Could Luke McCown get bounced from Tampa?

Luke McCown may still be in the running for the starting quarterback job in Tampa, but that doesn’t mean his roster spot is secure.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora writes that that some within the Bucs organization believe they should “cut their losses” with McCown if he loses the quarterback competition to Byron Leftwich at the end of this week, as expected.

On one level, the news is surprising because the Bucs handed McCown a $2.5 million signing bonus early this offseason.

On the other hand, it was McCown’s early practice performance that likely necessitated the signing of Leftwich in the first place.  Perhaps he hasn’t taken to new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski’s system.

La Canfora writes that McCown’s job is largely in jeopardy due to the impressive camp of Josh Johnson, currently fourth on the depth chart.  Johnson reportedly would have had a good chance to start had Jon Gruden stayed, but McCown is taking up his practice snaps.

The Bucs don’t want to lose Johnson, but carrying four quarterbacks is a luxury most teams can’t afford.  (Although it didn’t stop Gruden.)

It would be a risk for 2009 to roll with Leftwich, who is injury prone, and two inexperienced Joshes as reserves: Freeman and Johnson.  Then again, this is a Bucs team looking towards the future.

And McCown doesn’t appear to be a big part of it.

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  1. Why does Luke Mcnown even have a chance to start? He is terrible, however so is Leftwich. I say use Leftwich as a backup and let Freeman learn. If this is a young team looking towards the future then why not just go for it now?

  2. The Bucs should have mercy and free Byron Leftwich so he can return to the Steelers.

  3. The dude just plain sucks. Everybody in central FL thought this guy was gonna win them some Lombardis, as-if he were the next Tom Brady… but it was all the product of hype. Its funny how a few sportswriters can build a guy up as such.

  4. I totally agree, McCown has tons of athletic ability but makes very poor throws, he’s more jittery than Garcia in the pocket without the accuracy. 1. Leftwich 2. JJ 3. Freeman
    Leftwich has a winning record despite being in some poor situations in the past & has shown with a good run game he can make some big throws, not a great option, but again, when have the Bucs had an above average QB?
    JJ has the biggest upside, hardly any money on the line & would make a great Wildcat with someone like Clifton Smith in the backfield.

  5. If McCown doesn’t improve a lot in the 2nd preseason game, I’d be fine with a release. In the 1st, he did not step up into a single throw. Sticking it out in the pocket and throwing down-field needs to happen in the new system.
    Then there’s his exact opposite in Leftwich, who refuses to move (except for backwards into that 17 yard loss slow-motion train wreck). That said, Byron seems to be the team’s best chance to win and it can’t be argued that he has the most experience of the group.
    The Joshes are promising but neither seem to have the decision-making and accuracy honed in yet.
    I can’t remember the last time the Bucs had 2 arms as strong as Leftwich & Freeman. They can throw such heat, I hope some receivers can step up and quit letting so many rocket balls sail through their hands.

  6. As a Buccs fan I hope I am wrong but regardless of what happens with Luke, My gut feeling is if the Buccs start Leftwich they will regret the day they ever signed him.
    I guess if the worse happens this year we can have hope that the Glazier Family will wise up and get this team a real Quality winning coach that knows how to build a winning team!

  7. notsosmart, have you watched Simms throw for Denver in the preseason… just as average as he’s always been, and McCown will need to have the best second quarter of his life to stay on this team.
    Either way, no QB is going to be asked to be Tom Brady, they’ll just have to hand it off to Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham and take shots downfield when called upon. Leftwich is the man for the job. McCown has pissed away ANOTHER opportunity to be a starter in this league. Josh Johnson looks really sharp and confident. He played for a small school but had 44td to 1 int his senior year.
    Between Josh and Josh I think Tampa’s QB future is actually looking bright.

  8. I agree with the Simms comment, to hold on to Griese/McCown as long as we did & get rid of a young guy like Simms who had a decent win % with the Bucs was kind of dumb but I don’t think he was the answer either, even though he would be a better option than McCown who I think is something like 1-6 as a starter…

  9. “Notsosmart”…… Your right! I would take Simms gladly right now over what we have now.
    Given the chance Byron will likely sink this team. He is mediocre enough to make one wonder and keep around ultimately ruining a Team.(Jags, Falcons)

  10. mccown should beg for his release. since shack is gone from jax, raheem will assume the mantle of the black-only qb stable anyway.

  11. i will stipulate that wiht cadillac in the lineup, simms was passable. without him… simms blew chunks.
    look it up.

  12. notsosmart says: August 19, 2009 2:24 PM
    Just watch the Broncos……You will see that the Bucs should have kept Simms.
    Anyone who mentions “Chris Simms” as a legitimate QB in this league is OUT OF THEIR FU#*&NG MIND. They have no business watching or commenting on the NFL. Chris Simms, because of his daddy, was started over a clearly better Major Applewhite at Texas. Simms has Kyle Shanahan’s initials tattooed on his ankle, right next to his medical alert anklet, which states what a huge PUSSY that sorry excuse for a QB is/was/and will continue to be.

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