Williams sisters buy stake in the Dolphins

The Dolphins never-ending quest to find celebrity owners who want a small stake in the team rolled on Wednesday.

And this time, they found someone actually near the peak of their career.  Or careers, in this case.

Venus and Serena Williams were the latest public figures to jump on board with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.  Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan previously bought stakes in the team, and Jimmy Buffett bought the naming rights to the team’s stadium for 2009.

The Williams sisters grew up in Los Angeles, but now live in Palm Beach Gardens, about an hour from where the Dolphins play.

29 responses to “Williams sisters buy stake in the Dolphins

  1. Steven Ross is turning the Dolphins into a laughingstock throughout the league.
    Really, fans want a winner, not a ownership group of has beens, and a rediculous name for a stadium.
    Watch and see Dolphin fans……. you thought Al Davis is a nut?

  2. No wonder Ross is rich he has ties in EVERYONE’S $$$!!! too many irons in the fire so to speak!!!

  3. Jimmy “Buffet”? Does the buffet have cheeseburgers and jerk chicken? Is it in Margaritaville? Well then, maybe you meant “Buffett”.

  4. OK, I’ll ask. WHY??
    Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t get why having all these celebrities (VERY liberal use of the term in regards to Marc Antony and Estefan) take a small stake in the team is going to benefit anyone important…are there people out there who are on the fence as to what team to root for and would actually say, “Oh look! Gloria Estefan owns 1% of the Miami Dolphins, I think THEY are my new team!”

  5. This could work out well for the NFLPA negotions in reducing suspensions….
    I mean if you have ownership on steroids and HGH it should be OK for players….

  6. The Dolphins want the easy access to steroids that the Williams sisters have. They first tried Usain Bolt, but couldn’t make the deal.

  7. no, they will both line up in he backfield and run the wildcat to the strains of “backfield in motion”

  8. Editor: Thanks for fixing “Buffett”! I’m no parrothead, but blatant misspellings like that detract fun from the fun-ness of the article…..at least for anal boobs like meself!

  9. ross is treating the dolphins like condominiums;
    buying a lot, and selling it off in small quantities.
    all this guy is a broker for heizinga.
    whats funny, is that the “analysts” have been calling on this for years- non football guy to manage the place, hire great football minds, and stay out of what goes on the field.

  10. With Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” resturants in Myrtle Beach, Jamaca, Las Vegas, ect.., his website “Radio Margaritaville”, and the fact that he still sellout concerts every year all across the country, he is probible making more money now than he ever has in his life. So it’s kind wrong to say he is NOT near the peak of his career.
    Just saying.

  11. gameday, you may not have gotten to it in class yet, but it’s “ridiculous”
    I not E

  12. alpharatz;
    You must have a pretty lame life to spend time pointing out a typo.
    You may not have noticed it, but you look like an a$$ when you try to be a smart a$$

  13. Hey, I’m a D-minus-list comic. Can I buy a stake in the Dolphins? I want a lower-level concession stand named after me.

  14. Just when I thought Mr. Ross could not do anything dumber to turn the Dolphins into a bigger sideshow then he already has, he has the Williams sisters buy a 1% stake in the team.
    And totally redeems himself!

  15. “””BrenstonBuckner says: August 19, 2009 8:36 PM
    Their Dad will be in charge of race relations..”””
    -line of the century, made me lmao all over the screen.

  16. How can the Williams sisters buy stake in the Dolphins? I thought they played for the Vikings?

  17. Are you guys kidding me? It’s called spreading the risk. He OWNs the team. He doesn’t play for the fins. The more money the better. Would you be happier if there were a bunch of no-namers? Ross said, “Bill Parcells is the greatest football mind in America. The football side is all him. I deal with the business side. I don’t like to micro manage people.” Or something like that. Worry about your own team. We’re just fine.

  18. The bad news for Dolphins fans, is that now the concession stands will only serve Landshark beer and Oreos.

  19. why is everybody jumping on the william’s sisters case?they are making an investment for their future,what’s wrong with that?
    i applaud them for taking the other path.

  20. as a lifelong phins fan, i am embarassed at the circus that Ross is turning this into. I understand the desire to spread celebrity appeal of the team by involving others…. but it just makes us a laughing stock.
    The Williamses haven’t earned $50M in their lives combined…. how much of a stake are they really going to have? that means this is just a publicity stunt, and i’m tired of Ross being an attention whore.
    i miss huizenga, seriously.

  21. Ross is a Gat Damn fool! I hate all this rubbish can we just plan some football.
    I miss huizenga too!!!

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