T.O. still struggling with his bum toe

Bill receiver Terrell Owens returned to practice on Monday, after missing a week with a toe injury suffered at some point during his two series in the team’s preseason opener.

Tuesday, he was back on the shelf.

Coach Dick Jauron said Owens received more treatment and was told to stay off his feet after experiencing discomfort while standing after Monday’s practice.

Jauron refused to call it a setback.

It was just kind of a test,” Jauron said.  “We were hoping he could maybe do the same thing today, but we
didn’t have any preconceived notions.”

Sorry, but if the toe got worse after practicing than it was before practicing, it was a setback.

And that brings up back to a point we made recently at PFTV regarding T.O.  He’s 35, and his body very well might be starting to behave accordingly.

14 responses to “T.O. still struggling with his bum toe

  1. I predicted that TO would miss half the season with injuries………. He isnt 25 years old anymore. WTF Buffalo, what were you thinking….?

  2. Hey Florio. Heard you for 10 seconds on espn radio 1250 Pittsburgh last night. Did they cut you off and go to the Steeler training camp show? Funny how you bash espn on here (which they do deserve most of the time) and kiss Fox’s Glazer’s azz, but go on espn to promote your website…ahah..only in America!

  3. Alright lets not all crap the bed over T.O.’s toe. I’m have not been the biggest fan of T.O.’s antics over the years, but he does stay in incredible shape and is willing to play with injuries when the games count (superbowl). This is only the preseason, and i’d rather have him sit out til week 1 if it means buffalo gets the 1 good year they are playing him for.

  4. T.O. is/was/always will be a bumb. We see if this lingers into the regular season, you’re right, it is onnly preseason so it is pretty meaningless. What isn’t meaningly is T.O. joining in on practice and getting synched up with Edwards. Otherwise, when the timing is not there during the season, T.O. will have to resort back to his ways stating Lee Evans kid’s like Trent Edwards more than they like T.O.

  5. “We were hoping he could maybe do the same thing today, but we didn’t have any preconceived notions.”
    Um Dick, “hoping he could maybe do the same thing today” is a preconceived notion.

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  7. T.O. IS a bum. He’s caused grief everywhere he’s put on a jersey. Have we forgotten his lame suicide attempt last year? Please get this idiot out of the NFL and away from serious athletes that do not deserve this blemish on their profession.

  8. Florio, why don’t you accuse TO of using the big toe injury as an excuse in case he can’t perform well in Buffalo? That’s exactly what you’ve accused Favre of several times with his rotator cuff.
    I smell racism! Oh, wait, that can’t be right, Florio is Caucasian and so is Favre. Hmm. There must be racism here somewhere. Is it possible for someone to be racist but favor a race other then their own? If so, that’s what you are Florio. Whatever that term would be, if it existed — that’s you.

  9. Remember the first year T.O. signed with the Dallas Cowboys and he rode the exercise bike a
    lot without practicing much with the team during
    the pre-season. All he said was he wanted to
    ride that bike and take it easy before he hurts
    himself. He wasn’t injured that I recalled. So now he is complaining about his Toe? Give me a break. Even if he doesn’t play for the Bills, he has good enough record to get into the Hall of Fame with his record from the 49ers I think. I would love to see the Bills cut him before they regret it. But then again, I wish the Bills luck with T.O.

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