Michael Tunison on five players we're not allowed to hate

[Editor’s note:  This is a guest column submitted by Michael Tunison of Kissing Suzy Kolber.  Tunison, also known as Xmas Ape, has done some work for us in the past.  His new book, The Football Fan’s Manifesto, was released on August 18.  You can buy it right here, and you can watch a promotional video right there.  So without further adieu, we’ll turn it over to Tunison.]

Preseason is in full swing.  The new Madden game is out.  Fantasy drafts
are being painstakingly prepared.  Fantasy team names are being loaded
down with dick jokes.      

At long last, telltale signs that the slog through another torturous
and soul-castrating NFL off-season, marked as always by desperate acts
of boredom alleviation such as spending time with family, watching dust
collect on tabletops and even watching baseball, is finally coming to a
close.  Soon, we will be swept into the resplendent realm of regular
season football, and with it our lives will again attain purpose and
our bodies will experience near-fatal alcohol poisoning. 

And, yeah, it
will be glorious.

In matters of football fandom, loyalty matters above all else (save
maybe drunkenness), and the wage of loyalty is all-consuming hatred
toward all those who are not your favorite team. It helps when that
hatred manifests itself in creative put downs and hilarious effigies,
but it need not be necessarily.  So long as your black heart is in the
right place.

Even a casual reader of this site knows PFT readers bring the hate with
an animalistic fervor.  Scroll through the comments of practically any
post and witness dozens of readers [editor’s note:  I hesitate to call them readers because I’m not sure some of them can actually read] falling all over themselves
attempting to savage the reputations of winning teams and their
fan bases with the most vicious vitriol they can summon.  For this I
applaud them.  One is supposed to harbor nothing but irrational hatred
toward a favorite team’s rivals and any other franchise that is faring better
than said favorite team.  Priggish folks sniff at such displays of contempt but
they are emotionally stilted homunculi.  Seasoned haters will embrace
that hate, let it flow through them, swaddle them and keep them secure
at night.

That said, there are always blind spots in hate.  Specifically, there are players
who are stubbornly sympathetic in spite of your desire to condemn to
kiddie toucher’s hell everyone who doesn’t don the jersey of your
favorite squad.  For the 2009 season, I have pinpointed five cases of
pesky likability that may prove difficult to undercut.

5.  (tie) Carson Palmer/Calvin Johnson.  There’s nothing sadder than an
immense talent despoiled by being mired in a vortex of insanity and
incompetence, and that is most definitely the case with both Palmer and
Johnson.  I mean, Palmer’s still kind of a douche, but you gotta feel
for a guy who could be a top-tier quarterback if only the football gods
didn’t feel like cosmically reaming him for a lifetime.  Johnson, on the
other hand, is still young enough to let his rookie contract expire and
flee to a team with a prayer at winning more than . . . zero games.  Any guy
who could put up the numbers he did for that Lions offense last season
is deserving of much better.

4. Drew Brees.  For one, he’s probably going to win a bunch of people
their fantasy leagues this year with gaudy stats put up in 43-41 Saints
losses.  Brees also comes off as a genuinely affable guy who gives back
generously to the community.  If he could only come up with a tragic and/or bizarre personal story that makes him sympathetic to the vast majority of the football-watching population, he might just rocket to the top.

3. Michael Oher.  I’m a Steelers fan (I’ll pause as Ravens fans — and maybe a player or two — sharpen
their knives) so I pretty much hate everything to do with Baltimore. 
The Ravens make this very easy by fielding an extremely contemptible
team supported by even more loathsome fans.  So, man, was I pissed when
Oher fell to the Ravens in the first round of the draft, not only
because he’ll most likely be a very solid lineman for many years to
come, but also because he’s a class act with a compelling back story
that involves overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.  WHY DID YOU

2. Michael Vick.  As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my
friend.  And, boy, does Vick have some obnoxious forces going against
him right now.  Any defense of Vick has to carry the caveat that what he
did in order to go to jail was horrible, and it’s true.  But the guy
served his sentence.  That’s not absolute atonement, but it’s as much as
we can reasonably expect out of a guy in order to play football. 
Leonard Little is still in the league, after all.  Now Vick has to
contend with threats of PETA protests (if you want me to like
something, just tell me how much PETA hates it) and Roger Goodell,
who’s imposed one of his classic intentionally vague policies that
enables the commissioner to ruin Vick’s life for any of several
arbitrary reasons.  This alone makes Vick a powerful NFL anti-hero.

1.  Jason Campbell.  Good lord, this guy has been screwed over the last
couple months.  Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato did everything in their
power to let Campbell know he’s unappreciated and unwanted.  They tried
to trade for Jay Cutler, they tried to trade for Mark Sanchez, and
there are rumors that if Campbell falters at all this year, Colt
Brennan will be brought in.  Yet through it all, Campbell has shown
remarkable maturity few players in the league would in similar
situations.  Hell, if Cutler so much as finds out his team’s G.M. so much as looks at another quarterback, he’s
gonna fold his arms, have himself a good pout, then have Bus Cook
calling ESPN saying he wants to be traded within the hour.  Granted,
Campbell is not the greatest quarterback in the world, but he’s not the
liability he’s being made out to be by his own team, and he certainly
gives you a better chance to win than Mark Sanchez.  So, however you
feel about the Redskins (barf), it’d be great to see Campbell lead the
team to an 11-5 record and a playoff win if for no other reason than
just to make Snyder and Cerrato look like idiots for probably the 300th
time just that week.

Perhaps these guys will commit an unspeakable act that allows fans to
take them down a peg, however improbable that seems.  [Editor’s note:  Except for Vick.]  Otherwise the
haters among us must put our nasty feelings aside and begrudge these
athletes their existence until they make the slightest move towards

Once that happens, the haters will be permitted to strike.

