Beanie reinjures his ankle

Cardinals rookie running back Chris “Beanie” Wells, the 31st overall pick in the 2009 draft, injured his ankle on the same day he signed his rookie contract.

Wells recently returned to practice.  On Tuesday night, however, Wells reinjured the ankle.

Per Mike Jurecki of XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix, Wells said he was “OK” — but his status for the team’s next preseason game, on Saturday night against the Chargers, remains undecided.

Wells missed the preseason opener last week against the Steelers.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Wells had seemed to be favoring the ankle since returning to practice.

Wells faced durability questions, and his current status is doing nothing to provide an answer other than, “Maybe he isn’t.”

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  1. I don’t wish bad health on anyone, but I’m glad someone other than the Lions chose the busts this season.
    Florio is and at ’em early this morning.

  2. Why did this guy even get drafted? He was injury prone in college and now every time he touches a football field he shatters like glass!

  3. Buckeye fan here – boy am I glad we aren’t the ones dealing with beanie and his glass ankles this year. Good guy, great running back when on the field, but seems to have little or no tolerance/desire to play when he isnt 100%.

  4. Didn’t they make a movie about him? “Unbreakable” I believe, with Samuel L. JACKSON (got caps cause that’s how he yells) played the part of Mr. Glass……Beanie Wells.
    thedude: maybe you can clear something up that I had heard regarding Beanie? Did they use another back for short yardage and short TD’s?

  5. man am i glad Eagles didnt draft him, a lot of “experts” had them taking him, they should’ve drafted donald brown over this guy, they already had a thumper in Hightower, bad move on so many different levels for ‘Zona on this one, bad organizations do bad things though i guess, the best thing they ever did was drafting Larry Fitz and Boldin

  6. This stinks for the Cards. This guy was going to be a great addition to an offense which is already moving in the right direction. They’ll probably still be the best in the West again this year, but it would be great to see them make the playoffs on their own merits, and not through the faults of the teams in their division.

  7. Another Buckeye fan here. I feel kind of bad saying this, because Wells seems like a nice kid and never caused any trouble, but the writing should have been on the wall for anyone who watched his career (or even just last year) at OSU closely .
    I hope he proves me wrong, but at this point, I can’t seeing having any impact in the NFL when he can’t even get on the field to practice.

  8. everybody knows…… DO NOT DRAFT OSU PLAYERS!!!
    BTW……… Buckeyes have got to be one of the top 5 idiotic nicknames ever.

  9. And the Buckeye Civil War begins…. hey guys, how many games did Wells actually miss? Add them up for me and then ask yourself if you know what you’re talking about. And yes, I’m counting the ends of games. Let’s see, Texas and….. um… uh..
    Oh no, Wells won’t win preseason Rookie of the Year. How horrid.

  10. Injury problems can easily derail a career. The Packers are just about at the end of the road with another injury-prone first round draft pick — Justin Harrell.

  11. BrownsTown said: “hey guys, how many games did Wells actually miss? Add them up for me and then ask yourself if you know what you’re talking about. And yes, I’m counting the ends of games. Let’s see, Texas and….. um… uh..”
    In the season opener vs. Youngstown State, he was carted off the field with a right foot sprain (also suffered from turf toe) and would miss OSU’s next three contests, including USC.

  12. mborz,
    Right, what other games did he miss in his Freshman (spot duty) and sophomore year?

  13. BrownsTown,
    Who cares about his first two years. Once you start getting into injury problems with your feet or ankles then it’s gonna be a re-occurring thing because they are the weakest parts of your leg. And that’s what RB’s rely on. He injured his foot/ankle last year and missed 3 games and was never right after that. Then his first step he takes on the practice field this year he does it again. Then he finally gets over that and gets back on the field and DOES IT AGAIN. Obviously His ankles are injury prone. And until he can complete a season (let alone a practice, “we talkin about practice here, not a game, practice”) without missing time because of his bum ankles then he is gonna be categorized as injury prone. Because as of now HE IS.
    I’m not saying he’s a bust like the rest of these guys but he has to prove he can be durable and reliable.

  14. Wow, just gave to respond to all those retards saying OSU draft picks are terrible, overrated, slow, fat, blah blah blah
    Let’s see, Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes, AJ Hawk of the Green Bay Packers (Beastly defensive player), Chris Carter (Hall of Fame Wide Receiver), Eddie Georgie (Powerful bruising running for many years, a much better version of Beanie Wells), David Boston, Troy Smith, the list goes on…
    These morons are probably the people at the healthcare debates shouting and stirring up trouble…

  15. Roy Hall(former buckeye) just got cut from the Colts, injury prone..
    However, Gonzalez has been great and will be a sleeper this year!
    And just think the Colts took Donald Brown when they could have taken Beanie. Thank you Red Face Bill!
    It is early in the preseason, he will heal. “Cards fan praying”

  16. Destroyer11050 you forgot some:
    Vernon Gholston, Ted Ginn, Antonio Pittman, Troy Smith, Maurice Clarett, Cie Grant, Ryan Pickett, Rob Kelly, Craig Powell, William Roberts, Jeff Graham, Alex Higdon, Joe Montgomery, Derek Ross, Mike Doss, Ben Hartsock, ….. I could go on.
    Don’t recognize some of the names? They were all high round (Rd 1-3) THE OSu busts (although a few are still “playing”).

  17. @tv: Those names you listed were all high-round busts, huh?
    Troy Smith was drafted in the bottom of the 5th round, so take him off your list. You said they were all round 1-3.
    According to you, a “few” are still playing, huh? Gholston, Ginn, Pittman, Smith and Hartsock are still playing. That’s over 30% of your list.
    Even more funny, is that the reason some of the players aren’t playing anymore, is because they were drafted as far back as 1984! This is the case with Roberts. He’s 47 years old now! He played for 14 seasons!!
    Ginn’s not a bust. Even Florio posted an article a while back saying so.
    Basically, you went back 25 years and your list still sucks.
    If you really want to do this right, you need to list ALL the players drafted in rounds 1-3 for a period of years and look at the entire list. Trust me, I’ve done it, and OSU’s list looks much better than many other elite schools.
    I’ll do it now with all the first rounders going back to 2004:
    Vernon Gholston
    Ted Ginn Jr.
    Anthony Gonzalez
    A. J. Hawk
    Donte Whitner
    Bobby Carpenter
    Santonio Holmes
    Nick Mangold
    Will Smith
    Chris Gamble
    Michael Jenkins

  18. Ohio State and NFL busts, thats funny. Lets see the so called great players from the so called elite college powers.
    jarvas moss.
    ben troupe.
    rex grossman
    gerald warren.
    reggie mcgrew.
    kenyatta walker.
    keiwan ratcliff.
    and every wide receiver ever drafted.
    chad jackson.
    reche caldwell.
    j. gaffney.
    travis taylor.
    wow so many big busts.
    m. leinart.
    reggie bush.
    mike williams.
    dwayne jarett.
    keary colbert.
    frostie rucker.
    winston justice.
    shaun cody.
    r. jay soward.
    k. udeze.
    fred davis.
    vince young.
    cedric benson.
    r williams.
    mike williams.
    marcus tubbs.
    and so many more from each team, I’m tired of typing.

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