Crabtree-DHB duel won't go down

When the preseason schedule came out, the evening of August 22 looked like a fun night for “told ya so’s” and backseat G.M.-ing in the Bay Area.

Niners at Raiders.  Oakland’s rookie wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey — the seventh overall pick and consensus choice for biggest reach in the 2009 draft — on one side, and San Fran’s Michael Crabtree, the 10th overall pick and consensus choice for “guy who slipped too far,” on the other.

Well, it’s not going to work out that way.

Heyward-Bey will be there, Crabtree won’t.

The latter is in Day 23 of a holdout that’s linked in large part to his camp’s perception that he should have been a top-five pick and thus is superior to Heyward-Bey, even though Crabtree was drafted three spots lower than DHB.

Heyward-Bey’s deal with Oakland was for five years and $38.25 million, with $23.5 million in guaranteed money.  In his MMQB column from earlier this week, Peter King wrote that Crabtree won’t settle for less than what DHB received.

But the time-honored slotting system used for signing unproven players to absurd contracts says that Crabtree should get a little less than what the ninth pick, B.J. Raji, got from Green Bay:  Five years, $28.5 with $19.5 guaranteed.

A source with knowledge of the negotiations told me Wednesday, “Nothing’s changed.”

Which means Crabtree, utterly convinced he’s better than Heyward-Bey, continues to collect dust and reinforce the diva label that was affixed to him in the weeks before the draft.

And Heyward-Bey plays on.

51 responses to “Crabtree-DHB duel won't go down

  1. Let him sit out the year and see what he gets when he slips to around 110th in the draft next year because nobody wants to deal with him or his douchebag agent.

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  3. Irony: DHB becomes a better WR than Michael Crabtree because Crabtree continued to think he was…

  4. What a joke this whole thing is. I hope that a rookie pay scale is prominent in the CBA talks, this B.S. needs to stop. Crabtree expects to be paid like a topn 5 pick even though he was picked 10th, if i was in S.F. i’d let him rot at home. After all home many 1st round WRs got drafted early in the first round and aren’t even playing anymore? For the answer to that question just give Matt Millen a call.
    Prove it and then get paid. This guy is gonna be a fading memory within the next 3 years

  5. @HarrisonHits
    i gotta agree with you Rodney! wouldnt that be something to see this Ahole slip to the 2nd or 3rd round next year. that would be freakin hilarious.
    i would love to see it happen.
    you gotta feel bad for the 49’s though to be stuck with this turd. did the raiders know something? or did they just get lucky by getting the hots for DHB?

  6. So is it possible that the Raiders were smart for not drafting Crabtree??? I’m sure no one will admit it but the Raiders could have made a great move not drafting Crabtree. Not saying DHB was a smart one though, but at least he is working hard and trying to get better.

  7. I am curious what you think Florio about the situation in Cinci. On Hard Knocks last night they showed the woman from Cinci talking to the agent and he said he wants slightly more than what DHB got and she said she thinks that deal is too high and they are not going to pay. Sounds like the Bengals being the Bungles in that case unlike the Crabtree case where he is trying to bust the system.

  8. Hey Florio,
    Assuming he does go unsigned, does SF get any compensation for him in next years draft?

  9. I hope Crabtree sits out the whole year like the loser that he is. Go DHB show shy Mel Kiper is an Idiot.

  10. This is getting past ridiculous. His agent is not doing him any favors. Perhaps DHB should issue him a challenge, or start talking smack that Crabby’s scared to sign before the two teams meet”. That would get Crabby’s blood pumpin. I will forever lose respect for the 49ers if they cave in to this horsescheitt.

  11. I hope he sits out the year, He doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL. What a Punk…! DHB go show the world why Mel Kiper is an idiot…!

  12. With all the money that is out there to be made he must be a fool to squabble over a few million dollars. He could make that up in so many other ways if he just went out there and played as well as he thinks he can… which I doubt he will. Must be the bum foot. Probably figures this is all he is going to get so he better hold out for as much as possible. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense.

  13. I don’t think there raiders were smart about this at all, if they had taken Crabtree I’m sure Big Al would have broken the bank on Crabtree just like he overpays everyone. If Crabtree wanted to go before DHB then he should run that 4.4 on crutches that he claims to be capable of.
    that being said it’s about time the raiders get a little luck going their way.
    Here’s to hoping DHB is the offensive rookie of the year, while Crabtree spends his time figuring out just what is in McDonalds special sauce.

