The Lord has landed

Brett Favre has arrived in Minnesota, with Vikings owner Zygi Wilf’s plane landing in St. Paul earlier this hour.

A reader in the Twin Cities says that KSTP-TV is covering the event like it’s a slow-speed Ford Bronco chase, with helicopter cameras showing Favre getting off the plane and then following the SUV into which he climbed as it made its way to the team’s headquarters.

Other readers say that folks already are offering $200 or more for game tickets with a face value of $76.

So stay tuned.  The next step will be for Favre to pass a physical and then add his Terry Hanratty to a contract.

61 responses to “The Lord has landed

  1. Oh happy days are here again…..I hope Favre sticks it to Ted Thompson and the Packers in a big way, a big way, a big big big big huge gigantic in your face and up your wazzoooo way.

  2. Take it easy on the guy. Why he chooses to go off his meds during the off season is his own business. Schizo’s are like that.

  3. I saw this online the other day
    Anagram for “Brett Lorenzo Favre”=Brazen leftover rot
    Best anagram I’ve seen.
    Ultimately this is Childress’ fault because he lied to his team and has also made it clear that just because you put in the work does not mean you will get a chance to start. They now know they have a HC who they can’t trust. RIP Vikings 2009 season.

  4. It’s an absolute shame. Absolutely used to love Favre. His passion, his emotion, he childlike enthusiasm for the game. All now crumbled away.
    His penchant for placing himself above the team, his chronic need for attention, have removed all kind memories of him.
    The last 3-4 years of his constant waffling has been pathetic, and his inability to stand by anything he says, states what kind of person he really is. It’s a shame instead of being remember as one of the greats, most people (myself included), think of him as a selfish individual, and a joke of what he once was.
    I never wished injury on another player before, but it would be sweet to see his leg or another body part get broken, then he can finally be done.

  5. be honest people, would you turn down 10 million dollars to play a game you love? under your terms? the vikes pursued him.

  6. Seriously, I was hoping to get a couple more days of misinfromation and pyschobabble on Tom Cable’s whatever it was …..
    Why are folks so worked up about Favre.
    If he wants to play why shouldn’t he play if someone wants his services.
    Whats the issue here?

  7. CKL –
    If you really think any player on this team would prefer to have TJack or Sage as their starting QB you’re mistaken. That being said, I don’t think anyone has issues with the way this was handled – they all know the team has improved today.

  8. I say good!
    Bring him on man.
    Beating the Vikings and Brett Favre at the same time sounds good and when he does not take them to the Super Bowl (and he won’t) they will be right back in the same spot next year only this time they will have the smell of their long time enemies ass on their lips.

  9. Other readers say that folks already are offering $200 or more for game tickets with a face value of $76.
    Man, we can only dream of paying $200.00 a seat here for the NFL or the Leafs.
    Must be nice.

  10. CKL says;
    “Ultimately this is Childress’ fault because he lied to his team and has also made it clear that just because you put in the work does not mean you will get a chance to start. They now know they have a HC who they can’t trust. RIP Vikings 2009 season.”
    The players will get behind whoever gives the team the best shot at a ring. Favre, not Sage or T.J. gives them that chance.
    Just because you put in the work doesnt mean you should start ahead of a player that is clearly better. This is a business, not little league(where everyone gets to play)


  12. @CKL
    WHY in the WORLD would it ever be the case that, because you put in the work, you get to start? does that mean that if i, an undersized white dude with average athleticism, would get to start in the NFL as long as i gave it 110% and had a good, trustworthy coach?
    NFL locker room mantra: if the guy makes the team better, gives you a better chance to win, you better be willing to give him a shot. if favre is better than our current QBs, and gives us a better chance to win, and STILL we decide he doesn’t deserve a shot to play…then yes, your are right: RIP Vikings 2009 season.

