Checking in on the quarterback battles

The quarterback steel cage match in Minnesota was settled Tuesday when Brett Favre came off the top rope as the third man in.  Meanwhile, another set-to might be erupting in Kansas City.  Having a hard time keeping track of your training-camp  quarterback sword fights? Here’s where they’re at . . . 

1.  JETS

Contenders:  Mark Sanchez vs. Kellen Clemens.

Who’s Ahead: Sanchez

So Far:  The rookie out of USC has made up the stagger on veteran Kellen Clemens.  In the preseason opener, Clemens started and went 4-for-4 for 24 yards.  Sanchez went 3-for-4 for 88.

What’s Next:  Sanchez gets the start against the Ravens next Monday night against head coach Rex Ryan’s old team.  Tough foe but a crisp performance could seal the deal for Sanchez.


Contenders: Brady Quinn vs. Derek Anderson.

Who’s Ahead: Quinn.

So Far:  Eric Mangini won’t give a status report on the competition but Quinn started the preseason opener and played 17 snaps to Anderson’s five. Quinn went 7 for 11 with a pick; Anderson threw no completions and two incompletions — one of which was caught by the other team.

What’s Next:  Mangini hasn’t declared a starter for Saturday night’s game against the Lions. Originally, he said he’d flip-flop the starters until the mess was settled.

3.  BUCS

Contenders: Byron Leftwich vs. Luke McCown.

Who’s Ahead: Leftwich.

So Far: Leftwich has been impressive — or more impressive than McCown — in the eyes of observers throughout camp. In the preseason opener against Tennessee, McCown started and completed four of eight for 19 yards and appeared tentative. Leftwich threw for a 24-yard  score on his second attempt, but was just 6 of 14 overall.

What’s Next:  Bucs coach Raheem Morris said he will name a starter after Saturday’s preseason game at Jacksonville. L eftwich will have to appear totally incompetent to mess this up. 

4.  LIONS.

Contenders: Daunte Culpepper vs. Matthew Stafford.

Who’s Ahead:  Dead heat.

So Far:  The sense in Detroit is that Stafford has been more impressive. But Culpepper got the first reps over the rookie No. 1 pick in the preseason opener last week and went 5 of 6 for 41 yards.  Stafford was 7 of 14 for 114 with a touchdown, and a pick returned for a touchdown.

What’s Next:  Head coach Jim Schwartz has set no timetable to name a starter and won’t even use the word “start” when discussing who will get the first reps in preseason games. Stafford is expected to “begin” against the Browns in Cleveland on Saturday, according to Nicholas Costonika of the Detroit Free Press.


Contenders: Jeff Garcia vs. JaMarcus Russell.

Who’s Ahead: Russell.

So Far:  With Garcia out of camp with a calf injury and “personal reasons” and not returning until Monday, Russell has a hammerlock on the position. He tightened the grip over the weekend against Dallas, going 6 of 9 for 50 yards in two drives against the Cowboys’ starters.

What’s Next:  The Raiders are at the Niners on Saturday.  While the race for No. 1 lacks drama, Charlie Frye, Bruce Gradkowski, and Garcia are in a fight for the backup spot.


Contenders:  Shaun Hill vs. Alex Smith.

Who’s Ahead: Hill by a nose.

So Far: After last week’s preseason win over the Broncos, Niners coach Mike Singletary declared, “I certainly don’t see any separation.”  No separation.  But, in general, the first round of snaps with the starters has continued to go to Hill.  Both players are looking pretty decent but Singletary says there’s less “mystery” to Hill.

What’s Next:  The Niners host the Raiders Saturday night.  Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat presumes Smith will get the start Saturday night in the interest of keeping the playing field as level as possible.

12 responses to “Checking in on the quarterback battles

  1. “Russell got a hammerlock on the position”
    Russell just tossed three picks in one half during a joint practice – one on 7-on-7s! What good is firepower if you can’t hit the target!? Big plays are nice, but ball control has ALWAYS been the most important factor in football – always will be.
    QBs need brains, and Russell bought a $50,000+ diamond studded mini-jersey with his own number on it. *looks at you quizzically* C’mon…

  2. Favre may push the Vikes back on the list, but not until November or December. That guy is Hell on wheels until Thanksgiving; after that, he’s an average QB at best (cue the stats guys to pull some December or January game in which he played well).
    Hopefully a favorable late season schedule, and some RB they seem to think is pretty good, will help him out, but if he takes too many hits on that turf or wears down in any appreciable way, Childress may face the same situation as Mangini did last year: benching Favre to better the team.
    Mangini made the wrong choice and was banished to Cleveland. Childress, faced with the same situation, may forever be known as the guy that benched Favre, or the guy that was banished to the UFL because he didn’t.

  3. You stupid drooling retard!
    How do you have a job you pathetic hack!!
    Garcia missed the entire camp with a calf injury and is now competing for the 2nd string spot and losing to Gradkowski.
    How F#cking stupid are you!!
    Why doesn’t your headline read “NIXON WINS ELECTION!!!” Because that about how far behind the times you are.
    Wake up pull your head out of your ass and then try again (to write at the 7th grade level )you idiot!!

  4. # TheFoo says: August 19, 2009 6:48 PM
    Honestly, thank god my beloved Vikings are no longer on this list!
    Yeah… they fixed their QB problem by giving a 40 year old drama queen coming off of shoulder surgery $12 million.
    That puts them on a list all by themselves.

  5. well, they always have nutcase chester taylor to run the ball if purple haysoose goes down. he should have some life left in him. but he is not “explosive”…
    from 2005 on after 11 games, favre blows.
    composite ratings, last 5 games (quick calculation)
    2008 54
    2007 77 (but really stunk 2 games and 154 vs detroit)
    2006 63
    2005 54
    2004 90
    2003 100
    2002 74
    2001 90
    2000 72
    last 4 years… last 5 regular season games per year… 62
    waitin for that december fade…
    in 2005-07 he did have at least 1 good game in the last 5. but remember, to still get the composite rating for the last 5 games that he did, he threw some crap up there in the other games.
    all his last 5 games in 08 were bad. 2 TDs. 9 pix. under 6 yards per completion. 55% complete (low for him). 1-4 record.
    9-6 last 5 per 05-07.
    1998 on playoff record – 3-6. 3-3 at home.

  6. There never was a QB competition here you just wanted to create one so your list is big enough to write about. Pretty pathetic really and kind of sad that you have to stoop to lying to us.
    Do you really think that Daddy Al is going to pay JaMarcus 15 Million dollars a season to sit on the bench while a 39 year old Garica (30 other teams didn’t want him) plays dink and dunk.
    You don’t know Al Davis very well do you?
    Nobody drinks more JaMarcus kool-aid than AD they guy could throw 40 INT’s in a season, fondle Al Davis’s niece and he would still have a job next year.
    Al Davis puts guys on scholarship and they don’t leave. JaMarcus will be behind center for the Oakland Raiders for the next 4 years unless he dies, goes to jail or loses his limbs. I would bet my nutsack on it!!

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