Sage will be a good soldier

Though questions remain whether Tarvaris Jackson will rebel in the wake of the arrival of Brett Favre (Jackson says he won’t), there are no such concerns regarding the mindset of Sage Rosenfels.

Per a league source, Rosenfels plans on being a good solider.

And that makes sense.  Rosenfels has never been a starter, so he’s losing nothing.  For him, the only reality is that he will no longer have a chance to compete for the starting job.

But Rosenfels will be in position to replace Favre, if his rotator cuff tears the rest of the way, either because his rotator cuff has torn or because it hasn’t torn but the team and/or Favre will say it has torn simply because he has lost his fastball.

Moreover, unless the Third Annual Favre Retirement becomes the Third Annual Favre Unretirement, Rosenfels will be the guy in 2010 — with a full year to learn the system.

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  1. My bet is that dog killer Michael Vick winds up with the Vikings for a first round pick after game 6 and after Favre tears his rotator cuff. After all, fat pig Reid and Childress went fishing 4 weeks ago.

  2. ESPN reported earlier that Favre signed a 2-year deal, $12 million in 2009 and $13 million in 2010.

  3. The next time Favre retires, the Vikings will draft a first round QB.
    Sage is never getting a shot.

  4. Let’s be clear — Sage just more “straight cash homey” in a contract extension after the trade as well.
    I’m sure he’d rather be playing, but being a backup quarterback isn’t digging ditches either…

  5. Sage Rosenfels is a really freaking good quarterback. I’d rather have him as my starter than Favrehole. It’s all about the money unfortunately.

  6. Doesn’t Winslow have that TM’d? Somebody has to pay for that. Don’t think that subing “good” for the other let’s anyone off here.
    Maybe the implication is that Mint will end up in Tampa? Nah.

  7. Story of Sage’s life. Anyway, he’ll get his chance after week four. Or probably in the first quarter of week four.

  8. Re: Rosenfels has never been a starter
    rosenfels was the starter in houston much of last season.

  9. I’m pretty disappointed by this. Being a Houstonian, I saw some real potential in Sage. I hated seeing him leave but I felt he was a better fit as a starter rather than a backup. Perhaps he will learn something over the next year from the favre beans.

  10. If my memory serves me correctly, Sage Rosenfels started for us back in like, the early 00s during the fiasco at QB once Dan Marino left and we had about a dozen different QBs in a really quick amount of time.

  11. So Mr. Florio now here you go too…NOT YOU!?
    Mr. Jackson has been a good soldier since his first day in the league. Through being replaced by lessor QB’s in the midst of what were normal stuggles of young developing QB’s and even with strong stats down the stretch that solidified the Vikings into the playoffs last year this kid has never bucked, whined or complained. Through the less than courageous and unprofessional behavior by team management and head coach and now the highjacking of the Vikings franchise by Mr Favre, Mr Jackson has been all but stoic and always put his team first.
    So why would you throw the label of REBEL on him? I guess it makes it easy to shoehorn TARVARIS JACKSON into the streotypical spoiled athlete role that you guys love to force certain athletes into to drive your narrative! I mean just let the story write itself huh? Less work for you?
    You’re better than that!

  12. Brett Favre will be the guy in 2010, as if that statement’s pure fact?
    Let’s forget that Favre signed a two-year contract.

  13. The Redskins should trade Jason Campbell to the Vikings for Brett Favre.

  14. I hope Rosenfels is the guy in 2010… the guy has EARNED that spot… something Tavaris would know nothing about.

  15. I can’t F’N believe ESPN..I subscribe to their magazine, watch thier Sportscenter, and get on thier stupid website and only find 12 stories about Favre…It is a Favre world and I demand it be switched to favrESPN, favrESPN the Magazine, and sportsFARVEcenter because the world revolves around him…I am the consumer and they should make me happy…speaking of which though this shall be the last time Ted Thompson’s name shall be mentioned on any ABC/Disney/ESPN family of networks and websites and henceforth he does not, did not, and will not exist.