  13. Did we call it or what?
    Desperation is a helluva drug.
    Bratt comes calling and the Queens immediately drop two things:
    1. whatever fleck of dignity they may have had remaining
    2. to their knees
    Favre can now look down, wink and smile at himself in the reflection off Chilly’s bald dome, saying to himself:
    “You did it, big guy–you’re the best. They’ll ALL love you now. More importantly, they’ll all talk about you, you gunslinging pill-popping stud. Hey! Who told you you could stop and come up for air?!? Get back to work!”
    I’ve said it a trillion times:
    There’s not a chance in a hell the Queens organization will be able to cope with the ensuing drama and media sh1tstorm onslaught. Distraction will ravage the season.
    You better just come to terms with it now, my Purple Fairies:
    Favre’s EGO is now in the driver’s seat, and the rest of your team/organization/fanbase are just along for the ride.
    (It’s fun now, but the crash is imminent).
    If the goal this season was to sell tickets and jerseys…well then: congratulations, suckers.
    One of you born every minute.
    It’s a shame you had to sell your souls over to the sworn mortal enemy and the media-wh0re extraordinaire in order to do it.
    Meanwhile, the blind, fanatical, delusional hype spit out by Florio and his ilk will continue to mount and mount, until it reaches it’s deafening, ubiquitous apex–only to be followed by the annual, expected, precipitous drop-off into a thunderous thud of disappointment. KLUNK.
    So, enjoy it while it lasts–lap up all those gratuitous unimaginative “NFC favorites” and “lock for the Super Bowl” lines that idiots like Schefter and King of Peters will be falling over themselves to spew ad nauseum…everyone in the dumb flock-of-pigeons-mentality-minded media (who loves liars and scumbags these days) will hitch their wagon to Favre’s shooting star.
    Except history tells us–that star always shoots downward, then burns out.
    Favre = the best off-season acquisition the Bears (or Pack) could have hoped for.
    You you poor dumb desperate bastards think YOU’Re excited?
    This is fixing to be the mother of all trainwrecks, (Favre at the controls), and I for one CAN’T WAIT to laugh at the wreckage and dance in the carnage.

  14. This us where Favruh wanted to play in the first place. They run the same kind of offense as GB. He’s better than Bust Jackson and Rosenfels, period. AP’s FF draft stock also just went up.

  15. Guys…methinks I wasn’t clear on what I meant since a couple of you took me to task. I did not mean that JUST BECAUSE one puts in the work, they should start. But the fact remains that there’s no way a 40 YO QB who has been on the decline late in the season play quality wise for about 8 years and who hasn’t taken a snap with anyone on that team is better than those two QBs right now as far as running the offense. No way. He doesn’t know the players.

  16. Blow snot, cry and retire. Just go away already…
    Diva. You were just avoiding camp.
    Like we didn’t know.

  17. FAVRE! MOAR!!
    But seriously…
    A few thoughts to toss out. One is that the interception argument against Favre’s greatness seems specious. Quarterbacks with long careers and lots of attempts populate the list of those with most career INT’s. Are Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, Johnny Unitas, Y. A. Tittle or George Blanda “overrated” or “journeymen” because they threw a lot of picks?
    Secondly, beating the Vikings over the head seems a little silly. They brought Tarkenton back years after he worked his own way out of Minnesota, and he took them to three Super Bowls. The took a chance on Jim McMahon in the early 1990’s and he had one of his better years as a pro. They had some success with Warren Moon. They talked Randall Cunningham out of retirement and gained a conference championship berth, going 15-1 with a record-setting offense, when Cunningham posted the highest passer rating in the NFL. They also made a serious run at Dan Marino, who considered it but turned them down. What might have been?
    As for legacy, did Joe Namath’s stint with the Rams, or Johnny U’s time with the Chargers, or Montana’s tenure with the Chiefs affect their legacies? Did Tony Dorsett ruin his legacy by playing for the Broncos? Franco Harris with the Seahwaks? Emmitt Smith with the Cards? Doug Atkins with the Saints? Larry Csonka with the Giants? Etc., etc.

  18. Wow- I can’t believe it took you two hours or so after the inital rumors of Favre returing and you calling him “Lord”. I have to begin to question your professionalism in this lengthy delay.

  19. I now have three wishes for the 2009 NFL season.
    Detroit Lions 2-14 with both wins coming against the Vikings.
    Lard Farve leads the league in INTs.
    Vikings miss the playoffs and it’s directly attributed to an INT by His Lordness.
    Also, the Packers should assign Jersey #4 to a rookie place kicker.