  14. Crabtree and Brandon Marshall need to do us all a favor and go play in the UFL…sorry money-hungry, never satisfied pricks!
    and seriously Glory Years…stop it already! Since you are cutting and pasting, I will as well.
    Hey thegloryyears…nobody wants to play with you…face it bro and get a life. What is this?…your own personal community post? What is next? Selling your ’75 Ford Pinto?
    This is Pro Football/Florio Jr’s. Talk page…putting your desperate attempt at “Add a Friend” to your life is embarrassing. I mean, I feel sorry for you…and that doesn’t happen much.
    Now, where were we? oh yeah, Broncos will be making some noise in the AFC this year…
    I thought that this stuff was supposed to be screened? Hey screener guy…you are not doing your job by letting this moron post his “Please add me as a friend” Play “with me” Station 3 request…

  15. Devils Advocate says:
    did the raiders know something? or did they just get lucky by getting the hots for DHB?
    DA, Crabtree’s agent is Eugene Parker. He is also JaMarcus Russell’s agent and JR held out into September. I’m sure that fact, Craptree being the drama queen he is, and DHB’s speed swayed them in the RIGHT direction.
    I hope he sits the whole year, too.

  16. yeah i sincerely doubt a preseason game would’ve proven which one is going to be a better receiver for the next decade.
    would’ve been fun to watch, but a single preseason game for rookie WRs is not indicative of their careers. Sorry dude.
    the “duel” would’ve last a quarter or so at most, anyways.

  17. I wonder if TO is sitting on his couch with his toe up on a pillow eating popcorn watching his heir apparent to the diva crown?
    Poor SF, they got rid of TO years ago and drafted this egomaniac.

  18. As Florio has pointed out many times, it is not technically a holdout if the player is not under contract. Maybe Florio has a style book or a glossary of terms that the contributors should use. Of course, he probably figured that someone who covers and writes about this for a living would be familiar with the terms of art.

  19. @ Devils Advocate
    Why would one feel sorry for the 49ers?
    It was THERE choice to pick him, not somebody else!!!
    Leading up to the draft it was rumored that the Browns along with other teams had removed him from there board altogether.
    There was roumors swirling around his “diva” attitude.
    Will, guess what?! The chicken has come home to roost.
    Now, it’s obvious just why soooo many teams passed on him and why so many others didn’t move up to draft him.
    What is being missed here is the 49ers mistake to draft him in the first place.

  20. This guy has future pain written all over him also. I see a lot of holdouts down the road because he wants a new contract every two years.

  21. I would like to see two things happen.
    1) The 49ers rescind their current offer and reduce it by a couple of million.
    2) Crabtree re-enter the draft and fall to the later rounds.
    The 49ers should be taking the money they are offering Crabtree and go after an established veteran who will actually be able to contribute this year.

  22. This is just gonna give future players the incentive to break through their slots and demand more money. Way to f— it up for the future, Asstree

  23. who is advising this young man? any good agent would talk some sense into their client by saying things like “if you think sitting out a year is gonna get you anymore money, you sir are as dumb as a plaxico shaped rock”…i would tell him to sign or start representing himself cuz hes makin his agent look like a moron too

  24. it was Their** choice to pick him.. if you’re going to capitalize it, use it right. He’ll sign the deal on the table. He’s an idiot not to. Niner’s have Okay depth at wide receiver right now, so we can wait for him. Sucks that he is missing valuable training camp time though because he is stubborn.
    This isn’t the year the niners return to the superbowl lets face it, but I don’t think it was a mistake to draft a talent like that in the first place. Once he’s under contract, Singletary will set his diva demeanor straight.

  25. If Crabtree decides not to play this year and sits out…could he sign with the UFL for one year? And if so, would he be eligible to re-enter the draft next year or would he come into the league as a free agent?

  26. jackson81 says: August 20, 2009 9:53 AM
    As Florio has pointed out many times, it is not technically a holdout if the player is not under contract.
    It has also been pointed out that the 49ers own the rights to Crabby up until next years draft day. Crabby won’t be allowed to speak to other teams, and if memory serves me right, cant enter the combine, or workout for individual teams. He is holding out by not signing on the dotted line.

  27. RFM, Russell’s agent was Eric Metz during the negotiations in 2007.
    I’m not sure the Raiders knew anything more than he had no 40 time, DHB is a burner and Al loves track stars, and Mangini got the word out on Crabcakes being a DIVA after his visit to Cleveland.