  16. “Sage will be a good soldier”
    Remember after 9/11 when the sports media said maybe we should reserve terms like “warrior,” “soldier” and “war room” for … you know … actual warriors, soldiers and war rooms? Whatever happened to that?
    How about “Sage will be a good teammate.” These guys aren’t soldiers. They get paid obscene amounts of money for playing a game, while actual soldiers get paid jack for defending their right to get paid obscene amounts of money to play a game. Those guys that are over there now and that were over there, they’re the heroes. Sorry to get all serious. We should just put this all in perspective sometimes.

  17. @ Mustard….
    I agree with u 100%…..Sage will never start for the team, as they will go with Tavaris as an injury replacement this year… year, they will draft a QB 100% in the 1st round….Booty or Sage will never get a chance

  18. I wonder which team Favre will blow up next year.
    These coaches are admitting the program they spent years implementing is garbage by making this move.

  19. In case anybody hasn’t noticed, the guy’s a journeyman named after a spice. What’s he supposed to do? Blow up the metrodome? Deal with it and enjoy being relevant while you can because it won’t be too long until you’re thrown on the same scrapheap as oddities like Cleo Lemmon.

  20. # ZN0rseman says: August 19, 2009 2:05 AM
    I hope Rosenfels is the guy in 2010… the guy has EARNED that spot… something Tavaris would know nothing about.
    How has Sage done that? By looking good against the Colt’s second string defense with the Viking’s first team?
    I could see if they had battled all preseason and sage ended up with better numbers but you never even saw Jackson start with the first team. The majority of the reports I read said Jackson was looking sharper in practice as well. You might want to think before you write something next time.

  21. I just heard on the news that the St. Croix River is rising. Tears from Packers fans

  22. i went swimming in the st. croix yesterday and 3 green and gold 4’s floated by me while i was there. can’t wait to see favre against that “new and improved” 3-4

  23. # Alpheratz says: August 19, 2009 5:23 AM
    I wonder which team Favre will blow up next year.
    These coaches are admitting the program they spent years implementing is garbage by making this move.
    That’s the thing. Answer me this, if Brett Favre got cut by the Vikings next week, how many teams would go after him?! How on earth did this guy (and his dumb agent) get $12 million out of the Vikings when there wasn’t one other team looking to add the grizzled QB? They had no leverage because the Vikes were his only shot. The Vikings had all the leverage n the world and by giving him that amount of money just shows that Brett Favre has been running things in MIN for the last 3 months, not “Chilly”.

  24. “…but the team and/or Favre will say it has torn simply because he has lost his fastball.”
    Favre has had a reputation for being tough- look at his sack total and zero missed games. Florio has a reputation for, well, wild-asped speculation. Favre had a 2007 team that was 4-10 at 8-3 befoer he melted down along with a defense that could not sack a high school QB late in the season. Florio has humerous pictures of athletes and coaches. Favre played though a shoulder injury that required surgery in the offseason. Florio responds by calling him “Lord”, again. Favre has an actual doctor, not known for spinning stories confirming Favre has a tear. Florio developed the “turd watch”. Favre is a first ballot hall of famer. Florio is a guy that loves to use unnamed sources to attack players and coaches.
    This is a diva “reporter” calling out a diva QB. Golf clap for Florio.

  25. purple haze harvin says:
    August 19, 2009 8:31 AM
    I just heard on the news that the St. Croix River is rising. Tears from Packers fans
    Tears of joy.
    But your post triggered me to remember a good joke..
    Q: What’s the difference between a cheesehead and a shithead?
    A: The St. Croix river.

  26. I’ve always liked Sage Rosenfels, ever since I watched him at Iowa State putting up some good numbers against the Huskers. Then in his one year as a backup with the Redskins he looked okay too, and I thought maybe he’d be able to play in the NFL somewhere.
    I hope someday he finally gets a shot at the starting job. Too bad the Cirque de Favre has gotten in the way of that for him this year.

  27. Jimi:
    What’s the difference between a cactus and Lambeau field?
    A cactus has 60,000 pricks on the outside.
    What do the Packers and a trio of tampons have in common?
    They are both only good for 3 periods.

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