  20. @Dewey Axewound:
    that is the most overly-dramatic, cliche- and figurative language-laden post i can recall seeing. congrats on getting the attention you desire.
    how about this, though: let’s call this what it is. favre went back and forth on the retirement issue, decided on coming back, and is now a viking. that’s what happened.
    but instead, you decide on the following: telling vikings fans how the feel. telling vikings fans what their expectations of the season should be. telling them why they are morons for supposedly having the expectations you’ve laid out for them. playing doomsayer to all who don’t passionately denounce the acquisition of an accomplished quarterback the team needs. and you do it in the most rambling, vindictive manner possible. sure, we’ll listen to you.
    fancy language, though. lots of big words, too. very self-righteous. two narcissists born every minute.
    if you’re a bears fan, enjoy your third place-finish; i feel like you probably know a lot of synonyms for “disappointment,” so you may as well start practicing.

  21. All you Vikings fans are a bunch of morons. Joke is on all of you. Enjoy your 40 year old “savior” and another 8-8 season.

  22. I have upperdeck row 13 on the 10-15yd line and stub hub is showing $220-$440 in my section! Face value $77

  23. The Queens now have an interception King! A match made in heaven!
    The only bad thing about all this is that we’ll now have to pay bonuses to our backfield due to all the interceptions they’ll pick off. Good thing we’ve got cap room!
    Go Pack Go!!!

  24. Favre got off the plane in Minn. and then boarded a plane for Washington D.C……….Favre to the Redskins!!

  25. As to the remarks about “crying” and “whining,” lots of great ones have wept or choked back tears upon announcing retirement. Roger Staubach comes to mind. I don’t think anyone ever questioned Roger’s manhood.

  26. Whoa! Tuesday shocker!
    Give me a break, we ALLLL knew this was coming the last, last, last – no wait, the last before that – time he announced he was finished.
    Anyone with a brain knew he didnt wanna go thru camp again and this was predicted.
    BTW, kudos on teh “Lard Favre” remark whoever made it….more fitting than Lord Favre.

  27. @TeflonDon’t:
    So you respond to my preachy, wordy, self-righteous rant with one your own?
    You sure showed me.
    Really gave me what-for. Fixed my wagon.
    By the way–is your “Shift” key broken?
    Or do you just not know how to use it?
    Let me help you, Teffy–apply downward pressure while simultaneously striking the letter you want.
    P.S. These instructions also work when applied to your mother. Thanks.

  28. You can still buy tickets through ticket master… No need to turn to the scalpers yet… Oh and preseason tickets for federal employees are available for $25… Or anyone can get a special package from the Vikes for $49 that includes free parking and a $20 voucher for gut bombs and beer….

  29. My new favorite team….to despise. First you have the professorial nerd who acts like he has 3 Lombardi trophies to his resume, the one and only Mr. Noodle, Brad Childress. Then you have Jared Allen, the roid abusing, Matt Schaub-knee diving A-hole. And now, the cherry on top of the sundae on Sundays. The pick-flingin’ graybeard himself. The ultimate Narcissist. The guy who wants to blow off 90 degree heat in training camp to show up when he wants. The one and only self indulgent jackass. Brett Favre.
    Man, is it going to be fun watching these guys crash and burn in December.

  30. Well said Dewey. This is truly wonderful news, better than anything GB or Chicago could have hoped for.
    Collins and Woodson just got guaranteed another Pro Bowl trip, all they need to do is stay healthy, Urlacher should get some of the best numbers of his career.. Hell, even the sorry-ass Lions should reap the benefits of this ill-advised signing.
    The unfortunate downside is that Coach Dome-in-the-Dome will probably be out of a job, and without him or Favre around, the Vikings may actually make a decent run in 2010.
    For now though, the legendary Pack-Bears rivalry is heating up, and I’m even more excited to see which one can take the division!!

  31. Dewey:
    That was beautiful man.
    It left me wanting more. You’ve got some mad writing skills, my friend.

  32. @Dewey Axewound:
    the fact that you were forced to pick at my capitalization, or lackthereof, goes down as a victory for me.

  33. @Dewey-
    Nothin’ like a little Norris division news to bring the wannabe troll out of hiding, thing is, it took just a bit too long for a genius like you.
    Your grubby little mitts musta been burnin’ up the keys, while you feverishly composed your diarrhea laced diatribe. Either that or you extended your weekend just a bit with your BFF in his mommy’s basement & still had a mouthful of goose down, while he was drivin’ his John Deere thru your balloon knot…eat that pillow TWINK, it’s plowin’ time again!
    My money’s on the latter!!!

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