciplined. Bart Scott will continue to be a violent, penalty drawing force in NY
    Baltimore will be a top Defense in the AFC, as they were before Rex Ryan, but with less penalties.

  18. There is a lot to like about Ryan. he brings fire and emotion to a team which sorely lacked both for the last 3 years. He is the right guy for this team after 3 horrid years of Mangini.
    Ryan will get a break from the NY press because he is not Mangini. But that break will not last long. he is in NY and Florio you are right he said quite a lot of odd things. Ryan seems to lack the discipline to keep his mouth shut when he should. He and Mangini both are on the extreme ends when talking to the press. If he wins all will be great and his behavior will be just considered eccentric but if he loses the press will turn on him and this behavior will make it very difficult on Ryan.
    I think your points are well made Florio. Ryan’s behavior in a market like NY makes me think he will only be a short term coach. Odd thoughtless comments will get twisted by the media in ways that make him appear to be an idiot and will likely make any long term coaching in NY impossible. Unless of course he learns some discipline and learns to keep his mouth shut.
    All that being said I love Ryan after Mangini. He is a breath of fresh air and a huge upgrade in coaching after 3 consecutive years of underachieving performances. The jets had 12 pro bowl players and alternates last year and return 11 of them this year along with Scott and Leonard. With average QB play and good coaching they could be a contender. As a Jet fan I have not been this excited about a season in well 4 years. But then again we do not have the shame of having an unethical, lying, cheating, egotistical control freak running the show anymore. Now if we can just get rid of Woody and Tannendumb.

  19. sevendollarbologna says:
    “Let’s not forget Buddy was the defensive coordinator for the NY Jets, they won SB III! ”
    Wrong, Buddy Ryan was NEVER Weeb’s D.C., he WAS a defensive assistant in charge of Linebackers.

  20. @SixBurghDude
    why are you such an Ahole?
    you know what I meant. you think I am going to do research on spelling while posting on a blog? you need to get a life if thats all you got.
    PS- how the “BIGBEN SEXGATE” working out for you.

  21. I’m a Ravens fan and I wish Rex nothing but the best. Ozzie is so brilliant. He’s not some pussy-footed tyrant who needs yes-men around him. Rex has his opinions and they tend to revolve around loyalty, earned respect and work ethic. At times these opinions differed from others in the organization.
    Yea, Rex was fortunate to inherit such a talented crew. But, as a cooler man might say, “game recognizes game.” The reason we had Singletary, the reason we got Mike Nolan, the reason we got Rex is because the next hot thing (e.g., any Patriots assistant) wasn’t top of Ozzie’s wish-list. Instead, he wanted talented coaches who had proven that they earned their stripes.
    Rex was a great coach for us. I don’t know how he’ll do as head coach but I’ll be rooting for him. Just recognize that the Jets are, at minimum, a year away.

  22. DevilsAdvocate says:
    PS- how the “BIGBEN SEXGATE” working out for you.
    An educated individual would say how’s the…working out for you?
    And my answer is; so well in fact, after today’s developments, that we will be fortunate enough not to have to listen to an ignorant troll like you, further make a fool of yourself on the matter…that is after someone reads you the latest developments, then explains them to you, in the simplest of terms, so that you can decipher them…later TOOL!

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