  28. I’ll tell you what happened. Eugene Parker told crabtree the raiders were going to draft him, and he was going to go Jamarcus Style on us and break the bank cause he knew Al would do it. The raiders pulled a fast one and didnt draft crabtree, and still broke the bank to get their pick in camp (not because Als an idiot, because he wants to win) Now Eugene Parker has his reputation on the line. Crabtree needs to be a man and tell his agent to get the deal done.

  29. Im so sick of these diva athletes with an ego the size of Texas and their whinning about being paid a couple million less than another…most of whom come from nothing and cant seem to grasp the concept of becoming a millionaire over night.

  30. I also think if the Raiders really knew something, R.Brace would be on the D-Line, and M.Mitchell would be an undrafted FA!

  31. I find it hilarious that Crabtree is trying to get paid based on the MOCK DRAFTS! Not the real draft, a mock draft…
    Just because some “experts” said he should be a top 5 pick, he thinks that’s what he deserves.
    If he wants to go off of a mock draft, the Niners should pay him with Mock money a.k.a. Monopoly money.

  32. Crabtree could not play this game and probably the whole season and still have the same amount of catches.

  33. it’s hard for me to say this, being a red raider fan…. but crabtree is a dipsh!t.
    i hope he never gets to play a down in the NFL and learns a very valuable lesson (and creates a lesson to be learned by others).
    don’t take your window for granted, and don’t be a douchebag. for a guy who has no money to complain about the number in front of all those zeroes seems ludicrous.

  34. Eli…….. Well said. I have no idea why all these people always say “poor 9er’s and their fans” WHAT? They chose him they had to know he has a ego the size of Texas. I don’t get why anyone feels sorry for them they chose him knowing all this now deal with it. And the fans were so happy to have him now they can deal with it too.

  35. Here’s what I don’t get, Parker doesn’t get paid unless Crabtree gets paid right? So what good is Parker doing himself if his client doesn’t sign? Further, Parker is politically the scapegoat in all this. At any time Crabtree can get a new agent and say he got bad advice from Parker. So, as far as I can tell, Parker is screwing himself.

  36. None of these WRs could hold a candle to ROY WILLIAMS.
    Ahahahahaha! Oh, man, just thought y’all could use a good laugh.

  37. @ Eli and @ shakenbake
    it was there pick? really? no shit sherlock.
    to have empathy for some one having a problem is not to condone their action.
    i am glad i dont live with you two. you must be fun! have a nice life.

  38. Colossal Turd!!!!!!!
    Turdus Maximus!!!
    he wont even be the best receiver in next years draft!
    good riddance

  39. How is Crab-cake gonna hate on the one team that made him a top ten pick..also how does he think that he can persuade or punk the Niners of all teams into giving him more money than he deserves..I mean 4real though this organization has seen a player named JERRY RICE come in and have arguably the greatest career of any football player @any position in a humble manner..I myself am a Cowboys fan but I live in the bay area, and if I were a Niner fan I would go to the game (if he does finally sign) and I would throw something @that clown!

  40. @ Devils Advocate who writes…
    to have empathy for some one having a problem is not to condone their action.
    i am glad i dont live with you two. you must be fun! have a nice life.
    Uh, OBVIOUSLY, you didn’t read and/or failed to comprehend what I wrote. Which, is probably the same mistake the 49ers made when they selected Crabdiva.
    It’s not like the 49ers never saw this coming.
    There where multiple rumors leading up to the draft concerning this guys character.
    NINE teams passed on him and many below who could have easily if they wanted to moved UP to grab him.
    None of them did.
    Who knows how far he would have slid if the 49ers hadn’t finally selected him. He was, according to the vast majority of the pundits out there, supposed to have been one of the first 3-5 guys off the board!
    Again, why would I feel sorry for a team that ignored, refused or was to careless in their evaluation of a player that multiple other teams hadn’t been?
    As has correctly already been pointed out here (by 24seven) as it stands now this holdout is ALL on Crabdiva.
    He’s the customer, not Parker.
    A). He could easily fire Parker and get a new agent (No doubt, their already standing in line) and blame getting bad advice on Parker.
    B). He could sign for the offer on the table which is no doubt in line with what he should be getting.
    But whats really happening? What’s the bottom line?
    The diva has been holding out in an attempt to get paid DHB money or more, when he knows good and well that’s not how it works.
    AND, the 49ers selected him knowing good and well that other teams had removed him from there boards and where in fact passing on him because of the character issues surrounding him.
    It’s not like I don’t have empathy for someone having a problem, I just don’t misplace it as you have here.
    Also, I’m glad you don’t live with me either.

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