Jets targeting Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe?

Apparently, Jets coach Rex Ryan has stopped talking long enough to realize that his team has yet to find a capable replacement for receiver Laveranues Coles.

And so the Jets, per Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News, have had preliminary discussions with a few teams regarding a trade for a veteran wideout.

According to Cimini, the biggest name on the team’s radar is Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.  Though the Broncos have shown no willingness to trade Marshall, the relationship between player and team is tenuous, to say the least.  That said, Marshall has way too many question marks hovering over his career, both on and off the field.

Cimini also floats the name of Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe as a possible target, but we can’t imagine Kansas City trading one of their only quality players — cough . . . Tony Gonzalez . . . cough.

As Cimini points out, Jets G.M. Mike Tannebaum has a reputation for making deals late in the preseason.  Still, it’s difficult for a receiver to make an impact in a new offense without the benefit of participating in the offseason program and training camp.

But it nevertheless looks like something could be happening.  And that’s good news for the Jets, because beyond Jerricho Cotchery the team doesn’t have many quality targets for rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez.

26 responses to “Jets targeting Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe?

  1. Mike –
    I was talking to someone the other day, a reporter and not the drunk old guy at Cheers, and was told it is a real possibility that the Eagles will move Reggie Brown. We discussed the Ravens, Jets, and Rams as possible destinations.
    Brian Westbrook does not age. Every birthday, it’s just another year added to his existence, which sucks for all your teams in the NFC East…..

  2. Don’t count out on my sleeper receiver David Clowney! Homeboy is from Queens and went to V-Tech – you know he’s got burners!
    I don’t want any of those two Dbags on my team.

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  4. I think they eagles will move Reggie too, the 6th rounder Gibson is playing very well, is tough and has done everthing to earn a roster spot, with Desean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Hank Basket, & Brandon Gibson there’s no room for Brown in my opinion. I believe I saw Gibson in w/ the first team in the first preseason game. Jets would be a viable option, esp if we can get a TE out of it (not sure what their te situation is outside of #81)

  5. @ Coach
    apparently you didn’t read Florio’s post yesterday reminding all of us that this is a RUMOR mill. While they report news, it is still a RUMOR mill. I thought that was obvious enough anyways.
    The Chiefs would be absolutely the dumbest franchise in football aside from the Vikings and The Eagles if they move Bowe. I don’t understand why people dont get it.

  6. I think Cimini hasn’t been to the Chiefs training camp so he doesn’t know anything about Dwayne Bowe’s transition at all. Just because he was put on the third team for conditioning reasons doesn’t mean he is on his way out. I can’t imagine Scott Pioli bein that stupid, but the Broncos are a different story. I can imagine them sending Marshall to the Jets. But Marshall bein an egoistic dumbass, the Broncs might even be better off long term that way.

  7. Hey Jets, how about Marvin Harrison? He’s an upgrade over what you already have (nothing after Cotchery), he’s a positive influence on the football team (as long as he keeps his gun at home) and you won’t have to trade half your team to make it happen.
    Why not?

  8. Please, some team needs to take Brandon. All he will do is complain all year. I don’t need that. I think we (Denver) will be just fine without him.
    I think we all can agree that Denver will be pretty good this year…Knowshon is awesome! and Tom at QB will be the shock of a lifetime. Tom Brandster that is!
    You all laugh, but I actually believe this…talk about being blinded with my love of the team!
    Go Broncos!

  9. Bronco, I have to admire your dedication while disagreeing with absolutely everything you said haha. Your QB will be Orton to at least start the season while you have one of the most under rated QB’s in Chris Simms riding the pine. You guys made some terrible moves this off season and it appears the ownership and coaching isn’t either on the same page or on the same planet as the team. With Marshal and Eddie Royal you guys have so much talent. I say make them happy and then let Chris Simms start.

  10. Killachap,
    you missed my point. I’m aware that Kyle and Chris are not the ones to bring us to the promised land. Little known Tom Brandstater from Fresno State that we drafted late is going to pull a Tom Brady on everyone! Yes, I’m comparing the two Tom’s…what? anyone have a problem with that?
    and how exactly did we make terrible moves? We had a great draft, addressed the defense there and picked up a guy by the name of Brian Dawkins…ever heard of him? Our defense has been our achilles heel…and we picked up some good guys there. We will be awesome…and surprise a lot of folks.

