T.O. expected back "sometime next week"

Less than two weeks ago, T.O.’s preseason debut with the Bills was the dominant NFL story.

But he’s since been kicked off the front page (old newspaper term for you tots who might be unfamiliar with that medium) by Brett Favre, Mike Vick, and Tommy “Two Fists” Cable.

And, according to Bills head coach Dick Jauron, Owens will remain out of the news cycle for the immediate future.

T.O. has been ruled out of the Bills preseason game this Saturday at Green Bay.

Owens, who injured a toe during the Hall of Fame game after catching two passes on the Bills first drive, didn’t practice today.  Jauron, in a transcript distributed by the team, said Owens will likely be back on the field “sometime next week.” 

Owens lasted through just 20 minutes of the Bills’ Monday practice before complaining of soreness in the toe.

He hasn’t practiced either of the past two days.

9 responses to “T.O. expected back "sometime next week"

  1. Good to hear he can get back to making 2 catches for 27 yards and people talking about how he’s turned it around for Buffalo (because of the aforementioned 2 catches… in a preseason game).

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  3. Isn’t it sad, Florio?
    Remember when TO was on the Cowboys, and every post that even mentioned his name got at least 40 comments of fans rushing to his defense, eager to disprove the “haters” that he was different, or his stats spoke for themselves, etc.
    …where did all of those people go?

  4. Hopefully he is in a bus driven by OCHOSTTINKO that goes over a cliff never to be seen again…

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