Could the Broncos suspend Marshall?

Brandon Marshall’s rift with the Broncos only appears to be growing with time.  Many are starting wonder a natural question: Could this relationship fracture entirely before the regular season?

Bob Glauber of Newsday, writing on Twitter, has an interesting hunch

Gut feeling,” he writes. “Broncos will eventually suspend Brandon Marshall for conduct detrimental to the team.  Reminds me of Year 2 of T.O. In Philly.

While this is couched as speculation, it makes a lot of sense.  There are similarities between the Owens and Marshall situations. 

If Marshall continues to “disengage” from practice like he did on Wednesday, the Broncos could eventually suspend him for being a distraction to the team. 

The Eagles set a precedent that a player can’t disrupt the team’s objectives while in attendance at practice.

Marshall’s situation doesn’t seem as poisonous as Owens’ in 2005, but we’re less than a week removed from Marshall’s acquittal on misdemeanor battery charges and the situation has devolved quickly.

The next move is seemingly up to Marshall. He can continue to make noise or he can try to get back in the starting lineup.   If he chooses to antagonize the Broncos further, he risks losing part of his 2009 salary.

29 responses to “Could the Broncos suspend Marshall?

  1. SUSPEND HIM!!! YES!!!
    He needs a kick in the ass, big time. If the Broncos give in to him now and trade him then every dissatisfied player in the NFL would try this tactic to get out of a contract. Hold strong Broncos.

  2. “devolved?” Is that the opposite of evolved?
    I looked it up and it says: “to pass to, hand to, give to.” I’m thinking that it may be a good thing if they are using him on offense?

  3. TRADE HIM!!! Simple solution!!! get a player that wants to be there!!! GOD knows that the Broncows need all the help they could get!!!

  4. Why stop the similarities of Marshall and T.O. there? T.O. grew up across the street from his dad, Marshall grew up across the street from a group of guys that any one of them could have been.

  5. Get your ass back to practice, stop whinning like a little bitch, and earn the money they are paying you (regardless if you think it is fair).
    FYI Brandon, the majority of us have jobs in which we are underpaid and underappreciated, but we don’t have the luxury of behaving like children, lest we would be fired.
    So sick of guys like you tarnishing the sport! GO TO HELL!

  6. He is obviously not a part of the McDouche plan, so why they won’t ship him to the Jets (or Ravens) for what value they can get for him is beyond me.
    The guy is a TOTAL LIAR. He said in an interview after practice yesterday that “I never asked the Broncos for more money.”
    I think he is six shades of STOOPID. He doesn’t see that his current position and behavior totally undermines his wish to be picked up by somebody else. T.O. has taught us that despite talent, sometimes who you are and what you do and how you act trump your ability to catch.
    And does anybody remember how many balls he dropped over the last two years? I’m sure that its been done, but my guess is that a study of his high-production games came against teams with terrible defensive units.
    Cutler i wanted to stay. Bowel (turd) Marshall i want to go. Eddie Royal and the rookie McKinly and Stokley and Gaffney and Hillis and…etc…will be totally adequate.
    I mean–who are we kidding? My Donks will blow this season. Send that turd ANYWHERE else (a mcdonalds, maybe) and save the DRAMA.

  7. All he needs is Tony Dungheap to talk to Pat Bowlen on his behalf and abra cadabra…no suspension.

  8. Please suspend or even trade this fool. The Broncos will be far better off without him on the field…bring back Rod Smith and Ed McCaffery.

    Broncos Team, Don’t be like the Raiders and ruin good quality talent because of your false ideas that you will be any good with that coach.
    Show some mercy and let Marshall play for a good team.

  10. Just wondering: Did you (Mr. Rosenthal or anybody else) see the presser video posted on the Broncos site? This is the same presser from which a certain local “news” reporter re-ignited the “rift” between the Broncos and Marshall.
    There was no “news” in it – all positive aspects/quotes/etc. from Brandon were mysteriously left out of the written piece, the reporters were relentless in their questioning, and seemed hell-bent on getting something (anything) from Brandon that they could blow up and get noticed.
    Sadly, it looks like PFT and the rest of you took the bait and have further endorsed your media-induced opinions based on yet another speculative gut hunch tweet from an uninformed, fame-driven nobody.
    Go watch the video “Day 20: Marshall” and see for yourself – don’t rely on media hacks to do your thinking for you.

  11. Could BigStretch be further from the truth…
    oh yes.
    Why sir are you thinking that Brandon is our savior? Perhaps you didn’t know it but we have one Kyle Orton son…backing him up, Chris Sims…which, I hope these guys are done by the preseason so we can all see the wonder that will be Tom Brandstater! Oh yeah, Champ is still on D along with some solid support…finally. Moreno could run over anybody (even with a hurt knee) and our O-line is always tough! We will be in the playoffs this year…now, what do you have to say about that?