11 responses to “Michael Tunison on five players we're not allowed to hate

  1. The Vick paragraph makes too much sense for the average PFTer. Just because of that, every comment after this will write this guy off as a hack writer and a moron.

  2. “Even a casual reader of this site knows PFT readers bring the hate with an animalistic fervor. ”
    You really should add Florio to this list of animalistic hate- see Favre, Brett and Warner, Kurt. We’re also not sure he can read, rumor is that he has a thousand monkies typing away daily.

  3. RE: Ravens “extremely contemptible team supported by even more loathsome fans”
    Hey Pot, it’s the Kettle, you’re black!

  4. Well thank you florio, looks like “KissingSuzieKolber” will have less readership (by atleast 1).
    Go to hell Tunison, take your rapist QB with you.

  5. A pretty nice piece of writing for a bandwagon b1tch.
    So, really, when I rip into the
    purple-helmet polishing,
    Stuart Smalley-loving,
    braided pig-tail brandishing blatherskites for all their inane, incessant, hyperbolic, fanatical, cocksure, blind, raving, blowhardy, ubiquitous, moronoic, myopic, chest-thumping, braggadocious, presumptuous, ALL-CAPS jackassery, crap-spewing, in-your-face, self-assured, delusional, perennial Super Bowl blah blah BULLSH1T spewing constantly and loudly like a diarrhea-fountain out of the mouths of all those pre(op)-L.A. biQueens fans EACH and EVERY year on message boards and sports sites around the country, you’re saying I’m really just being a good a “good fan”?
    Even when I remind them that their obnoxious delusion is strictly the HypeQueens’ domain? To be paper champions. Year in and year out. Like lemmings that jump off a cliff to their own death, or salmon swimming up stream to spawn and die–it’s as regular and as predictable as a natural life cycle, always ending the same way:
    Disappointment/death. (same thing).
    A cycle that goes: Boast, brag. Blah blah. Lose. Shut up. Disappear. Disappointment all over again (then a great Pandora’s box of memories springs open all over again, including 4 glorious embarrassments, Gary Anderson’s 38 yard work of art, Jim Marshall going backwards, and so on and so on…)
    What about when I remind them of
    Favre’s Pack-past, womanly indecision, failure to report to training camp, and diva-y behavior of the past, present, and future and how it’s going to really turn some of the players against him, fracture the locker room, create a cloud of purple stank and media distraction that will fester and bloom all season long, culminating in Favre sh1tting out his rotater cuff on the sideline sometime in November?
    What about when I relentlessly remind them of the epic enormity of the distraction involved in this signing, coupled with the Williams drama, Harvin scrutiny, pressure on Childo, and the 100000 other forms of dysfunction and in-bickering and scandal and b1tching that abound in Queenville, how this coming season is already well on its way on the southbound express toward total trainwreckage?
    How about when I hammer them over the head with Loveboat ride references, Wizzinators, scalped Super Bowl tickets, police chases, tumbleweeds in the Homodome, pot-soaked urine at the combine, StarCaps questions, Childo’s glowing dome, Wilf’s Favre-flavor-saver-moustache, Wade’s gossipy womanly b1tch-ness, Kluwe’s clubfoot hamshanks, Jared Allen’s midnight swerve-a-thons and cheap shots extraordinaire?
    How about when I hound them for their hodge-podge team comprised of sell-outs, traitors, criminals, and assorted *marquee* names that hasn’t ever and won’t ever win doodley-SQAUT–like an even more feeble and pathetic version of the the Raiders and Redskins and Cowboys and even the Eagles, trying to buy themselves a little dignity and an elusive win?
    What about when I bait the horn suckers that must always trumpet about how they’re a lock for the division, and the playoffs are all but a done-deal, and the Super Bowl is a veritable certainty, how I ream them for their blustery buffoonery and one-note blowhardiness?
    You mean all the hatred and name-calling I both give and get is really just the result of me being a “good fan”?
    Well good for me, then.
    And f*ck you very much, BiQueen LOSERS.
    P.S. Is ANYONE in the media immune from spewing this redemption crap about Vick?
    If I hear the phrase “everyone deserves a second chance” or some variation thereof ONE more time about that sadistic lying criminal scumbag thug punk, I swear to God I’m gonna go all Jeffrey Dahmer on some dogs…

  6. I’m going to start a new program,
    Florio used to do one liners of said day
    Mine will be called clown of the day, today the winner is….
    Dewey Axewound
    Sir you have been choosen for that absolutely nonsensical
    comment you just left.
    I must say I’m suprised to have found the ”cotd – clown of the day” so early but you are well deserving.
    So for the remainder of the day I will make sure to remind everyone who our ”cotd” is.
    Otherwise very good article, good points about campbell and I agree, although a 11-5 record would hurt my eagles

  7. Tunison your a fag. Oher deserved to go to a top class organization like the Ravens, not a scum hole like Pittsburgh and all their gay fans (cough like you). Sit back, relax, and watch the Ravens destroy the Squeelers this year, while your rapist QB gets raped by the Ravens D! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  8. “So, however you feel about the Redskins (barf)”
    Yet another occurrence of Florio showing his ASS. Being a shitty Eagles fan must be worse than it seems. I mean it’s a team that’s NEVER amounted to shit but a handful of “we came soooooooo close” coupled with the fact that their entire fan base consists of pathetically moronic, psychotic animals. Oh and those same dumbasses would consider that a compliment.
    Keep up the great work Florio!

  9. @DeeDubb – Not that I am in any way an Eagles, fan or anything… but you may want to read the whole article and note that Florio didn’t write it! Typical Skins response… opening their mouths before they know anything about what is going on!

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