  11. Bronco, you got a great kid in Moreno. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him play for my beloved Bulldogs. Very high motor and exceptionally quick feet. However, isn’t he down for a couple of weeks?
    Don’t worry, I am pretty sure you could run the ball 30x/game and never have the same running back handle the ball.
    Talk about “depth” at a position. How ’bout leaving a few guys for the CFL and UFL to fill out their rosters?!?

  12. i’m sure the Stej will horribly overpay some WR, in true Tannebaum style.
    usfman22 – there’s a lot more to the game than speed. Justin Gatlin (one of the fastest men in the world) couldn’t make a roster in ’07. Your sleeper pick couldn’t make the team that drafted him and has been a practice squad player since. Great pick.
    thegloryyears – congrats on posting the first Madden spam i’ve ever encountered.
    broncoman – your apparent fanaticism is respected, but the guy’s name is Brandstater (cue the ‘ohhhh it was a typo’ response). and if you really believe that he is the best option for your team, that just goes to show how pathetic a season you’re about to endure.

  13. to jets fans; my sympathies. u have a middle school teacher for a GM. this guy is all about saving his own ass and job bc if the team does not put up this year, he’s on the street. he’s mortgaging the future [ex-3 picks and 2 players to move up for the privilege to pay a risky qb pick a ton of dough] for his own job security. what other gm would do what he did in regards to favre and sanchez and gholston? now hes gonna possible trade a 1st or 2nd for a wr?? do they even have any high picks left? CLOWN. i cant stand NE either, but the laughter that fills their facilities regarding the jets must be deafening.

  14. Losing one of the best young QB’s in the league the way that they did was their terrible off season move. I am still out on Moreno but there is no reason why he shouldn’t have a good career, just not sure if it will begin this year. I still think Chris Simms is your best shot right now though. If he hadn’t gotten hurt the way he did he would probably still be starting for Tampa and they would have been far better off than they are now.
    As a Cowboys fan I know all about not doing enough to get your team to the top and I know who Brian Dawkins is. He is the second dirtiest player ever behind good old Rodney Harrison.

  15. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Denver will be so horrible. They were hamstringed by an ego driven QB that cried his way out of town. Orton or Simms will benifit from one of the top o-lines in football and the defense should be improved (there isn’t anywhere to go than up). Even with Marshall’s discontent the WR core in Denver is still good. Everyone needs a team to bash so Denver has taken it in the ole tailpipe this this offseason but what do you expect a franchise to do with so many character problems left over from Shanahan’s days?

  16. If I’m Denver I deal Marshall before the season starts. He’s planning a T.O. style distraction this year and that’s the last thing a rebuilding team with a rookie coach needs. Get the best deal you can for him and move on. His talent can’t possibly outweigh the malignant cancer he’s about to unleash on the locker room.
    So what are the Jests offering?

  17. Thank you hoss and TheDPR…you are my new best friends.
    Opie…I too am a Georgia Bulldog, went to school there-Knowshon was very exciting to watch and I hope that knee is not too bad!
    oh, and thank you TheDox…there had to be one of you out there that didn’t really have anything else to say but…”you spelled his name wrong”. Wow, I was two letters off…and I did correct it in my next post…patience my friend. and who do you like? are you a bandwagon guy…let’s here it…who is it? I’m just dying to know.
    Killachap…I agree with you on Simms. I actually thought he showed a glimmer in Tampa pre knockout. I would just love to see a guy with no expectations on him right now (this Tom fellow) prove himself (only in practice unless the top 2 get hurt or really, really suck) and lead his team like a big dog!

  18. killachap, your crazy if you think Brain Dawkins is a dirty player, he’s one of the most respected in the game, and I have never every in his entire career heard anyone refer to him as “dirty” I have no idea where you’re getting that from, this from a Dallas fan who had a rule invented for your player roy williams, give me a break, for you to say Dawk is a dirty player makes me question if you know what you are talking about, the most absurd comment here

  19. Not sure why the Jets are playing the “we don’t really need WRs” game.
    They were linked to talks regarding Boldin, Bowe, Braylon Edwards, and Brandon Marshall.
    Harrison probably wants too much money, otherwise he’d already be wearing green.

  20. How has Marvin Harrison fallen off of the face of the Earth? Brett Favre and Michael Vick are both employeed while Marvin Harrison is still at home cleaning his guns? Vikings, Titans, Jets, Chiefs, Patriots (what a perfect fit that would be) get on the phone!! This guy has potential Hall of Fame numbers.

  21. Broncoman you should be banned from PFT. It’s worthless idiots like you who ruin a decent football discussion with your bias towards a team who’ll be sub-.500 this season.

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