  12. Denver won’t be able to get fair value for Marshall. I believe he was a 4th rounder, but he plays like a first rounder should. We won’t get what we deserve for him, so we better just get what we can.

  13. we need to get rid of this guy el pronto and bring back jake the snake.
    that would be awesome, innit?

  14. The Broncos can’t just trade him. They won’t be able to get the value a player of his caliber is worth. The reason for this is Marshall himself and his attitude. Maybe if he acted like a stand up guy once in a while his ridiculous trade requests would be honored.
    Also, there is no way the broncos are worse off than the Raiders (who were completely humiliated by the 49ers in practice). I wish people would give the Cutler thing a rest. He is very talented but it’s not like they traded a proven winner like Tom Brady away for someone like Ryan Leaf. The change to Orton won’t be that big a deal when it’s all said and done.

  15. 2008… his best 4 games were against SD, NO, KC, Buffalo. Buffalo’s D went south months earlier when schobel went out – and denver lost to buffalo anyway. NO had no defense all year. SD had no D at the time denver played them due to cottrell. and KC also had little defense all year.
    those 4 games 45 balls for 541 yards. 4 TDs. i would say he was a factor in all but the buffalo game. and he fumbled in that game.
    the other 11 games… (missed raider game #1)… 59 balls and 724 yards. 2 TDs.
    2007… his best 5 games were jac, at DET (L), kc (W), @HOU (L), min (W). detroit hammered them, giving him a chance to bond with pat ramsey. then detroit and their absent D started a 1 for 24 streak. min has no pass defense. HOU and kc didnt either, altho denver managed to get hammered by houston anyway. also lost to jac. 3 TDs.
    47 catches for 565 yards in those games. he might have been a factor against the vikes since denver only won by 3. no factor in the other “big” games.
    the other 12 games? 55 balls for 760 yards. 4 TDs.

  16. Broncoman,
    Did you just come back from a ten martini lunch when you posted that evaluation of Denver’s talent? I mean, it’s cool to be optimistic, but bragging on Orton and your Defense? That’s lunacy, buddy.

  17. Jon Snow,
    I just simply think that the guy is not that good…regardless of what is said/not said by the media. Do not specualate that all of us follow blindly what the twisted, self-gratifying media says.
    Also, well put in the second paragraph Hoss.

  18. Broncoman,
    I apologize. I know not everyone follows the media blindly – especially many of us fans regarding this situation. Cheers!
    I do agree that he’s not as good as many people think he is. Really the only thing that he excels at (on the field) is breaking tackles. The rest of his “success” has come largely as a result of being an oft-favored target of Cutler – and even then it was luke-warm success at best.
    I’m to the point where I could care less if he’s a Bronco or not. I just hope that he either produces or that the Broncos get good players/picks for him.

  19. Hey Kev from Philly- read it again bro…the sarcasim is there with Kyle and his buddy Chris Sims…I’m pulling for our 3rd string guy! I would love to be bragging on Tom Brandstater in 6 weeks.
    And yes, I think our D will be a whole lot better than last year (not saying much) but still!
    out on a limb…Broncos will pull a better record than the Eagles.

  20. we gotta keep him if the broncos trade him there not going to get close to the value he his worth. BM has all the potential in the world to be one of the greatest there ever is and the broncos are disrespecting what they got. Some team will pay him for what hes worth, unfortunantly not the broncos. Sad what has gone down at mile high city last couple months

  21. The niners and the broncos should hook up and swap headaches.
    Maybe a change of scenery will get Crabtree and Marshall on the field. We all know that Marshall can play, but who knows if Crabtree’s game will translate. He has got great upside if they are willing to pay him. Great upside with Crabtree, Marshall gets a mentor in Singletary, everyone is happy. So I say the broncos pony up the dough and the niners trade the right for Crabtree for Marshall.
    Does this work or is this ridiculous?

  22. doesnt sound bad to me except if i was the broncos, remember… there’s the devil you know and the devil you dont…

  23. Top 5 offense…Bottom 5 Defense last year. Your Genius youngin coach dies what?
    He trades a 26 Year old pro bowl rifle for an arm QB for 3 ints and out Orton.
    Then he destroys your relationship with the last pro-bowl player on offense.
    4-12 if your lucky Denver. The time to revolt is upon you Bronco fans! The Patriot Head coach tree is a lie built upon video tape cheating and injured/practice squad stacking!

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